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The movie is a formally disciplined piece of work, a triumph of movie syntax, made with a sense of rhythm and pace, and Gyllenhaal, who is always good at conveying anxiety, gives Stevens's desperation a comic edge.

April 11, 2011 Full Review Source: New Yorker | Comments (18)
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Jeff P.

Jeff Pace

don't give away a huge part of the plot in your review!! that was the most interesting part of the movie!

Apr 11 - 08:29 AM


jay aster lastimoso


Apr 11 - 04:01 PM

Nizam M.

Nizam M

This is by far, the WORST ever review spoiler I've seen. RT, please shift delete this dude outta this page.... do such ppl even qualify to review?!

Apr 11 - 10:46 PM

Nizam M.

Nizam M

Btw, I just signed up on RT to post the above comment. So you can see how annoyed I am...

Apr 11 - 10:48 PM

Craig T.

Craig Thomass

I also signed up JUST to comment on this.

Apr 15 - 03:23 PM


steven guy

Spoilers much?

Apr 11 - 11:07 PM

Nizam M.

Nizam M

Btw, 'TOP CRITIC' MY @$$!!!!! :@

Apr 11 - 11:12 PM

Jim M.

Jim Mac

Stupid stupid stupid Rotten Tomatoes lists the one sentence from this movie spoiler's review that contains the spoiler. It's bad enough that a critic of the calibre of Denby can't keep the big secret, it's another thing for Rotten Tomatoes to let the cat out of bag. I just saw the movie after I glanced the review summary figuring that this must not be important information - well it's not the most important information but a freaking plot point!
Crass crass and more crass. Good thing it was half-price Tuesday.

Apr 12 - 05:26 PM

Jay M.

Jay Marietta

Sir, you are spoiling the movie for those who may want to read reviews before hand, are you insane or just plain stupid?

Apr 13 - 01:57 AM


- Larwick

Not even a bad movie critic will spoil a movie for everyone in their review. MOST people that read film reviews will be people who have yet to see the film! This is absurd.

Apr 15 - 05:00 AM

Craig T.

Craig Thomass

Thank GOD I read this review right AFTER I saw the movie. Not only is this the kind of thing that should instantly be taken off this site, this should end this guys career. Top critic? Really. Jesus. This is the way they review movies in the New Yorker? New Yorkers must not like movies.

Apr 15 - 03:09 PM

Justin C.

Justin Coriaty

No one's impressed by your know it all spoiler and word of the day calender vocabulary. I spoil movies enough for myself while I'm watching them, I don't need you to do it for me, or any other person who enjoys not knowing the ending of a movie they haven't seen yet. Did you think you were the only one to figure it out?

Apr 17 - 10:50 PM


Link O'Fett

David Denby, you are a grade-A jackass. Thank God I read this AFTER seeing the movie. I feel bad for anybody that read this and had a HUGE part of the story spoiled for them. Seriously man, WTF?

Apr 21 - 10:58 PM

Luke Goodsell

Luke Goodsell

Terrible form on all counts. For what it's worth, it's been fixed.

Apr 27 - 03:15 PM


Terry Doyle

Since we saw SC last night (loved it**100) and now have to read what the spoiler is. ;-)

May 9 - 05:01 PM


Terry Doyle

Since we saw SC last night (loved it**100) and now have to read what the spoiler is. ;-) Wow! Spoiler about two words in!

May 9 - 05:03 PM

Beowulf Cluster

Beowulf Cluster

I agree. For a "Top Critic", Mr. Denby sure seems to have forgotten one of the prime rules of movie critique - save some of the movie for the audience. I need to see if he reviewed 6th Sense. If so, I'll be he gave that one away in the first sentence as well...

Aug 3 - 09:29 PM

Michael Gee

Michael Gee

his comment must have changed because now it does not give away any part of the plot. Guess he has learnt his lesson!

Dec 2 - 01:44 PM

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