Critics Consensus: Source Code Is Certified Fresh


This week at the movies, we've got a funny bunny (Hop, starring James Marsden and Russell Brand); identity intrigue (Source Code, starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Michelle Monaghan); and a juvenile ghoul (Insidious, starring Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne). What do the critics have to say? Recipe for a sci-fi thriller: take a sprig of Memento, a dash of Groundhog Day, and a pinch of Inception. Mix them together and you've got Source Code, which critics say is a smart, suspenseful popcorn flick with excellent performances. Easter's right around the corner, so it would seem like an ideal time for a family comedy about a bunny battling with an army of chicks for control of the holiday, right? Right? Back to Article


General Wiz

Carlos Flores

I'm definitely seeing source code. I'm really surprise by insidious being fresh so I might check that out. I'm really disappointed by super and rubber. More by rubber though because that seemed like a original and fresh horror comedy but I've heard that it's a offensively bad film. I might find the time to see trust some time in the following weeks also as Roger Ebert gave it 4 stars and a very good review. Seems like besides Source Code all the great films this year have been in limited release. At least next week we finally get your highness and Hanna.

Mar 31 - 04:31 PM


Joshua Dinsmore

Cool, I guess I'm seeing Source Code this weekend (maybe). I knew Hop was going to fall flat on its face, but I didn't expect Insidious to do that well. Oh well, looks like April could have the same fresh streaks that March had. Lets hope I'm right.

Mar 31 - 04:38 PM


Dylan Hair

Ecstatic about the rating for Source Code, I didn't think it would almost equal the rating of Moon, which was GREAT. Looks like Moon was not a fluke, will be seeing Source Code tomorrow, after catching up on Win Win and Jane Eyre. Rubber and Super, I may consider, In A Better World, gotta wait for it to open locally. Insidious is a skip, trailer didn't intrigue me one bit.

Mar 31 - 04:39 PM

That Random Albino Kid

Dominic Dold

INSIDIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!! Look even though it's only at 68% it is still rated better than any recent horror movies.

Mar 31 - 04:46 PM

August M.

Agustin Macias

Hop might still be a success for E.B.'s cuteness(It worked for Alvin and the Chipmunks). Looks like it be better to save for an E.B. Plush than to see the movie this weekend.

Mar 31 - 04:58 PM

Odd E.

Odd Even

Source Code? Hmmm. Now I'm interested.

Mar 31 - 05:05 PM

Kadeem S.

Kadeem Stewart

I know it's not easter yet, but "Hop" is definitely my pick and so does "Source Code."

Mar 31 - 05:14 PM


Joshua Dinsmore

But Hop has a 23%. It's rotten.

Mar 31 - 10:37 PM

Kadeem S.

Kadeem Stewart

Who cares about a rotten review on "Hop." They haven't seen the movie yet.

Apr 1 - 12:23 AM


Dylan Hair

Moviegoers haven't seen the movie yet, but they're referring to the critics who have, posted their reviews and consequently given it a rotten rating. But if you really want to see it, go and judge it for yourself.

Apr 1 - 12:34 AM


Val Barto

Will be watching HOP when my friend comes to visit next week. Will also be watching SUPER (can't wait, no reviews will put me off Super), and hopefully Source Code.

Mar 31 - 05:26 PM

James Franco

JamesFranco F

Why do you come here then, the whole purpose of this wensite is to let the audience if a movie is good or bad before you go pay money to see it. No reason to come here if you just ignore the critics.

Apr 1 - 08:36 AM

Dakota -Kapodaco- Gordon

Dakota Gordon

I was looking forward to good ratings for Hop, until I saw the poster that said "From the director of Alvin and the Chipmunks" then I knew it was destined for failure, won't stop kids from pouring in, they won't know the difference, it's just about da bunnies!

Mar 31 - 05:27 PM

The Dude

Gene Arnold

I'm definatly going to see Source Code.I really wish I saw Moon. Gonna it on Netflix though. Well, the critics were right about Sucker Punch, but it wasn't as bad as they made it seem. Hop looked like it could have gone either way; a surprising smart family comedy or a dumb kids movie. It looks like the latter is right.

Mar 31 - 05:34 PM

Movie Monster

Bentley Lyles

Good week for flicks. SOURCE CODE looks good but I can wait for THOR and I'll probably see RIO. The summer movie season is right around the corner and I am so ecstatic!!!!

Mar 31 - 05:43 PM

dj Mark

Mark Marquis

Can't wait to see Source Code. It's about time a genre film delivered this year.

Insidious looks interesting but I think that's a rental.

As for why I'm passing on Hop, I have just two words:

Jellybean poop.

Mar 31 - 05:56 PM



The scene with the jellybean poop could possibly be one of the most disturbing things I have seen on film lol.

Can't tell you how much I agree with your statement about a genre film that actually delivers. I am very happy for Gyllenhaal and Jones, both of whom just need more opportunities to showcase their brilliance.

Apr 1 - 01:42 AM


Chris Moore

Source Code might be a good b-lister, but I'll be happy if any of these movies beat "Diet King's Speech" this weekend.

Mar 31 - 06:07 PM

General Wiz

Carlos Flores

King's Speech is only playing at 1000 theaters so it would be a huge upset if it won the box-office. ( But I do find it funny that you refer to it as Diet King's speech.

Mar 31 - 07:19 PM


Dylan Hair

Nonetheless, why release an edited version?? If they're gonna do a re-release, why not release the superb original version that won the Best Pic and Director Oscars? Besides if the point was to appeal to younger moviegoers, I still highly doubt middle schoolers or young children are going to rush out to see it.

Mar 31 - 08:56 PM

General Wiz

Carlos Flores

Well, from what I've heard all they done is replace most of the Fucks with the word shit. Though I agree with you that it's dumb to release it just to get younger audience in the seats. If some below 17 really wanted to see it all they have to do is ask their parents. I doubt most parents would have problem with letting their kid see a Historical British period piece even if it was rated R. It's not like they are going to see something like Kick-ass.

Apr 1 - 08:53 AM


Charlie Voelker

Wow! "source code" the savior for all of us that went though a crappy first few months of big budget failures. It's nice to see good movies in April

Mar 31 - 06:26 PM

Francesco F.

Jacob Smith

Hmm I might actually see Source Code now and Insidious! I'm surprised Insidious is getting some fresh reviews, I wasn't really interested in Hop, and I'm sad about Rubber getting bad reviews. It looked promising but oh well, this is a much better week than last week even though I somewhat enjoyed Sucker Punch it wasn't as bad as the critics made it out to be.

Mar 31 - 06:49 PM


Isaac H

That's the second super-outlandish train movie that everyone expected to get terrible reviews that got certified fresh in the high 80s on the Tomatometer. I saw Unstoppable and liked it a lot so I'll definitely be seeing this as long as my weekend doesn't get too busy.
Hop looks terrible, Insidious looks okay but horror isn't my cup of tea, so Source Code it is!

Mar 31 - 06:56 PM


Mike Sch

I'm still on the fence about Source Code, more likely then not it will be something I rent

Mar 31 - 07:01 PM

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