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It fails miserably.

April 9, 2005 Full Review Source: Reeling Reviews | Comments (40)
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Kyle Cook

You fail miserably. BAM!

Jun 16 - 09:26 PM


Nickolas Ugare

This must be the only job you have fool!
Reviewing rotten on good films. GET A REAL JOB CRITIC!

Jul 23 - 06:39 PM


b x

you fail miserably dumbass critic

Jul 3 - 04:55 PM


Teagan Wolfe

Obviously your mom failed miserably as well . . . at raising an intellectually reasonable and open-minded child. You're an *******. Ha!

Jul 15 - 11:23 AM


jack dando

Dude- you suck, Clifford

Aug 7 - 09:11 AM


Bryan Wendland

your life failed miserably

Oct 13 - 08:06 AM


Zach Draheim

You fail miserably

Nov 22 - 07:59 PM

Cale H.

Cale Hodgkinson

YOU SIR, ARE AN IDIOT... This is pure south park genious. I'd like to see you make a movie that is as continually successful as the SOuth Park. Go back to your 1920s black & white films about soldiers falling in love!!!


Dec 7 - 09:01 PM

James B.

James Bong

Awwwww were you offended by cursing? Are you an idiot? Did you entirely miss the point of the movie? Besides being hysterical, the main point was that uptight, humorless pieces of crap, like you and Kyle's mom.. suck. So, you fail miserably.
Robin, shut up, and get a real name.

Jan 10 - 08:23 PM

Zwerg Nase

Lukas Uhde

It fails miserably...doing what? What exactly do you mean? Explain yourself, please, or stop writing reviews. Thank You!

Jan 20 - 06:22 AM

Brandon W.

Brandon Whales

you could read his entire review, that is if you have the mental capacity and attention span too

Apr 23 - 12:19 PM


goom y

you fail. the movie was great.
i loved the music.

Jan 22 - 11:24 PM

Kris H.

Kris Hughes

Domestic Total Gross: $52,037,603,
Worldwide: $83,137,603
Says you fail miserably as a film critic.

Mar 12 - 02:28 AM

Joshua D.

Joshua Doyle

You, sir, are obviously ignorant.

Apr 11 - 03:42 AM


Eliot Vitalie

Eh **** you buddy!

Apr 29 - 12:04 PM


Edward Stymest

The review is terrible! Apparently you completely neglected the movie's form of entertainment, its satire, and type of comedy. Maybe if you go outside, watch the news, and get your head out of your *** you'd understand the jokes better. pathetic.

Jul 23 - 10:17 AM

aaron b.

aaron bogan

You are a four eyed **** juggling ****face...

Oct 18 - 03:31 PM

Richard H.

Richard Han

Everyone here hates you. Jealous? Because you can't make any BETTER jokes and songs? Go f-u-c-k a pig and s-u-c-k my a-s-s, you b-o-n-e-r-biting b-a-s-t-a-r-d.

Oct 20 - 12:52 AM

Lord Naseby

Lord Naseby

well, to be honest south park caters to a specific sense of humor that not everyone has.

Dec 9 - 10:59 AM

Lord Naseby

Lord Naseby

although i like this movie a lot myself.

Dec 9 - 10:59 AM


Brian Lorenzen

It seems amazing to me that you can call yourself a fan of the show and not like the movie. It's not that people need to be uniformly loyal, but the movie to me is the show ramped up x10 and much funnier. Go figure.

Mar 12 - 08:45 AM

Liam C.

Liam Callanan

I wont insult the reviewer merely disagree. It does not fail, indeed what it does is set the bar for movies made from tv shows. It is one of the funniest films I have ever seen. Easily in my top five comedies. And beyond that it raises heavy political points that are altogether ignored in mainstream cinema.

Apr 24 - 08:42 PM

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