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June 19, 2011
Not at all the type of movie I would normally choose, but I loved "Love Serenade", and I was interested to see this one by the same director, and also starring Miranda Otto.
This is set in the 1920's and follows the story of a single woman in her 30's who goes to stay with her uncle on an isolated island after a small scandal back at home. It is quite a slow movie, and it takes time to build the characters. As usual, I was really impressed with Miranda, she really seems to do well with socially awkward and unusual characters.
I don't think this would be for everyone. It is, as I mentioned, a slow film, and at almost 2 hours, it could probably really wear out its welcome with those that need excitement from their viewing. But those that can have some patience and like characters with depth may find this rewarding.
March 24, 2013
Critic can't see what's interesting.Critic fails to appreciate the pace or atmosphere of the film. Critic writes patronising dross to demean the film. These inabilities leave me shaking my head in disbelief; who could possibly find this edifying? Margaret I'll let off this time for her sartorial taste and her skill in accessorising.
So away from negativities to what's great; the bleakness of the location, which is actually incredibly beautiful, is no match for the desolation of the social scene, which is killingly mean and harsh. There isn't any story element beyond the grossest [person in disgrace sentenced to stay on remote island] that I can remember elsewhere. Truly disquieting relations between characters. A lot of tension and increasing suspense. Riveting acting, though with Barry Otto there's always an element of satire that it's funny he gets away with. Maybe it's a built in thing that can't be shed, like Kevin Costner's Kevincostnerness that he can never shed [contrast with Daniel D-L the chameleon].
This is the sort of Au film I love, along with others like In the Winter Dark, The Tale of Ruby Rose and Perfect Strangers. Not because there's some category called 'Art', to which they are consigned by lovers of the trite and true[ly tedious] standard Hollywood thing, but because they're NEW, intriguing, set in wonderful places and overwhelmingly dominated by natural primeval ambience.
September 2, 2012
Never ceases to surprise me that different people like different things - I can't believe that there is not universal approval of this film and yet audience rating here is 25%. South Solitary is a beautifully crafted study; broken people fixing each other. The script is tight almost clipped, acting wonderfully underplayed, photography perfect - considering their idea of foreplay, its amazing to think something so sensitive and beautiful could have come from Oz.
½ January 24, 2012
Excellent actress Miranda Otto but a claustrophobic movie I won't watch again
May 25, 2011
quietly lovely Australian film
January 11, 2011
Such a quiet film.. but it's nice to watch. Some of the shots are really amazing. Sadly it wasn't able to reach my expectations. Except the acting of Marton Csokas which really funded the mood, and finally a movie where the hungarian accent just works perfectly!
December 7, 2010
Beautiful little film!
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