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Spacehunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone Reviews

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Dave J
May 5, 2014
Monday, April 5, 2014

(1983) Spacehunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone

Can you believe that Ivan Reitman was credited as executive producer on this piece of junk! The premise is ludicrous centering on Wollf (Peter Strauss) entering an already infected infested planet called Terra-11 ordered to find and then bring back actual women to the planet Earth, for reasons unknown- perhaps because the planet earth doesn't have very many women in terms of breeding purposes. Anyways, the entire environment is similar to any Mad Max movie ever made which is the desert- full of many areas of water that is supposed to be contaminated, for viewers are completely oblivious how the people who reside their obtain fresh clean drinking water. Wollf also picks up Nikki(Molly Ringwald) along the way, who is supposed to direct him to where the women had been brought to since he doesn't know too much about the area. And I just want to say that the character played Molly Ringwald is perhaps the most annoying person she has ever done, who whines and complains, who refuses to listen. Ernie Hudson as Washington stole the movie on some scenes he's in, who actually saves Wollf's butt on more than one occasion.

1 star out of 4
September 26, 2013
One of those 3-D movies that were all the rage in the early 80's, Spacehunter (which I don't actually think I saw.. but I saw a lot of others) is a bit of a silly exercise, with a not so omni-present villian, weak characters and a pretty boring premise, which leaves us with about 90 minutes of just scratching your bum and wondering when it's over.
June 4, 2013
not much sci fi, but there is still something there.
March 27, 2013
this reminded me of mad max thunder dome in alot of ways I liked that movie too
April 26, 2009
Ivan Reitman produced effort with bounty hunter rescuing three maidens on a desolate planet. Molly Ringwald character is a fatal flaw with her constant whining. Part of the 3-D wave of the early 80s; some of the sets and designs still hold up rather well.
May 24, 2012
Mindless entertainment, where the title has more plot than the film itself. Still it's not awful.
May 22, 2012
This surfaced one night on one of the new, digital television channels now on offer in my country. Digital television seems to be filled with many long forgotten movies. I'll warrant that even insomniacs and channel surfing shift workers will have found this film boring. On another topic, did the titular character borrow his car from the set of Mad Max 2?
January 29, 2012
In the 22nd century, an ex-mercenary meets up with a loner girl and they set out to rescue three space maidens from the ruler of a planet who happens to be a murderous cyborg.

There was a glut of low budget SF and fantasy movies made during the 80's and luckily 'Spacehunter' is one of the slightly better entries. Even though it doesn't have a particularly strong story and you are left feeling that a lot was either cut out or just never shot, it still is a fun movie to watch. The acting is competent and Michael Ironside is suitable over the top as the villain even though he gets very little screen time. The special effects are a bit hokey by today's standards, and were designed for then 'brand new' 3D technology. The gore is non-existent, but there is some good make-up effects to keep you going. As I have said before, the story is a bit slow at the beginning and is over just as you feel it is getting started, but is entertaining and feels a little more adult than some of it's competitors of the time. On a personal level, I find it quite silly when movies create their own languages, and this is no exception, but I am willing to forgive it, as this is one of those movies that I grew up with, and it brings back some very nice memories.
July 1, 2011
To keep it basic, this film is simply fun. Sure, the performances aren't very good, and the plot is dull and quite uninteresting, but it was still a fun movie to watch. Recommended.
August 18, 2007
old things should die grasfuly
February 20, 2011
Having missed the opportunity to watch this when it was released on video in the 80's, I finally had the chance the see it recently. This movie is campy to say the very least. The only way to describe it, it has that Mad Max feel to it, just not as well done as the Mad Max movies. A lot of the movie is plain nonsense but in a good way. Peter Strauss makes a likeable rogue, obviously straight from the Han Solo mould, and Molly Ringwald is her usual early 80's cutie. The special effects are fair for the time (though the title sequence leaves something to be desired). Michael Ironside is almost unrecogniseable underneath prosthetics, but offers a great performance, hampered only by his lack of mobility in costume. I was especially surprised to recognise Ernie Hudson as a supporting character, playing Strauss' ex-buddy. If you like sci-fi B movies, then you'll be able to appreciate this one....just don't expect too much from it...that way you won't be disappointed.
March 15, 2006
January 30, 2011
Still dumb fun, wish the 3D version were available without Japanese hardsubs.

Super Reviewer

September 6, 2010
If you're a big fan of either Molly Ringwald or 80s sci-fi movies in general, I highly recommend this movie. I loved it, it has a good story, good actors, and it's fun. Of course it isn't one of the best sci-fi movies of the 80s, but I love it anyway.
Phil H

Super Reviewer

August 15, 2010
With a small known cast of Ernie Hudson, Molly Ringwald and a well hidden Michael Ironside this sci-fi film starts off nicely with pretty good looking spaceships, land transports, costumes and a quirky neat feel that reminds you of 'The Ice Pirates' and a gentle 'Mad Max 3'. Unfortunatley the film starts to slide badly from the midway point and loses its reasonable sensible side to become a silly and tacky...almost barbarian type film with amazonian women and dragon type water creatures to a stupid looking evil villian that Clive Barker may have stolen for the Channard Cenobite idea in 'Hellraiser 2' .
May 1, 2009
Great Sci-Fi/Fantasy/ACtion/Adventure, I have not seen this movie since I was a kid
April 27, 2009
Entertaining sci-fi flick that doesn't take itself seriously.
Red L

Super Reviewer

April 19, 2009
Peter Strauss, interplanetary adventurer and 15 year old Molly Ringwald team up to defeat the Forbidden Zone - a planet with all sorts of evil beings. I found this a really corny movie, although who knew that Molly acted in science fiction movies?
September 3, 2008
I think this is the only adventure movie Ringwald has been in, I don't know why she didn't do more, this movie was really enjoyable, and she was great in it.
November 20, 2008
No plot and 3D effects gave me a headache....
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