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Fellow critics mercilessly denounced this dazzling, visually inventive adaptation; one of the ten best films of 2008

February 27, 2009 Full Review Source: Orange County and Long Beach Blade | Comments (10)
Orange County and Long Beach Blade


John Harris

John Harris

man ur a doofus... that movies visuals were boycott good at best

Apr 12 - 08:27 PM

Adamtimtim T.

Adamtimtim TimTim

Are you high?

Jul 17 - 03:17 PM


ryan kramer

I'll be a proud dissenter. This movie was just FUN. I don't doubt it wanted to be anything else. Watching the final race on a 100 inch screen is the cinematic equivalent of a sugar rush. I'll back Chris and give the other posters a Spritle middle finger on my way out the door.:-P

Oct 8 - 11:43 AM


Dudley Heffington

this guy is actually right, i dont get the hate for this film either...

Jan 23 - 09:31 PM

MPerce P.

MPerce Percival

Yay! Fellow Speed Racer lovers! This movie is what movies were originally meant to be: fun. The races are incredible, the atmosphere is light, and you can tell the actors are having a blast, so you can't help but have a blast with them. Oh, and the finale was mind-blowing.

Mar 12 - 07:54 PM

Scott Y.

Scott Yelvington

dude. you just have to have seen the original show. thsi reviewer got it right on the money. the critics didn't get it because the watchowski brothers basically made a live action anime film based on the old classic cartoon series i grew up with. the effects were spectacular. the story made sense. why the hell did the critics hate this so much?! I thought it was a fantastic movie! It really blurs the lines between a children's film and that of an adult. It had it's cartoony moments and heart felt moments. I think avatar the last air bender is going to push that boundary also upon it's release this summer. but never the less. you just have to get speed racer to get what the watchowskis were doing here.

May 11 - 07:40 PM


Dylan Hair

I agree completely! I love this film too, it's a very fun time!

Sep 23 - 04:41 PM


ivan kargovski

I loved the film but the part that left an impression on me were not the visuals but the family union and affection.

Their relationships made the characters worth cheering for.

A criminally underrated film.

Dec 20 - 01:07 PM

Cornelius Thompson

Cornelius Thompson

This movie was extremely underrated. All I hear about are the SFX....not the core itself. The best parts of the film is the characters and their relationships. I was under the impression that what makes a movie good is how well it envelops you and immerses you in the experience. LOTR was not good based on special effects alone. I feel like a lot of people wont get it and choose not to accept it as a good movie...and that's sad. And just the passion in the final race (with mom's and other cast's voice overs) brought tears to my eyes. Very epic ending to a very epic, fun, and highly underrated experience. Very big thumb's up.

Aug 9 - 12:36 PM

Jason Bratschi

Jason Bratschi

the reason it gets so much hate is because the lack of culture in a lot of american people. if you ever watched japanese anything you will love this movie, action packed, tense, funny, sad it had everything!

Jan 21 - 08:33 PM

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