Joel Silver Excited About Speed Racer's "Car Fu" (Article Updated With Photos!)

Watch the trailer tonight!

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What has Christina Ricci, Matthew Fox, live monkeys, and a brand new trailer?

If you answered "The Wachowski brothers' live-action Speed Racer movie," congratulations -- you sure do know your Entertainment Tonight exclusives! As USA Today reports, the show that gave the world John Tesh has been celebrating "Speed Racer week," and tonight, ET debuts the trailer.

If you've seen any of the behind-the-scenes clips that aired earlier in the week, you may have your doubts about the Wachowski's Speed Racer. For what it's worth, producer Joel Silver understands the uphill climb facing the movie -- but he's convinced he picked the right directors for the gig. From the article:

"The effects are beyond belief. We called it 'car fu,' because it was like kung fu with the cars," Silver says. "We couldn't have made this movie until right now...It obviously has a present-day aesthetic to it, but it's still a great yarn about family and not selling out. That's an important message to the (Wachowskis) and why we all connected to the show."

Be sure to tune in to ET tonight for a look at the trailer (or just wait five minutes for it to show up on YouTube)!

And check out the photos below, also from the USA Today news article.

Source: USA Today