"Spider-Man 3" Villain Revealed, Yet Still Mysterious

Click over to Sony's official "Spider-Man 3" website for your first peek at Thomas Haden Church as ... Flint Marko? Yep, that's the "real" name of Spidey foe Sandman, a guy who has some really fascinating powers involving, yes, sand.

Sure it's only a simple photo, but the Spidey series has earned this sort of attention by now, and let's just say the folks at Sony know how to milk a series for all its worth. But if Sandy's powers are even half as cool in the movie as they are in the comic books, well, we're all in for one heckuva treat.

Presently scheduled for release in May of 2007, "Spider-Man 3" stars Tobey Maguire, Kirsten Dunst, James Franco, Rosemary Harris, J.K. Simmons, Topher Grace, and (obviously) Thomas Haden Church as Sandman!



jason redman

out of all the villians to pick from they had to pick the sandman?
why him?
why not pick the lizard, venom or any other dozens of villians that could ruin spidey's day? i'm sure they'll do a good job with the movie but really, could have picked a better bad guy

Nov 8 - 07:37 AM


Chris B.

I thought Venom was the other Villian ??

I'm just glad they didn't go with the Rhino.

Mysterio used to give my man a run for his money, but that pop-o-matic bubble on his head might look a little cheesy.


Nov 8 - 07:51 AM


Chris B.

September 27, 2005

Dunst Spills the Beans on the "Spider-Man 3" Villains
Hanh Nguyen over at Zap2it.com shares a great little scoop that he got from Kirsten Dunst during her "Elizabethtown" press junket. We all know that Thomas Haden Church and Topher Grace will be portraying the "Spider-Man 3" villains known as Venom and Sandman ... but which actor will be which evildoer?

"Although the Internet has been abuzz with the supposed identities of the two "Spider-Man 3" villains to be played by Thomas Haden Church and Topher Grace, Sony and Marvel have kept the names under wraps.

Now Mary Jane herself has confirmed Spidey's latest nemeses.

"We have really great people though as the villains in this film, Thomas Haden Church and Topher Grace -- Venom and Sandman," says Kirsten Dunst while promoting her film "Elizabethtown."

"Maybe I wasn't supposed to say that," she says, checking with her rep, who assures her the information has already been released.

Nov 8 - 08:04 AM

lavatory love machine

juan carlos petruchi

they are shooting the movie right now?

Nov 8 - 08:15 AM

Super Simba

Super Simba

Kirsten Dunst is such a dunce....

Nov 8 - 12:06 PM


Hugh Jackman

Snadman is a good choice.. If there making 6 movies of Spiderman.. then Sandman is the best choice for #3. I would want Venom as the last adaption (Spiderman 6)...

And what about that big fat guy that always wore a white suit? forgot his name...

Nov 8 - 01:45 PM


Brandon Howard

The Kingpin. But I think he's more of Daredevil's nemesis than Spider-Man's. Michael Clarke Duncun played him in the movie.

Nov 8 - 02:02 PM


Brandon Howard

The Kingpin. But I think he's more of Daredevil's nemesis than Spider-Man's. Michael Clarke Duncun played him in the movie.

Nov 8 - 02:02 PM


thomas carter

[b]two for one!?[/b]
did we not learn anything from batman forever and batman and robin? putting a popular villan with a lesser known unpopular villan never really works out for the best!! i mean i would rather sam raimi make a spiderman movie with just venom than one with venom and sandman! but oh well.....

thomas of the living dead

Nov 8 - 02:50 PM


Reginald Grimshanker

It can only get worse from here.

Nov 8 - 03:13 PM

DJ Jay Lion

Jay Lion

[b]The Villians[/b]
Let's set the record straight.

Sam Raimi is one of the best directors of our time right now. He already smashed all possible records with the first two movies. He put SPIDERMAN back on the map and did it with excellent style and flair. He revived the superhero genre with respect.

I don't know how you people can say this movie is going to suck becuase of Sandman. If you didn't know, Sandman's powers is actually stronger than the first 2 villians portrayed and Spiderman's.


Nov 8 - 03:26 PM


Chris Embury

[b]I agree[/b]
DJ Jay Lion hits the nail on the head. I have fully trust Sam to continue to make fillpin' awsome action films. I know that if both venom and sandman are going to be in this next film then Sandman will be the main baddy and venom will be there to develop more story, and will probably be around for 4.

Nov 8 - 03:45 PM


Robert Kimberlin

[b]Sandman is Great[/b]
I also believe Sandman will make a great villain. He was one of my top three Spider-man villains of all time in the comics. The sand effects that they will be able to do will be spectacular. This will be bigger and more profitable than Spider-man 2. Rock on Sam.

Nov 8 - 04:49 PM

Now it's dark

Kirby K

He's the best villain so far in the series. And Grace will probably play Eddie Brock, setting up for Venom later on. The effects will have to be impressive to do Sandman justice.

Nov 8 - 06:02 PM


Hugh Jackman

I said Sandman was a good choice DJ.... psssh...

Nov 8 - 08:05 PM


jeremy d

[b]"The Mummy" sand effects[/b]
I don't know much about the Spiderman comics... but I keep seeing Sandman as moving around like the mummy did with all those sand effects. Does Sandman turn into clouds of sand or anything like that?

Nov 8 - 08:48 PM


Joshua Willis

[b]Rami's got time[/b]
I think that we actually won't see much of Venom in this movie, perhaps in the last parts (like with Darth Vader in Ep III) as a set up into 4. Venom is such a great character, and deserves top billing as a main villan. I think Rami will be stupid to to include indepth stories of both in 3. Even if Rami dosen't direct the next three movies, he would almost certainly be involved somehow. I am kind of glad that they are not going the way of the Green Goblin 2 or re-hashing the fallen scientist ark by doing lizard. I think will be better suited to part 5 with the lizard, with the climax of 6 resolving the GG2 story and perhaps the return of venom.

Man six movies and we haven't even scrached the surface of other spiderman characters like:


All of which are prominate characters in the book

Anyhoo thats just what I think

Nov 8 - 10:15 PM


Luke Davis

MrJillis, maybe thats why they are doing 2 villians at once (since they have so many famous ones). Although, I do agree with you that Venom should top all as far as importance. He's one of my favorite villians of all comics.

Nov 9 - 10:43 AM


Paul Andersen

Yay! It's not Church and Grace both playing Chameleon!

Just because there are two villians in this movie does not mean that it will end up like Batman and Robin. Trust Raimi to not just copy former movies; I think the man can innovate pretty well. Speaking of Batman, didn't Batman Begins have 3 villians?

And some common sense: Carnage will never be in a movie. And if he was, it'd still be a PG-13 movie. So do you really want to see a non-killer Carnage? I don't.

Please, please, please let us get a confirmation that Venom is the other villian!!!

Nov 9 - 02:23 AM


Pablo Tangelson

[b]Sand lots of it[/b]
Guys, itīs a simple plan...Raimi DOES STICK TO THE CLASSIC villains...
I donīt think Venom will be the other foe...I guess Mysterio is the #2 pick

Nov 9 - 06:26 AM


Luke Davis

MrJillis, maybe thats why they are doing 2 villians at once (since they have so many famous ones). Although, I do agree with you that Venom should top all as far as importance. He's one of my favorite villians of all comics.

Nov 9 - 10:43 AM


Chris B.

Well they did already introduced Mr. Jameson's son who becomes the Man-Wolf in the comics, and they have laid the ground for the return of the Green Goblin.

Son of J. Jonah Jameson, John Jameson was an astronaut chosen for a secret moon mission. While there he discovered a ruby-like gemstone that he began wearing as a pendant. The moonstone proved to be an alien artifact that transformed Jameson into the Man-Wolf.

Carnage will probably be in the next one, even if he's just intruduced or mentioned.

Was once a serial killer known as Cletus Kasady, and became Carnage after merging with the offspring of the alien symbiote called Venom during a prison breakout at which Eddie Brock/Venom and Kasady were both present.

Nov 9 - 10:57 AM


Merlin Ambrosius

I really doubt that Carnage will be used in the movies any time soon. Raimi doesn't even like Venom, let alone a story arc to a more violent, less developed character. There are about a million different ways Raimi could take S3. My hope: Sandman (goes without saying), Topher Grace is introduced as Eddie Brock, and the Lizard. We could see both Sandman and Lizard in this movie, b/c the Lizards story is already partially developed. We could also see Wolf-Man, b/c his story was developed in S2 as well. Raimi is just setting up different characters to leave options open for future films.

Nov 9 - 01:12 PM

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