"Spider-Man 3" Spoiler Feast!

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If you're a ravenous fan of all things spoileriffic, and you also have some affection for the "Spider-Man" series, then head on over to a blog called "film ick" and enjoy all sorts of second sequel tidbits -- including the news on who just might be the flick's fourth villain.

"Where does Venom come from? Well, the symbiote clings to Peter after a date with MJ - like gum on his shoe to begin with, almost. As he sleeps, covers him - we see this in the trailer. When he wakes up, he's hanging upside down on the side of a building - much like the final shot in the teaser. It's the old werewolf thing - but used to dramatise Peter's internal conflict. Venom adopts an appearance like the red/blue Spidey suit because Peter is wearing it when it covers him - though he's not wearing the mask, so there's a little dramatic license at play. Tut tut - can do better, Mr. Raimi. See me after class."

That's all I allowed myself to read, but a colleague confirms that this blog report is absolutely stuffed with spoiler material, most of which sounds pretty darn COOOOOL!

Sam Raimi's "Spider-Man 3" hits theaters next May.