Weekly Ketchup: Disney buys Marvel, WB announces Lobo & Deadman

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This Week's Ketchup features an unusual number of "threequels," with plans being announced for the third entries to the Bad Boys, Big Momma's House and Halloween franchises. Disney's acquisition of Marvel is also big news, and is accompanied by news about other comic book movies like Lobo, Deadman and Fantastic Four. #1 MARVEL/DISNEY: FROM THE HOUSE OF IDEAS TO THE MOUSE HOUSE The big news this week that was pretty hard to miss was Disney's announced plans to buy Marvel for $4 billion, giving them access to the 5,000+ characters created and owned by the comic book company. This gives Disney access to hundreds of characters that appeal to boys (Disney already has plenty of properties that appeal to girls) in areas that include TV shows, video games, theme parks and of course, movies. It is the movie business, however, that is particularly complicated.Back to Article