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Emod L. Emod L. September 2, 2014
It's just as fun as the first film, and its characters are more refined and motivated than before.
artschoolrowergmailc artschoolrowergmailc ½ August 30, 2014
Spider-Man 2 is, in essence, the perfect sequel, following to a "T" that old adage that says the finest sequels simply take the best of the original and improve upon it. It may have been outdone in the years to follow by films that managed to be more purely entertaining or more dramatically satisfying, but Sam Raimi's web-slinger sequel is still a gem of a movie, a perfect popcorn film that also manages to find a current of humanity and thematic relevance under the costumes, visual effects, and explosions. It's a movie in perfect harmony from start to finish that should serve as a model for all others that aspire to comic book movie greatness.
Jason J August 27, 2014
A mostly great sequel
Pietro Z August 26, 2014
bad, boring, terrible acting
Nuff said
Jigsaw Jigsaw August 23, 2014
This movie is the best out of all the Tobey Maguire spider man movies.
Matthew D April 28, 2012
A superhero film that shows us why we create these new myths far better than Superman Returns does; by showing rather than telling. Mired by some overacting and heavy-handed directing - tries too hard to pull on the heart strings or make one laugh. Yes, DeFoe was hammy in the first film, but with the rest of the film grounded it worked in contrast as a sign of his insanity. Another instance of this heavy-handedness is Peter's graduation from the awkward high-school student to a poor-man's version of Christopher Reeve's Clark Kent. The romantic misunderstandings (especially now they are adults not teens) are so unrealistic they pull me right out of the movie.
Despite all these criticisms, when it tones it down it does contain some great human drama, such as the development of Peter, Harry and their relationship and Molina's villainous turn. The highlight is the legitimately moving scene following the train set piece.
teddy w. teddy w. ½ August 20, 2014
it better then the 1st
Dawid N August 21, 2014
Great sequel, surprising, since most sequels just dissapoint. Really a good mix of action and great story telling, again, a must watch 2 for all Spider Man fans.
Patrick D August 18, 2014
good action and a good villan ,but to much of mary jane again,just kill her off
GhostyKid GhostyKid August 16, 2014
This isn't just a respectable sequel to Spider-Man (2002), it's a very well-done sci-fi action film. It's much more interesting to see a morally vague villain that just a straight-up crazy evil madman. Spider-Man 2 is more heartfelt than the first movie, and contains one of my favourite action sequences in a superhero movie (see: train scene).
Narayanan A. Narayanan A. July 24, 2014
96% - A Superior Sequel. Spider-Man 2 clears out all the problems that the first movie suffered from. Unlike the first one, this movie is the realistic version of the Spider-Man saga. It starts off in a fun and enjoyable tone, but throughout the course it becomes serious. This movie has a great emotional strength between characters and the chemistry is perfect . Also, the action sequences are better than ever. Not to mention, the star of the show, Dr. Otto Octavius is simply brilliant. This is one of the best superhero movies of all time.
Kyle C August 13, 2014
This Spidey installment in the Raimi trilogy is the best one out there!!! Loved every minute of the film. From seeing Alfred Molina dub the tentacled claws as Dr. Octopus to amazing fight sequences throughout, Spider-Man 2 does not disappoint. The extended 2.1 edition added more of what I wanted to see in this amazing superhero flick about the beloved web-slinger from Marvel (not from the Marvel Cinematic Universe). Also liked the Bruce Campbell appearances in these three films!!! A great sequel and an amazing movie for everyone!!!
Bradley W August 13, 2014
Now this is how you make a superhero movie! Take note, Catwoman. Take note, Batman & Robin. Take note, Superman IV. Because this is what you need; A really good plot, a really good script, some really good actors and some really good fight scenes! This is my favorite Marvel superhero movie, and that is for a good reason.
zahm637 zahm637 November 15, 2013
Much like its predecessor, it's not just the action that makes "Spider-Man 2" an outstanding film. It is director Sam Raimi's ability to tell a great story. "Spider-Man 2" is a great film primarily because it asks interesting questions: What happens when being a super hero isn't all it's cracked up to be? At what point does being a crime-fighter become too much? With these questions in mind, the film delves into a sophisticate narrative full of excellent character development.

Nevertheless, the action sequences of "Spider-Man 2" are also a big part of its appeal. There is some seriously pulse-pounding action here. There are also some great web-swinging sequences, as well. I give a ton of credit to the choreographers of "Spider-Man 2" because they have outdone themselves.

Tobey Maguire, who is starting to get a bit old to play young Peter, gives an exceptional performance. However, his onscreen chemistry with Kirsten Dunst is awkward at best and stale at worst. The real highlight of the cast is the villain, Doctor Octopus, who is one of the best aspects of this film. Not only is Alfred Molina's performance praiseworthy, but Doc Ock's design and character arc are brilliant. And of course, J.K. Simmons gives another great portrayal.

"Spider-Man" was a film way ahead of its time, and "Spider-Man 2" is a film way ahead of the original. It is unquestionably a successful sequel that capitalizes and improves on the original. As of 2004, "Spider-Man 2" is the greatest comic-book film I've ever seen. Go see it!
Mgen M ½ March 1, 2012
A Mediocre pile of shit
Will N August 11, 2014
Tobey Maguire drives me insane sometimes in this series. But this series also has better villains and better story lines.
Joshua E April 25, 2009
My all time favorite comic book movie :)
Austin W May 14, 2014
This is a superhero movie geared more towards young adults than adolescents, while satisfying both; a masterpiece about growing up, going out into the world and the responsibilities we have in facing its difficulties.
Jose A ½ November 23, 2009
Still the best Spider Man Movie in year until .... maybe another spiderman made it !!!!
Akash V. Akash V. ½ August 7, 2014
Spiderman 2 is exactly the sort of film that I'm always impressed by. It leaps beyond it's origins and deals with something different and unconventional. It talks about- the burden of responsibility, the burden of being a superhero, how it's not exactly the dream job. There are thousands of children around the world who turn of their light at night, go to bed, close their eyes and pray that they become a superhero the next day. Sam Rami's Spiderman 2 tries to tell those kids -" Hold On, maybe you ought to give that a second thought because "with great power comes great responsibility": and if you're a superhero you'll have make sacrifices maybe even give up things that you want the most. The film builds up wonderfully till the ending where they completely throw away everything that built wonderfully to that point (since Peter gets Mary Jane). But despite the infuriating puppy dog happy ending forced into the film, I'm still tempted to call this the 2nd greatest comic book/superhero film of all time, after The Dark Knight.
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