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A disappointment. Spidey keeps his mask off and weeps. Everyone cries. I hated the silly monolith sad sack Sandman. Did Dunst's contract stipulate she sing two songs?

April 26, 2007 Full Review | Comments (123)
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bradley dodus

Apr 30 - 05:30 PM


mark lunsford

Good Review...Ya called it as ya saw it

Apr 30 - 08:35 PM


J Ward

Apr 30 - 09:19 PM

Master of Unlocking

Corey Lancaster

May 1 - 12:37 AM


Jonathan Davenport

your reviews seem to random to get a good idea about what movies are good based on your reviews

May 1 - 12:59 AM


David Duenskie

How can you be a movie critic, and like the movie The Covenant????

May 1 - 01:25 AM


wayne g

you need to sort your issues! you need my uncle sam's disck to play with

May 1 - 05:06 AM


Angel Shadowflare

Your reviews are nothing short of horrendously written and your reasoning for disliking good movies paints you as all kinds of retarded.

May 1 - 02:51 PM


First Last

wow what a horrible review that was issues are all over You praised homoerotic trash like the covenant but trash this why does RT allow your reviews?

May 1 - 03:04 PM


Greg Montoya

Victoria attempting to apply her experiences of being psychoanalyzed as a method for deconstructing a movie = very disturbing.

May 1 - 06:50 PM

Azik Blaze

Azik Blaze

Good god, woman. You seriously need to self-assess your writing -it is BAD. Your review reads like an Instant Messenger conversation.

May 2 - 01:33 AM


Mick Smith

As a seriously twisted nut job like yourself i have say well done!

May 2 - 09:14 AM


lucy G.

I'm going to sit here and laugh. Yep.

May 2 - 03:57 PM


mark Wojnarowski

Victoria Alexander sucks!!

May 2 - 07:53 PM


Siddhesh Karmali

May 3 - 05:13 AM


tian feng

I thought you were all BS-ing when you said she couldn't put together a decent sentence. She must be someone's niece.

May 3 - 09:20 AM


Jordan Shipman

V.A. is probaly the biggest idiot I have ever read.

May 3 - 10:33 AM


sdfds sdfsdf

and this is coming from someone who liked The Condemned and didn't like Zodiac

May 3 - 02:05 PM


sushi x

Do you get paid to write this garbage? I hope not.

May 3 - 07:34 PM


Teresa Haino

May 4 - 01:58 AM

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