Unfinished "Spider-Man 3" Trailer -- Now with Venom!

It might not survive on the internet for too long, so if you want to see what Venom is going to look like in "Spider-Man 3," and you don't mind suffering through some obviously incomplete special effects, then you better click the goods right now -- before they're gone!

Allegedly Sony is none-too-thrilled that this "workprint" trailer has hit the internets, but hey, if it's still up (and it is as of this minute), I figure it's worth reporting.

Click right here to see the work-in-progress trailer, thrill at the new bits that aren't in the official trailer, enjoy the cool music, and keep your eyes peeled at the end ... because that's when Venom shows up! And he looks cooooOooooOoooool!

"Spider-Man 3" opens next summer.

[Ed. note: As expected, Youtube has indeed pulled the trailer. Too bad for all of us who missed it.]



Nogard64 64


Nov 13 - 12:54 AM

The Masticator

Chris Lock

Just commenting on the Venom looks alone and not trying to bitch about everything else in the trailer like people did in the other SM3 trailer section.

Venom looks pretty badass!

Nov 13 - 01:02 AM


Steve H

venom looks pretty awesome...close to how it looks in the animated series of the 90s

Nov 13 - 03:39 AM


Brian Lorenzo

wow those five milliseconds of Venom where still awesome. can't wait for this.

Nov 13 - 03:50 AM


Ham Sack

Yeah, I agree.
The last part of the trailer's awesome. I had goosebumps all over when I watched it and finally saw Venom.

Nov 13 - 04:24 AM


shawn splint

*Creams in pants* I was midly dissapointed by the first trailer since there was no venom but this sure makes up for it.

Nov 13 - 04:56 AM


First Last

aintitcool had this up but then sony asked them to take it down. looks like it's being spread around anyways! haha this should have been in the trailer anyways...

Nov 13 - 06:14 AM


Nick Danczyk

Now all you people that were bitching and moaning about there being no Venom in the last trailer can all go and jerk off to this. And yeah, he does look pretty cool from the fraction of a second they show, still thinking they're gonna leave his part to a minimum though, that'll probably be all you see of him in the film.

Nov 13 - 06:31 AM


Carl Myers

friggin awesome

Nov 13 - 06:54 AM


Merlin Ambrosius

I imagine that Venom will have a larger role in this movie than people would think. It'll be awesome.

Nov 13 - 06:56 AM


john swartz

Looks like they have alot of ground to cover with green goblin's son, sand man, and the whole darkside of spider man thing.

I can't imagine too much venom in this movie, prolly save it for the fourth film.
Throw alot of venom in this and you have 3 major villans=Batman all over again.

Nov 13 - 07:44 AM


Bobby Jubraj

wow. If sony can fix the effects on that trailer, this could be one of the best trailers i've seen all year(included with 300 of course). And for all the haters who seem to think that Topher Grace wont pull of a good Brock(trust me, i was really skeptical also), the scene where he's in the church praying to god to kill peter parker was just really great. I obviously need to see more of the scene to fully comment on it, but that one bit was just excellent. Topher has proved himself a capable actor and now im really interested in seeing his interpretation of venom. And obviously, that second of venom was just cool beyond all beleif! So all i can really say now is "Sony, finish the effets on this bad boy, because trust me, this is the trailer you should have in theatres, not that other wussy one!"

Nov 13 - 07:51 AM


elzeard bouffier

i'm glad this got out.
i believe we're to see little venom 1/10 movie ,little gwen 1/10, tie up harry's avenging his father 1/3 movie, new suit 1/3 movie, MJ 1/5 movie, the rest is filler crap to somehow make it work together.
unlike X3, this seems to be a nice self-contained trilogy with a decent last film. at least equal to the second film.

Nov 13 - 08:36 AM


Ham Sack

Imagine Spiderman 3 actually ends with that exact shot we see at the end of the trailer.
It could actually be quite interesting, but I expect it will piss off a lot of people.

Nov 13 - 08:53 AM

I Am Remote

Robert Pilkington

It was Sandman that killed Uncle Ben?

The bastardization continues...

I will admit that the trailer got me pumped, and even though this series has been a great disappointment to me, I'll probably see this one. Yay Venom.

Nov 13 - 09:04 AM


Merlin Ambrosius

Things could be a lot worse. It could be Fantastic Four. I can't imagine that pleased a lot of the fans.
This will have enough of Venom in it. It won't be a cliffhanger for one simple reason: no one is signed for a fourth movie. Plus, the trailer shows black webbing with Spiderman in his red suit. So, we'll see at least one fight with Venom.

Nov 13 - 09:18 AM


Josh Thornton

they pulled the trailer already.... DAMMMMIT!!!

Nov 13 - 09:32 AM


bob askins

AWESOME!!!! =D I was afraid of his looks in the movie (specially after the Green Goblin :S)but this one will kick ass! why they didn't kept it?!

Nov 13 - 09:42 AM


Adam Collins

go on over to www.iwatchstuff.com he has the scene with Venomrepeating itself over and over again.

Nov 13 - 09:56 AM


Merlin Ambrosius

Someone is getting sued over this leak, tell you what. Sony obviously went to great lengths to NOT include Venom. They'll show Venom early next year.

Nov 13 - 10:05 AM

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