Harry Potter Conjures Up a One-Sheet

OK, so we don't really do "poster reports" on just any movie, but I'm told these Potter movies are pretty darn popular, so here we go: Available just recently is a brand-new teaser poster for "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix." Interested?

Then click here to see the goods at IGN Movies. There's also a brief slide-show of pics, just in case you missed those ones.

Me, I think it's just another poster. Then again, I got all geeky for the "Spider-Man 3" poster, so I'm certainly not immune to it.





Nov 16 - 05:33 AM


joe fisher

Is is just me or does that picture from the poster make him look like he's 11 again?

Nov 16 - 05:36 AM


Jan-Eivind Rys Hauge

It's not just you.

Nov 16 - 07:33 AM


Josh Thornton

no he does look super young in this one lol

Nov 16 - 09:45 AM


Matt Click

That's not the poster, guys. Click the link.

Nov 16 - 10:19 AM


Jaja Jaja

Blue thing.
What the hell is that blue thing?


Nov 16 - 10:50 AM

Circe Prankster

Prentice Clark

Yay, Ralph Fiennes! I thought he was the best thing about the 4th movie. The film was getting bogged down in overblown special effects until he appeared at the end with a riveting, intense performance. Brought the movie back to what makes HP so great, the story and the characters and the genuine emotions it invokes. I hope we'll see a lot more of him in the 5th installment, and it looks like we will since they're featuring him in the poster.

Nov 16 - 12:20 PM


David Smith

Creepy :P

Nov 16 - 12:43 PM


Harry Myland

"You Will Lose Everything". Creeeepy.

Nov 16 - 01:26 PM


joe fisher

Oh sorry now that I've taken the time to actually click the link that really looks awesome.

And Penguins that blue thing is just energy crap coming off of his wand.

Nov 16 - 03:10 PM


Con Man

oh snap yall


Nov 16 - 06:18 PM


Robert Kimberlin

A face only mother could love.

Nov 16 - 06:58 PM


Nancy Elizabeth

Now there's a poster I would NOT want to hang in the room. It would creepy the you know what out of me. It's cool looking though.

Nov 16 - 08:11 PM


Katie Teasdale

OMG i cant wait for this. im a self confessed HP fan and personally i think this is one of the best books so hopefully the film will do it justice.
Voldemort is whata villian should be ...so awful in mind bodyand soul yet your so intruiged by him.
Yay once again!

Nov 17 - 04:28 AM

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