Sam Raimi Awaits Spider-Man 4 Script


Everybody wants to know about Spider-Man 4, so at a recent press day Sam Raimi was prepared to address that inevitable question. The answer: He is currently awaiting an assignment, which is in turn dependent on a script. Back to Article



Chris S

R.I.P Spiderman movie franchise 2001 - 2007

Oct 27 - 06:19 PM


Tommy D

I think Rami is the problem with the series at this point. Spidey 3 was ho-hum compared to the other two. It just felt tired and the story was pretty lame. The complete mis-use of Venom is an unforgivable sin.

I don't like the idea of someone else playing Spider-Man, though. I could deal without Rami and even Dunst, but Spider-Man needs Maguire.

Oct 27 - 06:32 PM


hector torres

i hope raimi comes back because i think he did s great job with the spiderman movies loved all of them. sm3 was the best of the 3 movies

Oct 27 - 06:53 PM


Tommy D

This is the very reason why Hollywood continues to churn out crappy sequels -- because there are too many people out there with no taste in movies. Spidey 3 was stinky.

Oct 27 - 07:10 PM


Kenneth Linck

So why are you posting? You may as well say "I have nothing to say."

Any thoughts on a potential new Spidey actor? I think that Topher Grace--yes, Eddie Brock in Spidey 3--would have been a better choice from the outset. As fine as Maguire was, I never saw Peter Parker portrayed as being so...doughy.

Oct 27 - 07:48 PM


peter liu

Spiderman needs a reboot for the next movies because the original crew is running out of ideas.
1) How man times can you kidnapp mary jane in these spiderman movies? For the first three, mary jane was kidnapped 2 out of three movies. It is kind of obvious that raimi is rehashing some old ideas.
2) Cookies and milk, parker you are such bad boy. In sm3, parker became a by boy by eating lots of cookies and milk, wearing dark clothes and dancing to jazz music. Dude, what decade is this? The fifties or the fourties? Since when did eating lots and cookies such a bad boy symbol? Is Raimi some kind of atkins follower?
3) Too many villains make the last movie look like a traffic jamm. Some times, I think old fox cartoon did a much better job in developing the villains than the live action movies. In the old cartoons, all the different characters at least have some chance for charater development and they do not get killed in a very quick fashion.
4) It is time to replace the two lead actors because they star to look a like they are doing too much over acting.

Oct 27 - 08:53 PM

the magic dentist

John Rambo

I guess I'm one of very few people who thought that SM3 was the best of the series. At the very least, it's probably the one least willing to talk down to its audience. I agree that some of the characters could have been developed more, but it's not like Green Goblin or Doc Ock were profoundly 'deep' either.

In fact, all three villains in SM3 were probably more developed than the millionaire who goes crazy and starts killing people to save his company, or the scientist who goes crazy and starts robbing banks and killing people to complete his project.

In SM3 none of the villains were crazy-- they were motivated by real human emotions and situations you could relate to. Venom was oppressed, Sandman was devoted, and Harry was vengeful. As a result, this is the chapter where Spider-man actually came to understand that sometimes villainy isn't just insanity, and can be rooted in the human condition, and that means that anyone could potentially be evil. For that reason, villains deserve forgiveness and compassion. None of the other movies actually dealt with this.

I think SM3 could easily bring back the Sandman and/or Gwen Stacy-- there's a lot more story to tell there, and I got the impression that the 3rd movie didn't have time to do much more than establish them as characters.

Oct 27 - 09:33 PM

Young Turk

Joe Massino

???? This isn't the Halo boards buddy..chill out.

Oct 27 - 09:52 PM


Rob Lacey

two words: Re-Boot...well thats sort of two words

I was so dissapointed with SM3 for so many reasons that im not gonna bother getting into here.(too many chacaters & no development, too much stupid love story, uneeded scenes involving dance, I could go on...but you already know what im saying)

I say start from scratch with maybe something a little closer to the comics instead of trying to translate the comics into reality, And get Toby out of the suit and the throw it on Justin Long. He'd be pefect, hes got the profile and the comic dry wit that sipderman is famous for in the comics, yet isn't in the movies.(like the voice in the old spider-man games for PS1)

Oct 27 - 10:41 PM


tom brownbridge

That's odd. He'll get the Spidey 4 script before he gets the Spidey 3 script.

Oct 28 - 12:13 AM


colin christian

Lizard, Scorpion,Rhino please,keep that awful Venom and Carnage stuff for the kids,they should have kept Sandman lifesize with his stripey shirt doing a Mr. Fantastic impersonation not that dreadful giant cgi crap//

Oct 28 - 03:49 AM


Matanuki .

The story would have to work?.. Sam Raimi, always a comedian.

Oct 28 - 04:02 AM



Make it dark. Spiderman fans have grown up beyond high school. Watch and learn from Batman Begins.

Oct 28 - 05:08 AM


Charles Kirk

I think that they should make spiderman 4 be about spiderman and venom teaming up against carnage.

Oct 28 - 05:08 AM


Jasper Oosterveld

For the love of God, why!

Oct 28 - 05:27 AM


Joseph Guiliano

i don't get it? are you trying to insinuate why make another spider-man movie? maybe, because there are millions of fans and the first two were fantastic and people would love to see another great spider-man movie to make up for a dissapointing third part. what exactly is your problem here?

Oct 28 - 05:43 AM


Joseph Guiliano

i don't get it? are you trying to insinuate why make another spider-man movie? maybe, because there are millions of fans and the first two were fantastic and people would love to see another great spider-man movie to make up for a dissapointing third part. what exactly is your problem here?

Oct 28 - 05:43 AM


Joseph Guiliano

yet you felt the need to comment on a spider-man post.

Oct 28 - 05:45 AM


Neil Butler

I don't blame Sam Raimi for the disappointment that was "Spider-Man 3". I blame the producers (for wanting to stuff as much as possible into it) and a fairly lousy script by Ivan Raimi. I'll follow Sam to the end of the world.

Oct 28 - 09:52 AM


Joseph Guiliano

amen brother! raimi is a great director and did a great job with the first two and obviously he and sony know they blew it with the third one. they seem to be doing the right thing to get the series back on track. with a fresh writer, with a new perspective
i have no problem with raimi directing another one or at least being involved in a production sense. he obviously loves the character passionately and wants to do the right thing by him, so i say to everyone lay off the guy and lets see what happens next.

Oct 28 - 10:01 AM


Dave Holman

The third film was gash .. i got 1 and 2 on dvd, i love watching them and all the extras now and then BUT, I'm not parting with my money for the CR*P love story i was dragged through at the cinema .

Oct 28 - 10:36 AM

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