Sam Raimi Awaits Spider-Man 4 Script

Will the pieces come together for another go-round?

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As the founder of Ghost House Pictures, Sam Raimi is happy to focus on his producer duties for the release of 30 Days of Night. But, of course, everybody wants to know about Spider-Man 4, so he was prepared to address that inevitable question. The answer: He is currently awaiting an assignment, which is in turn dependent on a script.

"I'm not contracted to do Spider-Man 4," said Raimi. "I think that will depend on a lot of things. Sony would have to ask me to do it and the story would have to work. So I don't think I know the answer to that right now except it would be great because I love Spider-Man."

Raimi has not totally abstained from development, but the Spidey producers are ultimately in charge. "Right now Sony is meeting with different writers to try and bring a fresh new story and approach to the Spider-Man franchise. I've been in meetings with Avi Arad and Laura Ziskin, our producers, and Amy Pascal, and different writers have been coming in and spinning different tales of where Spider-Man could go from here. Whatever it is, I'm sure it'll be a great story. A lot of people are working very hard on a really good story right now."

With Tobey Maguire attached to Robotech, that could mean recasting. Raimi, however, would not speak for the actor. "I don't want to speculate for Tobey but it sounds like that's a cool series he's in. I actually don't know what that would mean."