Sam Raimi Awaits Spider-Man 4 Script

Will the pieces come together for another go-round?

As the founder of Ghost House Pictures, Sam Raimi is happy to focus on his producer duties for the release of 30 Days of Night. But, of course, everybody wants to know about Spider-Man 4, so he was prepared to address that inevitable question. The answer: He is currently awaiting an assignment, which is in turn dependent on a script.

"I'm not contracted to do Spider-Man 4," said Raimi. "I think that will depend on a lot of things. Sony would have to ask me to do it and the story would have to work. So I don't think I know the answer to that right now except it would be great because I love Spider-Man."

Raimi has not totally abstained from development, but the Spidey producers are ultimately in charge. "Right now Sony is meeting with different writers to try and bring a fresh new story and approach to the Spider-Man franchise. I've been in meetings with Avi Arad and Laura Ziskin, our producers, and Amy Pascal, and different writers have been coming in and spinning different tales of where Spider-Man could go from here. Whatever it is, I'm sure it'll be a great story. A lot of people are working very hard on a really good story right now."

With Tobey Maguire attached to Robotech, that could mean recasting. Raimi, however, would not speak for the actor. "I don't want to speculate for Tobey but it sounds like that's a cool series he's in. I actually don't know what that would mean."



b x

wow no haters i can not believe it hopefully there all out with there faggit boyfriends

Oct 27 - 01:57 PM

Young Turk

Joe Massino

???? This isn't the Halo boards buddy..chill out.

Oct 27 - 09:52 PM


First Last

I have a feeling they could actually seriously improve on the franchise with this movie. All they have to do is realize how much people didn't like the third one. I actually did like it, but I think they could definitely do better.

Oct 27 - 02:18 PM


Eric Schulze

There is some good news from this, the story can only get better.

Oct 27 - 02:27 PM


Mark Lopez

I was the biggest Raimi/Spider-man fan out there, but I really don't get how ppl liked the third movie. The dance sequence was a retread of the 'no more spider-man' sequence from the last movie, we had the same lamo Mary Jane in distress climax, Venom got shafted, and the entire move was plagued with contrivance. I'm not a hater; I loved SM2, but I really hated the third. So yeah, please Raimi, stay away from 4.

Oct 27 - 02:29 PM


Arend Anton

Wait, wait, wait. They're actually going to write a script this time???

Oct 27 - 03:09 PM


First Last

Less villians... please. SM3 could have been good... if they wouldn't have tried to do 3 movies in 1. Venom deserves his own movie, but since that was ruined hopefully they can do a carnage movie and not mess it up.


Oct 27 - 03:12 PM


Ballsack Enormous

carnage carnage CARNAGE!

Oct 27 - 03:26 PM


Anthony Perez

1 villan is good, 2 villains is standard, 3 was a bad idea. Raimi has never had 2 strikes in a row. let him do it, he'll get it right.

Oct 27 - 03:31 PM


Jason Schaber

I agree that Venom did deserve his own movie he only got maybe about 10-15 minutes in SM3.I don't think that there is any way that they can bring him back now with the way they ended the 3td movie.So hopefully this time around they will make up for it when they bring Carnage in he was badass in the comics so hopefully they will follow through with thar in the movie.I have a feeling that we will be waiting a lot longer for this spider man movie then we had with the other ones.........Oh well we will wait and see.

Oct 27 - 04:12 PM

blank blank

bob jones

nothing against raimi, but i think the missteps of sp3 means its time for a whole new team. new director, new actors. raimi, mcguire, et al had a good run on spiderman, but i'd like to see them move on to other projects, and give another talented team a chance to bring us a different take on the material.

Oct 27 - 04:14 PM


Tommy Savor

I only saw the first one. I could care less if they make 60 of them.

Oct 27 - 04:17 PM


Conehead 2188

I don't really understand why people liked Venom so much...or Carnage for that matter.

Carnage is basically just Venom doing an impersonation of The Joker. And even Venom is sort of the equivalent of Bizzarro to Spiderman. Even the idea of the "black suit" is contrived from red kryptonite. I don't see anything classic or compelling in these characters. They just look cool and have good one-liners.

Don't get me wrong. I love Spiderman 1 & 2, they were some of the best comic-movies out there. But 3 was just terrible in so many ways.

Oct 27 - 04:20 PM


Anthony Perez

actually, they could still do venom, doc connors still has the sample, but raimi won't do venom again.

Oct 27 - 04:24 PM

Mr. Jamal Everette Foxx

Nick Zinghini

I don't like any of the Spidey films, so I really don't care.

Oct 27 - 04:42 PM


Kenneth Linck

So why are you posting? You may as well say "I have nothing to say."

Any thoughts on a potential new Spidey actor? I think that Topher Grace--yes, Eddie Brock in Spidey 3--would have been a better choice from the outset. As fine as Maguire was, I never saw Peter Parker portrayed as being so...doughy.

Oct 27 - 07:48 PM


Joseph Guiliano

yet you felt the need to comment on a spider-man post.

Oct 28 - 05:45 AM


Robert Hamer

Hmmm, I wonder what comic book story-arc they would adapt for the fourth film?

Oct 27 - 04:43 PM

blank blank

bob jones

the next villain has to be lizard. they should make him the only villain in this one, and really flesh him out.

Oct 27 - 05:17 PM


Snipes .

I for one don't want Raimi anywhere near Spidey 4 he did enough the screw up the last film and he shouldn't be given a second chance.

Oct 27 - 05:34 PM


Chris Livesay

As much as id like a new director, I hope raimi gets back behind the camera. With so many movies like terminator 3 and 4, xmen 3, etc getting subpar directors and ending up as crap, I dont want that to happen again. I honestly dont believe spiderman 3 was only raimis fault though he did screw up a bit, I dont think hes lost his touch completely.

Oct 27 - 05:34 PM

Some guy you dont know

Bruce Campbell

Raimi didn't ruin 3. The producers did.

And if I hear one more person complain how bad 3 was... I'm gonna' listen to it very annoyed.

Oct 27 - 05:37 PM


Keith Ottman

bruce ! my sentiments exactly. would like to think you are are YOU, but agree, anyway!

Nov 1 - 12:53 PM


Alec G

"the story would have to work"

Really, Sam? Really?
Did Emo Peter work?
Did introducing Gwen Stacy and then not killing her off work?
Did having Peter STILL not marry Mary Jane work?
Did having Venom sound like a frat boy work?
Did a Saturday Night Fever dance scene work?
Did the lack of anything engaging, interesting, or worth putting on film work?
No, no they did not.

Oct 27 - 05:37 PM

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