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Yes, Spirited Away is a triumph of imagination, but it's also a failure of storytelling.

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Eric Bollin

Failure of a critic.

Jul 30 - 02:02 PM


Dan Treppel

I never thought I'd say this... but your opinion is incorrect

Sep 10 - 09:44 PM


Denis Schroeder

I know exactly what you mean, nameivom. I agree. The storytelling in Spirited Away is amazing! So unlike anything we're used to in most animated features, but the way the story enfolds itself is wonderfully balanced!

Just think of the scene in the train which is an amazing couter-part to all the colourful events that took place just beforehand.

Aug 3 - 09:23 AM

Jesse Melat

Jesse Melat

Everyone's entitled to their opinion, but that doesn't mean they're entitled to be right.

Apr 16 - 05:18 AM


Derrick Sakai

The storytelling in Spirited Away was amazing, you dick!

Jul 2 - 04:46 PM


Trevor Cameron

Are you freaking serious?! the story was told through the imagination you dumbass! it was told through all of its imagery!

you fail at your job

Aug 13 - 03:47 PM


gregory smith


Aug 24 - 05:56 AM


Colin C

Great another Critic lacking the intelligence to understand the plot.

Oct 3 - 12:43 AM

luke h.

luke herrling

I agree with all the statements. If you get the story then the storytelling is a success.

Oct 26 - 09:15 PM

Rachel C.

Rachel Cole

There was nothing freeform about it, it's called mythology. All of the characters were mythological figures, and so were most of the elements of the story, including the format. If you thought that it was boring and lacked a plot, then you should turn off Mission Impossible 1500 and go read a book without pictures, preferably one about Japanese mythology...or really any myth or fairy tale from any culture on the planet.

In addition to being gorgeous, I thought that it re-introduced the old-fashioned folklore that we have lost because we shelter our kids with Disney happyface song-and-dance garbage that passes for fairy tale.

Jan 5 - 11:42 AM

Brett T.

Brett Thornbury

The storytelling lies to be mysterious, leaving us to feel for Chihiro. We see weird, if not, creepy things that she faces to save her parents, including herself, and with the help of someone else to guide her.

How is that a failure? There's no plot holes, there's no errors in mind, and the story is actually a twist unlike the other setups where the child's separated, yet they're rescued.

Think about that.

Jul 15 - 07:01 PM

Jong P.

Jong Park

So, this guy enlongated "It was boring" into seven paragraphs, much like all of the other critics that gave a rotten rating.

I never really knew "It was boring" would be considered criticism, especially when they don't provide a good reason why they thought so, and rather, just saying, "It just didn't appeal to me. For some reason, I found myself bored."

I can infer what type of taste in movies this "critic" has, especially when he says, "But not a single minute of the middle section stuck in my mind."

He's probably referring to the scenes where Chihiro cleans out the stink spirit, or where she discovers a bloody Haku in the form of a dragon, or where a giant No Face chases Chihiro throughout the bathhouse, wreaking all havoc.

Indeed, if this "critic" wasn't freakin' sleeping through it all, I'd say that there weren't enough guns, blood, and explosions in this movie to keep his childish tastes satisfied.

I'd understand a critic giving a rotten rating if the movie was seriously flawed, but "boring" scenes shouldn't be considered a flaw. It's impossible, even for Miyazaki, to keep every single member of the audience on the edge of their seats throughout every second of the movie (like it did to me).

Jul 20 - 01:36 PM

Amanda M.

Amanda Mosha

After watching Ponyo I was looking back at other reviews of Miyazaki's work, and I find what people criticize him of very odd... If you don't get it, you shouldn't criticize it. For example I do not get country music, so I really don't say anything good or bad about it because anything I would say is just personal reactions/feelings rather than intelligent analysis and reflection... His stories are a little different than what we are used to watching in the states, and I think the most important element of this film is character development and relationships. Anyway, this movie makes me happy and cozy. yay for happy and cozy.

Aug 14 - 09:25 PM

J Y.

J Yun

MY GOD ARE YoU AN BAKA?!?!?! Sprited Away represents a 'godly' version of a .... EVEN IF I SAY THIS You WILL STILL BE A BAKA AND NOT KNOW A SiNGLe THING!!!

Sep 18 - 10:29 PM

brandon r.

brandon ro

Idiot. Apparently you have no brain. You are an absolute FAIL.

Oct 22 - 04:10 PM


rory morrison


Dec 7 - 11:31 PM


rory morrison


Jan 3 - 07:20 AM


Dig Bick


Feb 9 - 11:48 AM

Jackie C.

Jackie Cross

It doesn't fail, you just either failed to grasp it or it just isn't your type.

Don't attribute your personal distaste to a great film like this.

Feb 11 - 02:12 PM

atte l.

atte laivamaa

why are you guys ruining 100% Tomato Meter?! i mean WTF!? go kill yourself! this was a great masterpiece! >:(

Mar 6 - 03:13 AM

Pauline C.

Pauline Cohen

I hate it when a clueless critic stops a fantastic film from getting the 100% it deserves. It pisses me off...>:(

May 13 - 07:59 PM

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