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Think you're too hip for Japanese anime about a lost ten-year-old girl whose parents turn into snorting pigs? Get over it.

August 14, 2007 | Comments (18)
Rolling Stone
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Matt Gibbs

ya =)

Jul 15 - 10:17 PM


Max P

Seriously. I really hate that stereotype anime holds. We can all think Naruto and related tripe for it. But fortunately we've got directors like Miyazaki to help stip that away.

Nov 14 - 01:33 PM

Adam Henry

Adam Henry

It is more then Naruto, and it is more then just stereotyping.
But I'm avoiding mindfields. So all I will say is Ghibli is the only object in japanese media I will vouch for so far.
And that is sad; It being such a culture for entertainment (at least as it seems to be).

Jun 18 - 08:36 PM


Aaron Yovanovits

Its actually a little known fact that anime is belittled in Japan as well. Its not considered "high art" or whatever.

Sep 12 - 07:51 PM

Dean Hamlin

Dean Hamlin

Akira Kurosawa? Satoshi Kon? You probably shouldn't judge any culture's media solely by products for adolescents. Especially if you aren't a teenager yourself.

Sep 23 - 05:42 PM

Thomas De Greeve

Thomas De Greeve

I'm hoping to use this movie to change my Dad's perception of anime.
I watched "Yu-Gi-Oh!" and "Pokemon" when I was a kid, and it's given him a negative impression. XC

Apr 18 - 09:04 AM


Daniel Rubano


Dec 12 - 02:43 PM

Rodney S.

Rodney Sibert

how can you be hip and NOT see this film?

Feb 20 - 07:59 AM

Mr. Dufresne

Chip McNair

I just watched this movie, and WOW, are you guys correct!

Jul 28 - 09:05 AM

Matt S.

matt stewart

Well said review. Exactly what I thought.

Aug 23 - 05:18 PM


Nolan Bruce

The rare review from Peter Traverse where I agree with what he says.

Aug 29 - 06:19 PM


Joshua Dinsmore

I used to be one of those guys, but then I saw Miyazaki's works of art and I was clown away. Well said Travers.

May 13 - 10:00 PM


Joshua Dinsmore

*blown away. :P

Jul 8 - 12:29 AM

Joe Barone

Joe Barone

your the man now dog

Sep 11 - 04:49 PM


Cassidy Smith

Well freakin' said!

Dec 17 - 07:46 PM

Josh Leitzel

Josh Leitzel

I like this guy. :)

Jul 23 - 06:02 AM

Brian Spiekerman

Brian Spiekerman

I don't mean to be a negative presence, but I wasn't too crazy about this movie. In my opinion, Coraline, a stop-motion film with a similar premise, is much better.

Aug 3 - 11:07 PM

Dean Hamlin

Dean Hamlin

Your presence should be expected - Spirited Away got a 95%, not 100%, after all.

Sep 20 - 06:56 PM

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