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Something akin to a Japanese Alice Through the Looking Glass, except that it seems to take itself far more seriously.

September 25, 2002 Full Review Source: SPLICEDWire | Comments (21)



matt barba

There always has to be one rotten tomatoe to try and spoil the bunch! He even praises other works by the director - come on!

Mar 19 - 09:12 AM


m z

You're something akin to a moron.

May 24 - 08:18 PM


Jaja Jaja

N720MF is correct!

Jun 3 - 06:13 PM


Bobby Brown

How is 3/4 a rotten rating?

Jul 19 - 11:45 AM


Colin C

I think this critic is too thick to understand the deep purpose that this film has.

Oct 3 - 12:31 AM

Jesse Melat

Jesse Melat

Wondering that myself...he _does_ praise it, even though he had problems with the film. 3/4 is Rotten? How does this happen? And is this truly his fault or..?

Apr 16 - 05:20 AM


Eric Bollin

Jul 30 - 02:00 PM


Trevor Atwood

Aug 4 - 11:31 PM


Dan Treppel

So... you are mad that it has a point

Sep 10 - 09:43 PM


Lee Holloway

Oct 18 - 03:38 PM


Gen Rocks

so you didn't like the movie because it's original? you're a moron.

Nov 26 - 03:49 PM


Trevor Cameron

How is that a bad thing? Your review doesn't make any sense!

Aug 13 - 03:50 PM


gregory smith

because this film is not a joke like your f***** review s***head

Aug 24 - 06:00 AM

Gareth D.

Gareth Davis

Thank you, N720MF, you saved me the trouble of insulting him.

Jun 3 - 04:51 PM

Calvin L.

Calvin Lapointe

Mr. "Blackwelder", you're taking the movie too seriously - in an idiotic way which makes you sound stupid. Too serious in a way in which you can't even understand or appreciate a simple, ingenious and imaginative storyline from one of the world's greatest directors of all time.

Jul 31 - 01:00 PM

Calvin L.

Calvin Lapointe

Here is a quote from him. "Maybe I just don't "get" anime."

Or maybe you don't get the anim-ation.

Jul 31 - 01:06 PM

Marty G.

Marty Griffin

If you want to be taken seriously as a critic it is important to get characters' names right. It's Haku not Huku,
Yubaba not Yuban. It's idiots like you that give critics a bad name.

Nov 29 - 09:22 AM

Gabriel N.

Gabriel Nguyen

You spent your childhood in a pit right?
S**t head!
This is the best anime that's ever been made.

Dec 19 - 02:20 PM

Hector Gonzalez

Hector Gonzalez

not akin at all my friend. it IS a world of imagination but there's where the similarities end

Aug 1 - 12:25 AM

Vaibhav Sharma

Vaibhav Sharma

go fuck yourself

Aug 3 - 02:09 AM

Shaina Erika Seki

Shaina Erika Seki

Oh wow, it's one of the 4 assholes that gave this a negative review.
You know guys, he's somewhat akin to a good critc, only he seems to take buttfucking himself far more seriously than giving this movie the good review that it deserves.

Aug 10 - 06:58 PM

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