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Sorry, y'all -- I give up.

November 3, 2002 Full Review Source: Film Snobs | Comments (32)
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Joseph Tomlinson

Did you take this movie seriously at all?

Sep 8 - 07:56 PM


Dan Treppel

Are you even a critic, or just some moron who like the smell of his own farts?

Sep 10 - 09:47 PM


gregory smith

right your a film snob dick

Aug 24 - 05:57 AM


Colin C

You went to see Jackass right after that?

Wow, that really does explain what kind of person you are.

I bet you didn't even see the entire movie.

Oct 3 - 12:38 AM


goom y

seriously, this movie is amazing. a work of art. and you saw JACKASS with it?

Jan 4 - 09:50 PM

luke h.

luke herrling

It's supposed to be surrealistic. the creatures aren't supposed to make sense sometimes, making it dreamlike, or a world that couldn't possibly exist.

Oct 26 - 09:21 PM


Frisby 2007

You critiques are as stupid as Robert Ebert's. Did you seriously say y'all.

Mar 7 - 02:26 PM

Aaron R.

Aaron Roach

This review should not be on this site! With little reference to Spirited Away and a load of Bollocks about Jackass, it doesn%u2019t make any sense to me. There are 2 other Rotten reviews that give fair reasons for not enjoying the film, but this crap doesn%u2019t bother to explain itself.

Jul 9 - 01:03 AM

brandon r.

brandon ro

I bet you didnt finish the movie.Do you think your too cool for animation?You are a fail at your job.

Oct 22 - 04:15 PM

brandon r.

brandon ro

Also,I think I forgot to mention in my other comment that YOU ARE A RACIST IDIOT.

Oct 22 - 04:20 PM


Tanmaya Raul

I read this review and I'm shocked that such a pathetic, senseless review has been included in Rotten Tomatoes!! This is ridiculous!

Dec 31 - 02:13 AM


Prakarn Rajcharoensuk

I feel very sorry for him for not getting it. Hope someday you will appreciate this film.

Jun 19 - 01:18 AM

Calvin L.

Calvin Lapointe

A complete failure -

At least he admits it. Quote: "Sorry, y'all -- I give up." Well, it's alright Mr. Himes, you'll like it more at Walmart. Just keep a happy face - someday you might learn to appreciate true works of art on the very shelves of Walmart with MIYAZAKI before the title.

Jul 31 - 12:54 PM

Lerichem D.

Lerichem Dofal

If you give up, how can you give a meaningful review. If you had tried to give a review, then okay, you can give up on expressing your view, but you say "Sorry, y'all." Sorry for what? You gave a movie a mediocre score because of your lack of effort.

Aug 6 - 10:34 PM

Rupert M.

Rupert Masefield

Based on the evidence of this 'review' I find myself agreeing with you- you should give up.

Aug 15 - 04:02 AM

Aidan M.

Phantom Moore

Jeeez you cannot put this at the beginning of a review:

Weird Imagery
Balls and Assholes"

Then expect to be taken seriously!
If it's that easy to get on here I would like to submit by three year old cousin's crayon scribbles seeing as they have more standing, integrity and believability than any of your reviews. Yes I actually braved some more of them, complete and utter bollocks.

Nov 6 - 10:00 AM

Jeremy R.

Jeremy Rasmussen

Unlike the rest of you pretentious hipsters, I completely agree with Stephen Himes' critique of this film. It was awful; plain and simple, and no amount of straw grabbing or going on about social undertones will make me think otherwise. The movie makes no sense and has an almost incomprehensible plot (the perfect formula for an awful movie). And please spare me the "You just don't understand what Miyazaki was trying to express" bologna, because neither do you. This is just a perfect example of the king, or perhaps emperor, wearing no clothes.

Nov 7 - 06:16 AM

Marty G.

Marty Griffin

Jeremy R., This was the first Miyazaki film I ever saw. I was completely taken in from the first minute. I had no idea who miyazaki was at the time but I liked this film better than any I had seen before. I just watched the movie again 2 days ago and realized how strongly I identify with Chihiro.

Nov 29 - 09:00 AM


Brandon Carrigan

"Unlike the rest of you pretentious hipsters..."

Wait a minute. The people that liked a well-liked, critically acclaimed film are the "pretentious hipsters"?

Let's ignore the fact that this review manages to say about jack shit about the actual film.

Let's see, he opens by complaining that it had 100% on here. He then spends a paragraph explaining the first scenes of the movie and deduces the pigs her parents turn into MUST BE AMERICAN ONES.

His final paragraph about this movie starts with him whining about stereotypes he thought he saw. Then he moves into mentioning 4 totally unrelated films for very little actual reason (Hurr, the spirit looked like the guy in Scream). He finishes by talking about South Park.

You can't ramble on like a retard for 3 paragraphs, forget to talk about the film at hand and then expect people to take your review seriously. If this review was any more pretentious and off-topic I would've thought Armond White wrote it.

Feb 27 - 04:37 PM

Shaina Erika Seki

Shaina Erika Seki

Jeremy R., spare us the "I know what I'm talking about, I'm soooooooo fucking awesome" bologna.

I'm sure the "pretentious hipster" top critics here that gave the film such a high rating know far more than you, and so I'm sure that they know what Miyazaki is trying to express, or at the very least, can wrap their minds with their own thoughts on this cinematic masterpiece who's meaning obviously eluded your simple brain.
It's "incomprehensible" to the minority of people like you, key word being incomprehensible, showing that yes, you're just absolutely too stupid to get it.

Sir, go pull Stephen Himes' finger and both of you can "smell your own farts," since I'm sure Neanderthals like you enjoy such tasteless activities.

Aug 10 - 06:51 PM

The Douginator

Douglas Carr

Fool, you can't handle the power of JAPANAMATION

Nov 18 - 10:54 AM


Gabby Wabby

Seems not liking either Anime or this director is up there with kicking babies or laughing at disabled people - only worse! I'm with you sir. But it seems this movie is the Emperor's New Clothes - no one is game enough to not 'love it and say it's the best animated movie of all time' - which it's not. Not at all.

Mar 25 - 12:07 AM


Narakmelon -

Well, not liking anime can be forgiven. But yes, not liking Miyazaki is just about up there with kicking babies. In fact, I don't like babies.

Apr 17 - 09:26 PM

Will B.

Will Bradford

THANK YOU! This was one of the shittiest films I've ever seen. Also probably the most overrated one.

Jun 30 - 07:44 AM

Jonathan S.

Jonathan Sicard

you overlook the fact that the review is garbage- just because you agree with the critic.

Jul 12 - 09:54 PM

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