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In the wake of a great battle that ravages planet Earth, mankind begins establishing colonies on other planets and chaos reigns. The government has been destroyed, and rogue colonies are preying on the innocent. With the future of our entire civilization hanging in the balance, the fight for the future begins. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovimore
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy
Directed By:
Written By: Carlos Pérez
On DVD: Nov 3, 2009


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In the last few seconds of the film, the ships navigator turns to his captain and says, "I didn't think it could get much worse", the captain then responds, "It looks like it just did".

This pretty much sums up the rest of the movie for me...

I have watched many b-movies in my day. This long and embarrassing list includes but is not limited to: Moby Dick 2010, Fireball, Dragon Wars, and Fire & Ice: The Dragon Chronicles.

With that said, I have never in my life seen a movie remotely as bad as this. I can't even say the "acting" was bad, because what is portrayed in this film, is NOT acting.

If balance is a necessary component in assuring the future stability of the film industry, then I guess Star Quest: The Odyssey is necessary. If not, then I have no other explanation as to why it currently sits on the shelf of my local Blockbuster Video store.

Darth Caedus
Daniel Quintana

No plot, pitiful acting, bad sets, worse costuming. In short, Painful! And that's it's best qualities!

I thought I had seen some bad movies before, but this one makes the
worst of them look like academy award material. I feel like I got
robbed of a dollar by Redbox.

OK, it's a B movie but give me a break. I can understand cheap sets and
costumes, but the crew looked like they were wearing ill fitting
pajamas from an outlet mall that only sells seconds. It looked like
there was a large magnifying glass as part of the back of the captain's
chair which would have made sitting a real blast. The part Klingon,
part human cyborg wore walking casts for boots. The connections from
the ship to the cyborg for regeneration were a big mess of loose
telephone cable wires. You are kidding me right?

One review said this was a family film. The only way I would classify
this as a family film is if they meant it was made by a family of
children as the production team. It appears to have been: 1. written by
a 10 year old; 2. directed by a 9 year old; 3. produced by an 8 year
old; 4. filmed by a 7 year old; 5. edited by a 6 year old; and 6.
financed by a 5 year old's allowance.

I nearly wet my pants at the end when when the helmsmen said "I didn't
think it could get any worse." He should have said that line at the
beginning and saved time I will never get back in my life.

I did, however, laugh hysterically as my sister read all 4 pages of the
reviews, one of which was submitted by someone claiming to be a member
of the 9 person cast of actors who should be barred permanently from
the acting profession. To call what they did acting would be an affront
to the entire film and television industry.

If I really wanted to torture my students it would be a toss up between
showing this, or making them listen to Mrs. Miller sings the Beetles.
Naaaaaaah this wins hands down.

Elaine B.
Elaine Blevins

I do really like Si-Fi movies especially ones about space. But wow this movie was bad on so many levels. My bias is the only reason it even gets half a star. This is easily one of the worst movies I have ever seen and that's saying a lot. The fight scenes were much worse than fake amateur wresteling. The space animation and special efects look like something an 90's community collage dropout came up with. The acting was spectacularly amaizingly BAD. All of the set designs and props looked like they were built from junkyard and garge sale finds. The story was unoriginal and they clearly stol 99% of their ideas from other shows & movies like Star Trek. Even the writing was cheesy & must have been done by someome with some sort of mental deficancy.

BigMoneyBruce .

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