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Thanks for the memories; let's leave it at that

January 11, 2010 Full Review Source: JWR | Comments (8)


Tyler W.

Tyler White

This guy literally rips on so many good movies just get out of here

Feb 5 - 12:03 PM


john jones

tyler is obviously 20, into good coke, and thinks micheal bay is gods gift to visionary filmmaking. although i was confused by your review as it looks wishy washy on like or dislike lol. i thought john cho was terrible as sulu as was zaldana as uhurah and pine as spock. the problem is is abrams tried to make a star wars and is not a fan of trek and this apeals to 20 year olds who have never seen star trek (almost anyone over 25 who loves st hates the reboot).
the music to this is so god awful horrid i cant recommend it on that alone. they keep ruining franchise after deep space nine by making star trek actiony, star trek is a thinker scifi fan, not an action scifi fan. great alegorical stories are what makes star trek, not space explosions. the cast is not up to par, partialy everyone looks to young (everyone in original classic star trek notice is 30 , kirk looks the youngest at maybe 28 (bones,scotty,nimoy were much much older). also uhurah's british ethiopean great accent helped bring her notice wich zaldana has none.
the only moral to this movie is "if a guy kills your dad and homeworld, you kick his ass" wich is contrary to the philosophy of embracing peace,exploration and science and seeing violence as a mistake (even after killing kruge in st III we spend a whole movie on kirk dealing with it). characters are badly written (kirk acts like bones even saying bones lines) with few humor moments (thier was alot of bonding and humor between kirk,spock,bones in classic trek besides the bickering). this is not my star trek. not even close. go back to watching transformers 3, i'll stick to an older generation of movies that doesnt rip off a better generation of film.

Mar 30 - 01:54 AM


Aaron Thomas

"into good coke"? I think you need to go outside for a bit night gamer. I'm sorry I have to be the one to tell you this, but you are indeed a nerdy douchebag

May 8 - 03:01 PM


john jones

calling someone into star trek nerdy. i think your a douchebag that obviously doesnt get trek or hasnt visited a star trek convention. LOL. this is star trek for dumb jocks. I'm laying 20 down you havent watch star treks I-10 either. reboot fanboys are angry obnoxious fodder. your comment just proved a point. thank you for your criticism. I consider it a compliment ^_^. i think you need to go drive somewhere and count to 1,523,988,233. LOL.

Oct 19 - 02:59 PM


john jones

and numbskull, nerds are not into coke, that was sarcasm, douchebag.

Oct 19 - 06:59 PM

Radio Roger

Mike Bechtol

Many of this critic's points are valid, but most are very weak. This film has done just the opposite of what this critic believes. The new "Star Trek" has bridged the generational gap. It has met with the approval of this Star Trek fan who watched the original series in black and white in the 60's. It has certainly maintained the spirit of the entire franchise. It is attractive to a new generation, and it leaves us all wanting more. I can't wait until the next installment... and I know my kids will watch it with me.

Sep 9 - 06:16 PM

Alan Funkle

Alan Funkle

the new star trek hasnt bridged the generation gap, all of its fanbase are reboot fanboys that think visionary filmmaking is g.i. joe and transformers 2. cmon this film is geared for 18-25 year olds that havent seen star trek. its star trek for dumb jocks.

Oct 19 - 02:49 PM

Sylvester S.

Sylvester Stallone


Sep 22 - 08:38 PM

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