Rumor Repeat: James McAvoy Is Star Trek XI's Scotty?

Like Carly Simon said, it's coming around again.

Apparently, we've been spinning rumors about Star Trek XI for so long that they're starting to come around again: In a repeat of a series of reports from January, we're hearing (via the Sunday Mirror) that J.J. Abrams has found his Scotty -- and it's The Chronicles of Narnia's James McAvoy.

This rumor was debunked the first time it surfaced, but the Mirror quotes "a movie insider" as saying:

"James was up against some famous names. Everyone's delighted to have him on board."

Case closed, right? Not a bad choice for the role, right? Not so fast. IGN Movies, remembering the age-old maxim "Fool me once, shame -- shame on you; fool me -- you can't get fooled again," has done a little investigative reporting of its own. And according to IGN's sources, the seven-month delay hasn't made the McAvoy rumor true. From the article:

Unfortunately, it seems like the resurrected rumor is still untrue. reports, "A spokesperson at McAvoy's publicist's office contacted to say 'James McAvoy is not attached to the Star Trek project.' When pressed for more info the spokesperson could not give any more details."

One actor we're 100% sure will be in Star Trek XI is Zachary Quinto, who will be playing young Spock -- and while all this McAvoy speculation has been swirling around, Quinto has found the time to deal some genuine dish on the sequel. This is an admittedly minor detail, but if you're a Trek fan who has been thinking of vacationing in Iceland, you may want to just go ahead and buy those tickets. According to USA Today:

In November, [Quinto] will check out of Heroes to beam aboard Trek's 85-day shoot. He says 11 stages have been built on the Paramount lot, and two weeks will be spent shooting in Iceland.

The best news of all? Star Trek XI doesn't open until Christmas 2008. We're going to hear a lot more of these reports.

Source: IGN Movies
Source: USA Today



sputnik 99

I don't know if I like this. I always assumed that the group met on the Enterprise. Now the entire background is being changed. It almost sounds like everyone graduated the same year from Starfleet Academy--including Spock. So, even though Spock was on Captain Pike's crew, he and Kirk were old school chums before they linked up on the Enterprise? Why did Kirk become Captain before everybody else? And what about McCoy? You can't tell me that old fart was at the academy at the same time as Kirk.

Too screwed up.

But I'll still see it! Sigh.

Aug 21 - 12:50 PM


Kimberly Gibson

I have heard this rumor too! I have been checking different entertainment-related websites for any news. I hope it is true! I am a lifelong Star Trek fan. I am looking forward to the new characters and storyline for the prequel. I for one like the idea of younger characters. Maybe this prequel will attract a new generation of Stat Trek fans. I would like them to delve into the backgrounds of the characters a little bit more. I would like to know more about their backgrounds. I have a lot of the Trek novelizations in my book collection and they have some details that they could perhaps add to the prequel. I am a huge fan of James McAvoy. I just saw "Becoming Jane" the week before last. I have seen the "Chronicles of Narnia" and "The Last King of Scotland" about 10 times each and I have both and DVD's in my collection. I just ordered "Starter for 10" on DVD. Scotty was always my favorite Star Trek character and I think Mr. McAvoy will do a fantastic job.

Aug 21 - 01:23 PM


Don Wright

In response to Sputnik99:
I didn't think it has been confirmed that the movie will have anything to do with Starfleet Academy. All I have heard is speculation.
But, even if it is happening at the academy, this is supposed to be a re-invention of Star Trek.

Aug 21 - 05:44 PM


Arend Anton

All I've really seen of McAvoy is The Last King of Scotland. For some reason, I really disliked his character in that I guess that makes me dislike him. But as I said I've only seen him in that film (which is a decent movie, if a bit contrived).

Aug 21 - 08:44 PM


Karen Caparelli

I think McAvoy is a poor choice and looks nothing like Scotty. I read that the son of James Doohan, Chris Doohan was up for the role. Much better choice and he looks just like him.

See for yourself at

Aug 23 - 04:32 PM

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