Garner Considers Alias Movie and Star Trek

Jennifer Garner gives props to the man who launched her career

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No sooner did Alias air its series finale than rumors started flying about a feature film. Jennifer Garner has moved on to film projects and soon Broadway, but she would revive Sydney Bristow under the right circumstances.

"If J.J. [Abrams] were writing it and directing it, then absolutely," she said. "I think we'd all sign on. I mean, it's all in his crazy brain. But I haven't heard. He certainly hasn't mentioned that to me but I'd be there."

Come on, Jen, throw your weight around. "I don't think it's really up to me."

Abrams is currently busy on another high profile project. Only preliminary casting announcements have been made for Star Trek, but Abrams always throws his regulars a bone. Garner would put on Vulcan ears for him if he wants.

"Absolutely. Anything J.J. asked me to do ever, that's a clear 'Don't even worry, the answer's yes.' I owe him."