First Pictures of Zachary Quinto as Young Spock!

Plus: The cast adds another member!

Say, none of you Star Trek fans would be interested in getting an early look at Zachary Quinto as Spock, would you?

Of course you would -- so mark down November 13, 2007 as the day we officially went from discussing reports and rumors surrounding Star Trek XI's cast to discussing pictures of the cast. JFX Online has delivered the first shots of Quinto with Vulcan ears, eyebrows, and bowl cut, and all you have to do to see 'em is click on the link below!

But this doesn't mean we're finished talking about additions to the cast; in fact, as TV Guide reports, Trek director J.J. Abrams is still expanding his onscreen crew. The latest member? Jennifer Morrison of the Fox series House. After quoting Abrams as saying Morrison "is indeed in the movie...and she is most excellent," the article goes on to say:

Although Abrams isn't divulging specifics about her character, he is denying Internet chatter that she's playing the Enterprise's glorified secretary (and Kirk's crush), Yeoman Rand - the role originated by Grace Lee Whitney. "She is not [playing Rand]," he says.

Source: JFX Online
Source: TV Guide



Zackary Downey

Looks good. Things are shaping up really well.

Nov 13 - 06:02 AM


Thaco Latveria

Why did they have to put their stupid logo right over his face? The picture is already hard to see as is. As for Zachary Quinto as spock: thumbs up.

Nov 13 - 06:31 AM


Jordan Siler

Lookin good.

Nov 13 - 07:07 AM

blank blank

bob jones

we all knew he looked alot like nimoy... its pretty uncanny with the hair and the ears though...

i believe that revamping star trek is just another one of hollywood's feeble attempts to make franchises. im sure abrams is putting all he's got into it, but trek is dead, just let it die already. sure there are all the trekkies, but i doubt this movie will make enough money to justify its reported 150 mil budget. i think even if it is a kick *** movie, it will struggke to make back its budget.

Nov 13 - 08:09 AM


Richard Hall

Mmm Spock. I always enjoyed the character so let's hope Quinto translates it well.

Nov 13 - 08:51 AM


idle one kenobi

Damn, thats UNCANNY! Perfect Spock, and i dissagree blankblank, Im not much of a Trek fan, but then again i was never really that into Bond neither till Casino Royal.

This film could Improve the Trek franchise. I am more interested in seing this than any other trek film.

Something new to the pallete is good. It worked with Batman, It worked with Bond!

I always thought Trek films had potential but for me it never delivered, the concept of Trek is brilliant, but the films and tv shows have always been diluted, boring and stale. This Revamp hopefully will give us a true Star Trek experience and a great adventure.

Spock looks flawless here, but i think its really riding on Kirk! Not sure why Simon Peggs in it though.

Nov 13 - 08:59 AM


The Outsider

Honestly, who thought it was a good idea to cast this guy? I do not see the resemblance that everyone seems to be raving about. If this is what is considered a perfect match and look-a-like to an established character, then I don't hold much hope for the rest of the cast, or the movie itself.

Nov 13 - 09:07 AM


Arend Anton

I don't expect a whole lot from this movie, but he looks a lot like Spock. Not sure why you don't see it.

Nov 13 - 10:55 AM


Brendan Sanchez

Hey Outsdr, if you don't see the resemblance you should look at the picture again; but this time wear your glasses.

Nov 13 - 11:37 AM


Andy Nix

I see where you're coming from. He looks like Spock and he doesn't look like Spock. It's one thing to take Wolverine, a character not on the big screen before and make him taller than he is and tone down his muscles, but it's another thing to take an established character from TV and Movies, someone who has been established in the mind's eye and change how he looks. Where Spock looked fit and thin, Zachary Quinto's Spock is just big all around. I'm not quite sure if I like it because I'm so used to seeing Leonard Nimoy as Spock. And why a Christmas release? To my knowledge those never make any money.

Nov 18 - 09:42 AM


Jim Huete

wow, nice job with the casting. thumbs up!!

Nov 13 - 09:49 AM


Arend Anton

I don't expect a whole lot from this movie, but he looks a lot like Spock. Not sure why you don't see it.

Nov 13 - 10:55 AM


Marcus Vazquez

He looks excellent as spock. Not to sure if i want to see the movie yet

Nov 13 - 11:13 AM


Brendan Sanchez

Hey Outsdr, if you don't see the resemblance you should look at the picture again; but this time wear your glasses.

Nov 13 - 11:37 AM


Robert Hamer

Wow, that looks really good!

Nov 13 - 12:21 PM


AJ Wiley

Wow, nice resemblance there.

Nov 13 - 02:45 PM


Arend Anton

Maybe Outsdr is using the braille version of the site.

Nov 13 - 03:46 PM


damv bat

does not look like spock, looks like that dude that came out the ship in first contact

Nov 13 - 05:15 PM


Harry Myland

He looks like a Vulcan, sure, but Spock? His face doesn't seem, I dunno, long enough? It's a lot rounder than Spock's.

Not that it really matters. At least they didn't make him blond or give his ears a curl or something. There aren't exactly a whole lot of people out there who can say they look like Leonard Nimoy.

I'm more of a fan of Next Generation, myself. Though, if I were really to be honest, I'd say that I think that both Star Wars and new kid Firefly are far better than this Trek stuff! :)

Nov 13 - 05:42 PM

johnny stone

john stone

looks so good it's creepy. there may be hope for this franchise after all.

Nov 13 - 06:15 PM


lance berry

I can sort of see the resemblance, but...perhaps it's the clothes he's wearing that make him look more like a Romulan?

Not looking forward to this film. Like Phantom Menace, Star Trek XI is a story that doesn't need to be told. Just like no one needed to know Darth Vader used to be a momma's boy with fear of loss issues instead of the righteous bad-*** he's supposed to be, I don't care how Kirk and Spock met. All I need to know is that they're best friends who would do anything for each other--you can't cram that type of life-shaping experience(HOW they became best friends) in a 2 hour movie. Just won't work. Abrams is going to screw the pooch so royally on this, its *** will hurt for years to come.

Nov 13 - 07:41 PM


Mike Saxton

Nobody knows what the story to Star Trek XI is yet, so stop making pre-judgements based on that. For all any of us know, it might be the greatest Star Trek story ever told. And who's to say ANY Star Trek movie's story doesn't need to be told after Voyage Home, Final Frontier, Insurrection, Nemesis, and ESPECIALLY Motion Picture (and I'm going to add in Generations because why did Kirk die? Nevermind.... didn't happen)? Phantom Menace didn't need to be told within that overall story, but Star Trek and Star Wars are incomparable in the ways that they tell their stories.

That being said, Quinto looks as good as anybody could; only the pickiest and Trekkiest can whine about that resemblance. He probably will look better in the classic blue Starfleet uniform because I always think of what he's wearing there as a Romulan outfit. So I have to say that while I'm impressed, I'm still skeptical and worried, but still excited. I really just can't wait to see Chris Pine as Kirk.

Nov 13 - 08:18 PM


Brian Gaul

Brandon Routh was cast as Superman because he bore a slight resemblance to Christopher Reeve but, to me, the resemblance was a distraction that constantly reminded me of how much better Reeve was in the role. Don't get me wrong: Routh did a fine job but Reeve did it better.

Here's hoping Quinto has better luck making the audience forget about Nimoy. Well... maybe not forget Nimoy but here's hoping he doesn't make the audience wish they were watching Nimoy.

Nov 14 - 04:01 PM

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