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Gordon Franklin Terry Sr

Gordon Terry

this, ladies and gentlemen, is actually STAR TREK III . . . without JJ ABRAMS as director. With JJ now working on STAR WARS VII, paramont is considering doing a STAR TREK 3 without JJ ABRAMS in the director's chair . . . this is it.

The script opens with Chase competing in a sailboat race against several other UESN cadets, and we see Chase demonstrate both the leadership and the cunning refusal to lose that we know so well from one James Tiberius Kirk. Unfortunately, while Tiberius is a brilliant pilot, he?s being held back by his family: he grew up among some hardcore Earth-first xenophobes, and the brass of UESN don?t trust him or intend to let him forget it. We meet several of Chase?s friends and peers over the course of script, but Chase is by far the major player, and it?s his actions ? and his disregard for the chain of command ? that eventually turns the tide in the brewing war between Earth and the attacking Romulans.

Four-hour Wolf of Wall Street edit to feature more sex and swearing
Martin Scorsese's comedy hit, already famous for its prodigious profanity and nudity, is to get a longer cut for its DVD release featuring extended versions of explicit scenes

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Ben Beaumont-Thomas, Wednesday 29 January 2014 05.05 EST
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Leonardo DiCaprio in The Wolf of Wall Street
Leonardo DiCaprio in The Wolf of Wall Street Photograph: Allstar/Paramount Pictures/Sportsphoto Ltd./Allstar

It may already be liberally seasoned with the f-word, and feature more naked breasts than your average copy of Nuts magazine, but The Wolf of Wall Street is set to become even more explicit for its DVD release.

The Wolf of Wall Street
Production year: 2013
Country: USA
Directors: Martin Scorsese
Cast: Jonah Hill, Leonardo DiCaprio, Matthew McConaughey
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As well as the three-hour theatrical version, there will also be a four-hour director's cut, featuring longer versions of various scenes. Speaking at the Director's Guild of America awards, its producer Riza Aziz said "the sex scenes run a little longer but nothing extreme", while fellow producer Joey McFarland added: "To be honest with you, the movie is not much different in its longer form, it's just longer versions of scenes."

Its director Martin Scorsese was forced to make cuts to his original film to avoid the NC-17 rating that would harm its commercial chances ? but the cut version still nevertheless has the second-highest number of f-words in a film, with the top spot taken by Fuck, a documentary about the word itself.
Link to video: The Guardian Film Show: The Wolf of Wall Street, Crystal Fairy and The Night of the Hunter

Aziz said that with an extra hour added on you could assume there would be 25% more instances of the f-word, but really it would be 33% more. Debate has been raging about exactly how many are uttered, with estimates ranging from 414 to 569, but the upshot is that Scorsese could potentially break the 750 mark with his four-hour marathon.

The theatrical version is a commercial success, with sellout showings across the UK and already over $220m taken at the global box office. It is nominated for five Oscars, including picture, director and actor. The awards ceremony takes place on 2 March.

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