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If only director Nicholas Meyer had grasped the implications of his tale more fully and enthusiastically, this might have become a classic piece of cornball SF poetry, but as it stands the tepid acting and one-set claustrophobia take a heavy toll.

June 5, 2007 Full Review Source: Chicago Reader | Comments (18)
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x c

you suck

Jun 15 - 08:41 PM


Anthony Basile

I have a feeling you rate every SFI movie the same way, you don't like them

Dec 15 - 12:41 PM


freezingicekirby Shafer

I respectfully disagree...

Jul 30 - 08:43 PM

Daniel B.

Daniel Burke

God just about every review you've ever put on RT is a ****ing joke. You're pathetic

Feb 3 - 06:35 AM

Daniel B.

Daniel Burke

I'm gonna comment again, just cos I hate everything about you - you are literally a ****.

Feb 23 - 12:02 PM


Jayson Deare

How the heck is this one paragraph review even considered here at Rotten Tomatoes. There is not a single objective critical argument in this piece of crap review. Larsen's reviews are better and that's not saying much. I have no idea how your even considered a top critic. Also Nicholas Meyer did grasp the tale which is why instead of being a classic piece of cornball Sci-Fi. It is a Sci-Fi classic the world over. Just stop reviewing Sci-Fi movies or at least take the time to explain objectively it's good and bad points.

May 16 - 06:16 AM

Max the Movie Kid

Max Chittock

What's the matter, Dave? Are these movies too GOOD for you?

Aug 21 - 12:11 PM


daniel forth

David you Party Pooper! D:<

Jul 14 - 01:13 AM

Nicholas S.

Nicholas Stamatovich

Get a new job, Dave. It's painfully obvious that you're not very good at this one.

Jan 29 - 10:56 AM

Michael M.

Michael Moan

Both of the critics from the Chicago Reader on this site look like the kind of guys I would expect to enjoy dressing up in flannel footsie pajamas and having pillow fights together. And their reviews... I appreciate the art-house spin on Hollywood to a point, but c'mon already.

Apr 6 - 01:34 PM

Mitch Outcast

Mitch Outcast

more like Top Prick

Jul 30 - 05:57 PM

Max Harkness

Max Harkness

well the tepid acting part is true, but i mostly disagree. Shatner is atrocious.

Aug 15 - 01:24 AM

Randy Shick

Randy Shick

One of the worst critics of all time, gave so many negative reviews to great films

Nov 30 - 07:24 PM

John Graber

John Graber

Don't like them don't review them and by that I mean actually science fiction movies that were good. Some of your comments could be turned around based on actual facts. How about your rate a bad movies like Titanic II or Sharktopus or Apollo 18?

Jan 13 - 06:29 PM

Zack Baseman

Zack Baseman

While I respectfully disagree with you, I do understand what you are saying to some degree. The film does feel like it takes place on one set, which it sort of does, but I don't think that subtracts anything from the movie, I think that gives it focus. I think the acting is great from all actors and the story is great. I understand your concerns but I still think this is a wonderful movie.

Feb 2 - 07:00 AM

Brendan Nicholls

Brendan Nicholls

typical idiot critics. this is why I only watch films based on the reviews of the audience.

May 13 - 02:00 AM

James Ventola

James Ventola

If only Critic Dave Kehr had grasped the movie more fully, he would understand the greatness of the movie.

Jul 31 - 06:10 PM

David Rf

David Rf

watch space seed then I bet you feel like a retard for that review because yeah you might not understand it but if you watch space seed from TOS you will understand the entire story.

Oct 8 - 02:38 PM

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