Has Abrams Found His Spock?

Not surprisingly, he found him on the small screen...

The guy's done a LOT of TV, but you'd probably remember him best from 24 or Heroes. And now it looks like the guy (Zachary Quinto is his name) has been tapped to play Spock in J.J. Abrams' Star Trek prequel.

According to Kristin over at E! Online, "squee" is the word of the day. At least regarding Quinto's contract to play Spock. Apparently she just scooped a pretty big piece of casting news. So squee away, Kristin.

I was saving Heroes for DVD and I just don't remember this actor from his stint on 24, so I'll leave it up to you guys: Is this guy right for Spock?

Oh c'mon. You didn't really think they were going to hire someone who looks like a young Leonard Nimoy, did you? That's just nutty.

Source: SqueE! Online


The Toe

Chris Hutchins

Pics? No? Well, god dammit.... *searches google*

Jul 25 - 12:29 PM


Perry Anderson

He looks pretty Vulcan to me.

Jul 25 - 12:32 PM

blank blank

bob jones

i agree completely the toe. RT needs to start posting pictures with its articles. it cant be that hard can it.

Jul 25 - 12:33 PM

Ghost Robot

Dan Smith

Its the guy who plays sylar.
I dunno he might be ok.

Jul 25 - 12:45 PM


Matanuki .


Jul 25 - 01:25 PM


Andy Grant

I read this in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette yesterday.

Jul 25 - 01:28 PM


frank ford

Perfect." No, not really.

Jul 25 - 02:02 PM


Steven Edwards

He looks quite a bit like Nimoy to me. He was on the third season of 24, where he played one of the CTU computer guys. He wasn't really used on the show much, just a way to help the plot move forward, you never learn a whole lot about his character. And then his character was mysteriously dropped after season three with no explanation. One of the only people to be on a whole season of 24, disappear, and have not died by my counts.

Jul 25 - 02:18 PM


Dan Howorth

Give him pointy eyebrows and a squint and he'll be perfect!
I never even would have considered him for the part.

Jul 25 - 02:46 PM


sputnik 99

Maybe not perfect, but...logical. =)

Jul 25 - 03:04 PM


Arend Anton

holy ****! i just looked him up and he sure has the eyebrows for him!

Jul 25 - 03:42 PM


Brian Lorenzo

Sylar playing Spock? Head opening fantasys await me.

Jul 25 - 04:54 PM


Snipes .

Yea he's alright...I'm still not into this whole prequel idea, I still think it's a huge mistake, it should be a new crew not a redo of Kirk.

Jul 25 - 06:20 PM


joe fish

Yes. Heroes rules. I really don't know where I'm going with this post.

Jul 25 - 08:39 PM


Daniel Lee

wow...who is he again?

Jul 25 - 11:32 PM


Jeremiah Rancourt

Great choice. Excited to see this new film. Hope they do as well for young Kirk (and that they include young Scottie too). I don't think every member of the original crew should be in this first prequel. (Leave out McCoy, Sulu, Chekov, and Uhura). Or if there is a McCoy, only as a cameo and expand on his relationship w/ Kirk in a later prequel.

Jul 26 - 05:42 AM


Paul Parker

I can see him as spock.

Jul 26 - 08:43 AM


Peter Griffin

Sylar as Spock..works for me

Jul 26 - 10:42 AM

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