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Star Trek III - The Search for Spock Reviews

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Super Reviewer

May 4, 2014
Third film in the Star Trek series picks up where the Wrath of Kahn left off. The Search for Spock manages to be quit a good affair, and is an entertaining picture from start to finish. The cast of the first two films return and deliver some effective performances. I'll be honest here, for Science Fiction filmmaking, this franchise never really stood out for me, and I think that the Star Wars films are much better in terms of excitement, thrills and storytelling. After the very good follow up to Star Trek: The Motion Picture, Wrath of Kahn, The series would go in new territory and improve upon each new release. I really enjoyed this third film, and thought it was an entertaining adventure film that is sure to thrill viewers that enjoyed the first two Star Trek films, especially Wrath of Kahn. The film has some good performances, a good story and very good direction as well. The film has an effective blend of action and adventure, and overall this is a well crafted third film in the series. Fans of Star Trek will enjoy this picture, as well as Science Fiction fans. This is a terrific film well worth seeing if you've enjoyed the first two. With each film, the filmmakers seemed to really improve on the formula, and that is very much the case here with The Search for Spock. I've never been big into Star Trek, but I'll admit, I quite enjoyed this one, and felt it built upon what the second one did so well. This is worthwhile entertainment, enough to appeal genre fans looking for a pleasant time waster to watch.
Christian C

Super Reviewer

May 14, 2013
I wish they'd found Spock earlier in the film. Maybe the movie would have been interesting.

Super Reviewer

October 16, 2010
Going back to the original roots of slow pacing and a basic story, "Star Trek III - The Search for Spock" is a little more layered that the first Star Trek film, but I enjoyed it just as much, meaning it needs work. All the idea of this film was kind of an excuse to throw in tons of backstory for new characters while the audience awaits the return of Spock. This film does a fine job of keeping me interested in what was going on, but it felt very very slow. It is the shortest of all the films, and in my opinion, it's the least exciting so far. This third instalment boasts great visuals, great acting, and a solid story, which is everything you could ask for from a Star Trek picture, but compared to the standards sent by it's predecessor, it fell flat on it's face a few times!
Jens S

Super Reviewer

June 14, 2006
Much like the second Star Trek film the immediate follow-up may cause nostalgic feelings among those fans who saw it when it originally came out, but from today's point of view it is not much to write home about. The story fits on a beer coaster, most of the characters remain underused and uninteresting and the final fight between Kirk and his enemy is a joke. Even the special effects look rather lousy compared to some pretty decent films from that era. Hardcore fans might wipe away a tear when Spock finally returns in the last act, everyone else is looking forward to the next films, that ended up much more entertaining.
Phil H

Super Reviewer

June 30, 2012
To this day it still seems a funny choice to have cast Chris Lloyd as a 'Klingon'. Such a wiry guy with a weak parched voice and definitely more of a comedic actor. I'm not sure he pulled it off really, I can see his his other amusing film characters shining through every time he's in shot hehe and he's not really very threatening. There isn't really any reason for him to be involved either, he's just there, in space, for no reason and decides to go after the 'Genesis' data, no background a tall.

So despite a slightly weak villain the main plus point is that the continuity carries on nicely from the second film with everyone present and correct accept the character of 'Saavik' (no longer Alley), of course the plot carries on nicely also. It actually feels very much like a huge film cut in two (this and 'Khan') or back to back filming, not much difference between the two.

The story does feel rather contrived with a major U-turn, 'Spock' had been killed off in a grand heroic manner to end the film franchise. The second film did well (unexpectedly?) so they had to think of a way to bring him back to life so the franchise could be milked further haha. This does equal much spiritual 'Vulcan' jiggery pokery which is interesting but at the same time a bit heavy and tends to drag the sci-fi down into another realm or genre even. Personally I didn't like that side of the story, it just doesn't seem to work for me and its all too convenient.

I have always thought that the story behind 'David' being 'Kirk's' son was never really explored properly either. We discover this revelation in 'Khan' but its so subdued I would of thought we might get more in this third film, but no. Even in death 'kirk's' son gets no real epic send off, the whole thing from start to finish is glossed over pretty lazily really, oh well.

Everything else within the film is pretty much the standard look and feel of the second film simply carried on, nothing much to rave about really, its all quite average. Effects are still rather poor to be frank, the starship sequences look a touch neater this time but the planet surface of 'Genesis' has some nasty obvious set work accompanied by some even worse destruction effects as the planet disintegrates. 'Kirk' and company even remain in the same uniforms for this continuing adventure!. Both the second and third films have one other plus point in their favour and that was Horner and his instrumental score. The first film lacked a good score but this is fixed with gusto by Horner as he provides much needed emotion and vigor to the films. That was one reason the first film seemed a bit limp at times.

Its all a bit hokey in all honesty, almost like a young teens comicbook film. It does seem like this story idea could simply be a small chapter in the Trek universe that could of been explained within a TV episode, there really isn't any outstanding movie moments a tall. Speaking of hokey...don't you just love seeing Shatner in fist fights, the finale fight between 'Kirk' and 'Kruge' really was pretty dire to say the least haha. Talk about fluffy theatrical fisticuffs! never at any point does it look real or remotely intense, lets face it neither actors are the athletic fighting type. Absolutely terrible yet probably close to the real Star Trek of the mid 60's, I did enjoy that scene.

The whole film feels very much like a 'made for TV' movie and only slightly less cheaper looking than the second. The acting is wooden but that is part of the charm admittedly, we expect that, but the film just doesn't have any cinematic impact what so ever. Funnily enough this film does also feel closer to its TV origins than the semi serious sci-fi of the original (as did 'Khan'), I put that down to the low values of pretty much everything, 'cardboard effects'.

End of the day you just can't go wrong with a good old fashioned adventure with the old crew of the 'Enterprise'. This film is probably a bit worse than 'Khan' but it still manages to be fun in a very silly quirky way whilst remaining faithful to original source material. Can't deny its always a good romp.

Keep an eye out for the small cameo by Miguel Ferrer as a crew member onboard the 'Excelsior'.
michael e.
michael e.

Super Reviewer

October 18, 2011
This is a major improvement over the second film for me. Its pacing is much better, and the plot is much more detailed to me, but I do find it kind of cheap to kill Spock off just to bring him back in the next film, but overall this is a great entry in the film series, and to me this is my personal favorite of the films I've seen, and that mainly has to do with not just the plot, but with the characters, the character of Bones is much funnier in this film, but the best performance to me is Christopher Lloyd as the villain Klingon Leader, who is a very well pulled off ruthless villain character, that is a perfect enemy for Captain Kirk.

Super Reviewer

April 27, 2007
Far from exciting story-wise, but worth the watch. I can understand though why so many regard this as one of the weaker Star Trek films, because the writing in this one left a lot to desire. It also has a very dated feel to it, which (however much I tried not to be bothered by it) put quite the unpleasant sting in my eyes. It's not that I got anything against these older type of sci-fi films, but when it looks as cheap and tacky as it does here, it feels like it might as well have been made in the 60's, back when the original series first aired. Apart from the palpable feel of a low-budget production, however, it's not half-bad.

Super Reviewer

September 6, 2010
After seeing how The Wrath of Kahn ended, you need to see this sequel, which is obviously the third movie, but most people would agree that the first one didn't count. Anyway, it's another fantastic Star Trek movie, and if you're a Trek fan, you should see it.
Richard C

Super Reviewer

July 8, 2010

Super Reviewer

May 8, 2009
While it is certainly not the masterpiece that The Wrath of Khan is, this films is still pretty damn good. It's quite a strange movie, but it does feature some nice ideas. Plus, the fates of both David and the Enterprise show that everyone involved wasn't afraid to take some risks. Even though I would have liked to have seen Kirstie Alley reprise her role as Saavik, Robin Curtis does a good job. The real scene stealer though is Christopher Lloyd. He kicks ass as a villainous Klingon. This film is certainly entertaining and watchable, but it doesn't quite have the re-watch value of TWOK. Still though, this one's not too bad.
Carlos M

Super Reviewer

February 20, 2010
This third Star Trek film works as a bridge between the second and the fourth ones, offering decent drama and good performances by our well-known cast, even if the plot is overly convenient and lacks the same impact of The Wrath of Khan.

Super Reviewer

January 29, 2008
It may an odd-numbered film in the series, but I still enjoy it.
Anthony L

Super Reviewer

September 21, 2009
'You Klingon bastard you killed my son'! Christopher Lloyd is probably the best Klingon yet.
Jason O

Super Reviewer

September 8, 2009
Admiral Kirk and the crew are at it again in this follow up to "The Wrath of Khan". Admiral Kirk (William Shatner) wants to try and find Spock (Leonard Nimoy) any way he can, just in case Spock is still alive. But on the way to searching for Spock, the Enterprise crew run into their most famous enemies, the Klingons, who will do what they can to try and obtain Genesis. As a clue to whether Spock is still alive or not, Admiral Kirk and the others notice some strange behavior from Dr. McCoy (Deforrest Kelley).
"Star Trek III - The Search for Spock" isn't a bad movie. I didn't think that it was the best or worst of the Star Trek movies, it's somewhere in the middle. Some of the parts of the plot, especially the parts that deal with Spock, could've been done a little better. Other than that, this is a good movie. It has good special effects, great acting, and it's entertaining. If you're a fan of the other Star Trek movies and especially if you're a fan of Star Trek the Original Series, I recommend getting "Star Trek III - The Search for Spock." NOTE: That was my Amazon review from the year 2000. Ok movie, but not one of the better Star Trek films

Super Reviewer

September 24, 2007
Not too terrible. It was fun to see Christopher Lloyd as a Klingon. I hope that someday if my kid ever gets murded that I remember to scream, "You Klingon Bastards!"
Chris G

Super Reviewer

April 23, 2009
Star Trek III:L The Search For Spock had the same duty as Return of the Jedi, Temple of Doom, and the upcoming third part of Christopher Nolan's Batman franchise- it had to follow up a great film that it would obviously be compared to. These are always no win situations because people will find flaws with it no matter what and film makers will almost try too hard to capture some of the magic from the previous installment.

Now to give Star Trek III its due, I will say that it's a good sci-fi film and serves as the bridge in what I have been told is the Genesis trilogy. The film opens right where Star Trek II left off with the crew of the Enterprise led by Captain Kirk (William Shatner) bringing their wounded ship home from the Genesis planet. What no one realizes is that Spock (Leonard Nimoy) (and I'm going to say this in lingo so that non-Trekkies like myself can understand) uploaded his files to Dr. McCoys (Deforrrest Kelly) hard drive. Yes, Spock is dancing around Bones' head. Kirk, after learning that it may be possible to bring Spock back ends up stealing the Enterprise and going to Genesis to save his friend, but there's a catch: Klingons (led by Christopher Lloyd) have already landed on the planet looking for the secrets of Genesis.

So does it hold up to the previous installment? Yes, it does stand on its own, although it tends to play like an old audio cassette with the tape being warped. One moment it drags down and feels slow, the next it's going way to fast, mainly in the last twenty minutes. You can't say much about the acting other than the core characters are there playing the roles that they were typecast in years ago. Lloyd actually isn't bad as a Klingon, even though while he was on screen I kept imagining him screaming "Run for it Marty!" in Klingon.

Leonard Nimoy directed this installment, ushering in the era of Star Trek actors getting to direct with a good eyes even though the film does have its up and downs. He doesn't waste huge amounts of time on the space shots like the original film, which I thank him profusely for. Bless you, Mr. Spock.

Star Trek III stands as a middle of the road sci-fi film that gets its glory from having the words Star Trek in its title. It's an enjoyable film. Nothing to spectacular, but it will entertain.
Cassandra M

Super Reviewer

October 29, 2008
Picking up where "The Wrath of Khan" left off, McCoy seems to be going mad, the Enterprise is being retired, Kirk mourns the loss of Spock and his son Dr. David Marcus is off exploring his newly created Genesis planet with the lovely Vulcan vixen Saavik (exit Kirstie Alley, enter Robin Curtis). Kirk then finds out from Sarek (Mark Lenard, who had a brief, unrecognizable role in the opening of "Star Trek: The Motion Picture" as an ill fated Klingon Commander and played a Romulan before playing Spock's dad) catches up with Kirk and tells him that there's a chance at resurrecting Spock, who's mind and spirit are housed in McCoy's brain while his body is on Genesis. Feeling obligated to return the favor for saving them all at the end of #2, Kirk and the gang hijack the Enterprise and rush towards the Genesis planet to rescue Spock "in whatever form he may still be alive." Meanwhile, a bodily resurrected and rapidly re-aging Spock has been found by Saavik and David and they are stranded on Genesis after their ship is destroyed by Klingon Commander Kruge (Christopher Lloyd) and he comes looking for them in hopes of unlocking the secrets of the Genesis project, which he thinks could be used as a weapon against his people. Who will survive?

Considered by some to be trash and by others to be the only good odd numbered Star Trek film, this is a sufficiently entertaining bit of science fiction yarn that continues following the theme of what happens when you mess with mother nature. Good performances as usual, with Lloyd giving one of his best as the Klingon Commander Kruge, who becomes oddly sympathetic in light of his blood thirsty actions when you consider that he was just looking out for his own brood and was willing to spare the crew of the USS Grissom. Shatner's brawl with Lloyd is also fun to watch, and the film still has that great James Horner music. Don't miss Shatner kicking Lloyd in the face shouting "I... have HAD... enough of... YOU!"

Robin Curtis is a capable Saavik. As a bit of trivia, Saavik apparently engaged in sexual intercourse with Spock while he was going through his aging phases and, as part of an idea never utilized in the films or even in the spin off series, Saavik became pregnant with Spock's child, which was originally why she was supposed to stay on Vulcan in "Star Trek 4: The Voyage Home".
Jason S

Super Reviewer

April 26, 2008
A direct continuation of the last flick we have all the stars on point as they attempt to claim back one of their own. This really feels like a wrap up to the last movie and less of it's own story. I like the crew having to steal the ship but after the space battle it feels like it loses momentum.
A watch.
Dean !

Super Reviewer

January 14, 2007
Not one of the better Star Trek films.

Super Reviewer

July 5, 2007
Some minor spoilers here************************

Star Trek III: The Search For Spock picks up shortly after the end of The Wrath Of Khan. As the crew of the Enterprise heads back home after the death of Spock. Dr McCoy starts to behave in a very strange way
Spock's phantom voice starts coming from his mouth...words he would never utter stream from his lips...Is our favorite doctor suffering some kind of breakdown?
Also we have in the wake of the Genesis Project, the planet is now closed to all but the science teams which are studying the Genesis Effect on what is now termed the Genesis Planet.

Starfleet has decommissioned the Enterprise and Kirk can't get an answer as to whether the crew will get another ship, or be split up and reassigned. Meanwhile, Sarik, Spock's father, shows up for a personal visit with Kirk, concerning the condition of Spock's soul. He is certain that Spock would have housed his soul with Kirk, but upon a mind-meld, Sarik determines that Spock is not present within Kirk. And such is the loss to Sarik. He will be unable to resurrect his son, or to properly salvage his living soul since Spock was not in a position to touch Kirk at his time of death.

Back on the Genesis Planet, the science team has discovered Spock's burial tube which soft-landed on the planet's surface. And there is an unidentifiable animal life form present nearby. There should not be any life, animal or otherwise, since Genesis destroys all life forms wherever it is targeted, therefore this is of key concern to the science team, who sends down an investigative crew immediately.

Kirk and Sarik determine that Spock melded with McCoy before he died, and in order for McCoy to be well again, and Spock's soul to be saved from oblivion, Kirk has to break McCoy out of the psychiatric unit where he is recovering from "exhaustion," steal a star ship, get McCoy to Mt. Selia on Vulcan for a Vulcan religious magickal rite which will separate the two souls from one another, and thereby save them both; face a court martial for stealing a star ship, disobeying direct orders and possibly treason against Star Fleet.

Ah, but I haven't told half the story, nor spoiled anything but the first 10 or so minutes of the movie. This is a fantastic installment! and I won't spoil anymore of it for you.
This is a great followup from part 2 with strong themes of sacrifice, loss and friendship laced through the story. Highly recommended
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