Dystopian Earth? Inaccurate and boring. How would you design Star Treks Earth?

I am new to this so I will say this here instead of just responding to a previous thread. Gene Roddenberry's Earth is one that is like a Utopia. He told a story that was one of hope. What I saw is the best they can do? Fact. We could not have sent a starship through space living like that.

Our modern cities are not even close to sustainable yet. From living in parasitic groupings as our cities are now to car centric living. This was an awesome opportunity to envision our would anew. An artists dream. To represent the Star Trek future this way is a lack of imagination and not consistent with one very cool thing that makes Star Trek different from Star Wars. (Both are great, but different and should remain so)

I know the majority of people like the same thing over and over. I understand the need to make movies that sell, however creativity and imagination would be appreciated.
Jey F.
03-3-2013 02:03 PM

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Zextron Fiendfyre

Zextron Fiendfyre

Gene Roddenberry's Star Trek characters, planets, setting, environment - Yes
Everything happened during TOS, Next Generation, Movie series - NOT GONNA HAPPEN THE SAME
Live with it. They pay homage to the original movies - that's enough.
You guys call yourselves Trekkies? Then enjoy spectacular universe of STiD like I did. Enjoy that plot - it is still insane but remember you guys swallowed ST III: The Search For Spock. Then swallow this the same.

Apr 25 - 03:29 PM

John Tyler

John Tyler McClane


Apr 30 - 05:55 PM


scifi mark

There have always been rogue elements to star trek. There have been captains that have turned against star fleet, section 31, it doesnt constitute a dystopian earth. A complete Utopian with everything is going well just isnt believable and would be rejected by the masses at this point. Even in star trek VI which rodenberry was involved with heavily before passing had members of star fleet in a plot to assassinate their own president

Apr 23 - 02:28 PM


In Your Dreams

I read your post three times and I still can't figure out what it is you are trying to say. The Earth presented in Abrams's Star Trek isn't remotely "dystopian". I think you mistakenly watched the "Oblivion" trailer, gramps. Or was it "After Earth". Hollywood churns this warmed over space shit out so consistently it all starts to blend together after a while.

Mar 25 - 11:03 AM

Matthew Preston

Matthew Preston

J.J. Abrams is ruining Space Trek!

Mar 6 - 04:28 AM

Bobby  J.

Bobby Jay

It's Star Trek not Space Trek.

Mar 6 - 12:24 PM

Dylan  J.

Dylan Jones

Aww, you want to cry?

Mar 6 - 01:16 PM

John Tyler

John Tyler McClane

It's STAR Trek, dumb fuck.

Apr 6 - 06:39 PM


Typhon Q

Earth doesnt show up in Star Wars

Mar 3 - 09:30 PM

John Tyler

John Tyler McClane

That's because it takes place in a galaxy far, far away (obviously).

Apr 6 - 06:40 PM

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