Idea(s) for ST 3 (Spoilers)

Since it has been confirmed that BS is playing Khan, and Pine's Kirk dies and is revived again via Khan's blood, I would imagine this to be a major plot-point for the inevitable sequel. Since a big mass of Trekkies/Trekkers (especially the older generations) have been feeling alienated a bit with this new reboot, and Shatner has been wishing to be in a ST film, let alone (most) Trekkies/Trekkers HATING Kirk Prime's death in ST: Generations, how do you feel about ST 3 using this points to build on this? Perhaps ST 3 can have Pine's Kirk going "evil" due to Khan's blood, therefore Spock Prime goes back to the Prime Universe timeline, revives Kirk Prime from the? Nexus. Kirk Prime is brought to the JJ-Verse timeline to confront his younger self. I know this is a stretch, but hell, they could even throw in a few cast cameos from TNG to attempt to make up for a lousy send-off in ST: Nem. Just some thoughts.
Matt Rabine
05-10-2013 06:48 AM

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Christopher J.

Christopher Jones

I am really hoping that all out war kicks off with the Klingons in the next one as hinted in this one. Especially likely after Khan killed around 30 of the raiding party.

May 10 - 07:01 AM

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