It really wasn't that bad... but they didn't need to start blending storylines and making a Bizarro universe.

The one thing I dislike about the reboot, is that in this "pocket-verse" (as many are calling it), does anyone really care what happens? For example, we live in our current universe, we don't care about what happens in any other universe, since we're not involved with it.

In "our" universe (regarding the original Star Trek timeline), Khan dies, Spock also dies once, but gets reborn and his memory re-integrated from Bones, and finally Kirk also dies later in life. By the end of Star Trek: Into Darkness, "our" universe has Kirk and crew searching for Spock. However, the crew already had their exploratory missions to become lifelong friends.

In the "pocket" universe, they're just starting out on their journey to explore new worlds at the end of the movie. That Kirk and Spock are "friends" without having been through what "our" universe timeline went through, seemed pretty superficial. Basically, they're "friends" because the older Spock from "our" universe told them they were friends, and they need to stick together because otherwise, they'll miss out.

To me, everything just seems trivial. No one could think Kirk was really going to die in STID. A ST movie without Kirk, and instead Spock searching for Kirk being reborn and somehow being revived with his memory intact would have been, well, difficult to logically fathom.

Anyways, the action was good, it had a decent plot, the characters have a glimmer of "our" universe's personalities, but I didn't think it really ended up as a great film - just a decent summer blockbuster. I already had my "memories" with "our" universe, what I want with Star Trek, is to continue on already and go where no man has gone before.
05-18-2013 06:27 PM

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