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Star Trek Into Darkness Reviews

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June 5, 2013
The perfect sequel to the perfect Star Trek that all the Trekkies deserved and wanted!
May 8, 2013
Star Trek Into Darkness is one of the few sequels to live up and even top the predecessor, it contains an all round solid performance from the outstanding cast and provides a solid story that leaves room open for at least two more sequels with the story arcs this leaves open/opens up...the action is heart pumping and the story is enough to leave you intrigued to provide one of the better movies in a few years.
March 28, 2013
So far the best movie of 2013. Great sci fi with fantasic characters, a great villian, and excellent plot. It is a tribute to Star Trek fans while still an awesome movie.
April 15, 2013
I would definitely class myself as a Star Trek fan.. and particularly of the original series, which I have watched every episode of in the past. And while I can see that the writers and director JJ Abrams have taken some liberties with the continuity of the mythos and to some extent the philosophy of Star Trek, I can totally embrace what they've done with this movie and thought it was really very good.

The casting is, to my mind, genius... Quinto and Urban in particular, and to a lesser extent Pine, Pegg, really manage to embody the original characters perfectly... as do many of the supporting cast: Saldana; Cho; Yelchin etc. There are some great scenes where the characters play off each other, and the classic Star Trek lines are littered amongst some really great dialogue, which often times I found to be very funny. Cumberbatch is excellent as the film's bad guy, a ruthless killer whom we're even allowed to feel some sympathy for, and I also enjoyed Robocop Peter Weller's performance as Admiral Marcus.

It did surprise me that certain things were switched around from the original source material and there was a bigish change to the ending. However I thought the overall story was pretty good, and there was plenty of action, interspersed with good character development, so overall I enjoyed the movie a lot and I personally don't see a lot to gripe about.
D.A. Zapata
March 29, 2014
J. J. Abrams is a sci-fi god in our generation, whether we like it or not. The man rarely disappoints, and Into Darkness is no exception. Sure, the witty banter and deus ex machina reliance lost some of its charm in comparison to the first film, but the gripping plot and beautifully executed CGI is a fantastic experience for Trekkies and new fans alike. That goes without saying, Benedict Cumberbatch was an absolutely perfect Khan.
March 27, 2014
Great movie with lots of action and humor!
January 2, 2013
Two words. Benedict Cumberbatch. You're welcome.

March 26, 2014
Unlike many sequels, "Star Trek Into Darkness" is a sequel that didn't fall short of anything. The only reason it wasn't as good as its predecessor was that there wasn't as much hype centered around it compared to the first of the two and the concept was already familiar to the audience. This is a great science fiction movie, and I really enjoyed it.
May 19, 2013
Great start to the summer season. This had plenty to enjoy and JJ Abrams at least improved on alot of mistakes he made in the boring 2009 version..Acting is all improved, with really strong performances from Chris Pine, Benedict Cumberbatch(that tear scene lol), Karl Urban and Zachary Quinto!!(I actually can't see Spock anymore without thinking Quinto...sorry Nimoy) I'm not a Trekkie so it's nothing personal. I'm familiar with the Next Generation star trek and the concept of the STOS, but this movie really puts Star Trek on a better place. It has a decent story(although I later realized it was borrowed and recycled elements from a few of the old television episodes) and John Harrison's motivation seems good enough, for this type of movie. JJ still falls into the same problems we had in the last one, but not as severe- the time travel concept, the lens flares(although not as much this time around), and the egregious plot points that don't all add up to the story. At least we got a much better developed villain this time around, more formidable, although his introduction in London was one of the most heavyhanded intros I've seen(THAT MUSIC UGH). Which leads to Michael Giacchino's score- it's the same theme played over and over...and it's not an earworm. It's just- the same few notes, and apart from hitting the few moments that were needed for certain scenes, nothing noteworthy or memorable. To me it just sounded like a stock score they just bought off the internet...I know that's not the case, but that's what it sounds like. The movie itself has plenty of humor, human relationship conflicts and all round sci fi action in space. The visuals are nice to look at, but there were quite alot of medium close ups of actors that were really completely out of focus(and this was in IMAX) What was up with that??! The editing was very choppy however and knocks down my general liking of the movie- it just seemed like JJ Abrams couldn't stay on a shot for too long, and felt the need to change angle every moment he could get. And even during the action bits, especially during the Klingon fight and when Kirk, Scotty and Harrison are ambushed in the terminal- it was shitty tv editing where you'd see someone raise their arm, then CUT to a reverse of him hitting back, then CUT to a side shot, and continue as follows. There's a particular shot in episode called Space Seed with Khan where he fights Kirk in the control room- It's mostly wide/medium shots and it hardly ever cuts, we just see them running around the room, ACTUALLY THROWING PUNCHES AND BEING FLUNG into walls and the floor. That looks more believable than a million flashy cuts of punches here and there.
June 26, 2013
Very fun movie both visually and through dialogue.

Having not been a Star Trek fan whatsoever, I was happy to find this movie entertaining and understandable. Their jokes and adventures do reference older movies/tv series, however, they're shallow enough for even the average joe to pick up on a few of them. Concurrently, it didn't feel as though seeing the first movie was all too important to follow along with the plot progression and details.

Check this one out in theaters if you can, otherwise, it'll be a nice treat at home. (Please watch on Blu ray)
January 29, 2013
A great addition to an impressive reboot.
February 4, 2013
Me atrevo a decir que supera a la primera , pues tiene mas suspenso , emocion , y tiene escenas algo dramaticas, un gran villano , unas escenas de accion magistrales , y una historia algo compleja y muy interesante
March 24, 2014
Muy buena, quiero que salgan más seguido, por lo menos una por año.
Solo para fanáticos!
May 4, 2013
Having seen this movie a few times now, I had to revise my review. It is a good movie and a lot of fun. It could have been perfect and as good if not better than the 2009 film if not for a few things. Most of all they REALLY messed up in the casting of Khan. I just can't get over the fact that he is absolutely nothing like the original in physical characteristics (completely white-washed). As any other new villain Benedict Cumberbatch would be great, but not as Khan. There is no way to overlook the fact that the original Khan is of Indian decent (played by a spanish actor) and is now white as can be! I don't know what the film-makers were thinking. Khan is one of the greatest movie villains of all time. You can't just mess around with him like that! There were also a couple minor plot holes that are a little bothersome, that I won't get in to. Despite the big missteps, the idea for the story as a whole and taking "The Wrath of Khan" and reversing the story for what amounts to "The Wrath of Khan Part 2" was pretty clever, but could have used a little more fleshing out. I am excited for the next movie, being that they are now on the 5 year mission. I hope they do not make any big missteps again. They already made the biggest one of all by destroying Khan. I like the movie a lot, but I can never love it and in some ways the new franchise as a whole because of this. : (
March 22, 2014
killing pike was a huge flaw in this movie while it was mediocre to the point of this movie I have to say that it really went against everything that a true star trek fan like myself knows about the series. at least the rest followed the residence of the shows or the presidency of the movies this one tried to take it too far and went over the cliff
March 22, 2014
If J.J. Abrams keeps this up, people might just about forget Gene Rodenberry (but not quite). Star Trek has a WHOLE NEW life ahead. Gotta own THIS one, too.
September 14, 2013
Another great Star Trek addition made fresh for a new generation (and in my opinion a younger viewing audience). It's 'fascinating' to see Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto fitting so nicely into their characters. The entire cast is fantastic. A great Adventure for Trek fans of all ages.
Just James
March 21, 2014
Star Trek Into Darkness is contender for best film of 2013. I've got a few favourites this year: Gangster Squad, Oblivion and Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunters, and now Into Darkness is in my top favourites. I've never felt so immersed and involved in a sci-fi movie this much since last year's Total Recall, every location in space and on futuristic Earth looks real and each part of the Enterprise is convincing. The beautiful 3D gets you in on the action even more as every object shoots out at you with ferocity, the depth effects are astounding as locations disappear into the background and flakes of dust and sparks hover off the screen, this is the most active and alive 3D of the year! Chris Pine's performance is brilliant as Kirk, I once thought he was a typical actor who only did silly rom coms but damn he's good, he proves he can act in a diverse range of movies. Kirk still disobeys the rules and his ignorance costs him dearly, this is true character development, same goes to the rest of the cast who are equally gripping to watch, and best of all it's great to see every cast member get it on the action, and Saldana is back and better than before. Benedict Cumberbatch is fierce and merciless, his deep bass filled voice echoes sending chills down your spine as he utters every piece of dialogue, "I will walk over your cold corpses, and then I will recover my crew. . .Now, shall we begin?" I love the story, which constantly unfolds across different planets and then ends up with one of the best action packed finales since Transformers Dark of The Moon, where the Vengeance obliterates downtown San Francisco, then Khan and Spock battle it out on a hover-jet, the special effects here are utterly jaw dropping. I find this sequel far more entertaining than the first movie, don't get me wrong the first is truly amazing, but Into Darkness lives up to it's sinister title delivering moments of shocking tension and brutality alongside blistering action in stunning 3D.
March 19, 2014
Oh, for the love of...
It's "Star Trek II" in reverse (Kirk dies, Spock yells "KHANNN!!!"), and in the end Kirk has four pints of Khan in him after a transfusion!! Boy, J.J. you REALLY screwed up this franchise!!! Can't wait to see how you screw up "Star Wars"!!!
Alex A
May 30, 2012
Star Trek Into Darkness was inferior to its '09 predecessor, but with a superior villain. I disliked how Abrams alternately rehashed plot points from Wrath of Khan though, and felt that the predecessors secondary characters felt even more minor here, and a certain shoe-horned eye-candy scene had me rolling my eyes. Despite Cumberbatch's excellent performance, why did he have to play a character who's supposed to be North Indian? Despite these gripes, Into Darkness was a fun watch with beautiful visuals, a solid climax and exciting action sequences.
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