Trekking With Tim, Day Ten: Star Trek: Nemesis


Nemesis is hardly laughable; it's just not very compelling. This is certainly the dullest entry in the series, lacking even the camp value of The Final Frontier. It's not a complete waste of time; the visuals are occasionally striking, the actors are game, and there are periodic flashes of wit. However, this is the only Trek movie I've seen that felt redundant -- Nemesis never justifies its existence, and it finds the franchise taking a sad slide toward irrelevancy. Which is a shame, not only because I've come to like the Next Generation crew, but also because it's unlikely we'll see their likes again -- on the big screen, at least. Back to Article


Ophelia S.

Ophelia Simpson

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May 6 - 08:55 PM

greg b.

greg baltzer

This is my second least favorite movie after the Motion Picture. It's watchable, but weak. I don't hate it, I've seen it the least of all the star trek pictures. I'll watch it again the next time I'm in the mood for a Trek-a-thon, I just won't look forward to it.

May 6 - 09:10 PM

inactive user

Jared King

It sucks. It's a glum hashing of a great crew. 3/10. Second worst, after "Insurrestion". And the villain sucks! And Troi gets brain raped! So depressing.

May 6 - 09:11 PM

Accursed A.

AccursedArachnid !

An underrated movie, I think Nemesis suffers from a reverse Batman & Robin effect. Batman Forever will forever(pun intended) be looked down upon because of Schumacher's near destruction of the Bat-franchise with Batman & Robin. How quickly we forgot that Batman Forever was a bigger hit than Batman Returns and was seen as a refreshing change of pace even if it wasn't a high quality product.

Similarly, Nemesis will always be looked down upon because of the dull turd known as Insurrection. Had Nemesis followed First Contact, I think the consensus would not have been quite as hard on it. But, alas, after Insurrection was such a disappointment, Nemesis was destined to bomb and be seen as a bad movie. Unlike every other even numbered Trek, this one came after the fanbase had grown tired of the whole enterprise(pun not intended this time). It's not great, that's certain. But it's still entertaining in a Batman Forever sort of way.

This was Jerry Goldsmith's last work and he does a great job of delivering an original score to a not so original movie.

Is it an obvious rip off of Wrath of Kahn and Undiscovered Country? Absolutely. But is that necessarily a bad thing? I say no. 6.5/10

May 6 - 09:54 PM

inactive user

Jared King

Mmmm. I think "Nemesis" is looked down upon because it sucks.

May 6 - 10:12 PM

Accursed A.

AccursedArachnid !

"Sucks" is such a vague term.

"Sucks" as in Nemesis sucks when compared to Wrath of Kahn? Definitely.

"Sucks" as in Nemesis sucks when compared to Final Frontier? Not so much.

May 7 - 02:12 AM

inactive user

Jared King

Mmmm. I think "Nemesis" is looked down upon because it sucks.

May 6 - 10:12 PM

Accursed A.

AccursedArachnid !

"Sucks" is such a vague term.

"Sucks" as in Nemesis sucks when compared to Wrath of Kahn? Definitely.

"Sucks" as in Nemesis sucks when compared to Final Frontier? Not so much.

May 7 - 02:12 AM

Andrew W.

Andrew Whitefield

Well, this is the one that killed the movie franchise (until now). And Enterprise that was on TV then, ratings were falling through the floor. It was looking like the end of an era in 2002.

This one was an even numbered one, so we thought it would be good. Even with help from co-writer John Logan, who penned Gladiator and The Time Machine remake, it should have been better. But this film came off hollow and lackluster. I too, blame the director, and the lack of intelligence in the script. They must have done this for the payday.

Anyways, now we can look forward to the new film and put this rotten one out of our minds, or at least try to.

May 6 - 10:24 PM


d vs

i read the script before they started shooting and it read smart, exciting, and affectionate to the supporting cast... john logan (gladiator, aviator) is a very good writer... but the director really screwed it up. the only thing he did before was the sequel to the fugitive. there was a lot more in the original script that they cut out leaving behind a mediocre action flick, bad prosthetics (i mean why have ron perlman when you put him under 10 pounds of rubber that looked ridiculous) and out of shape actors who are suppose to be the best of the best... how can an android put on weight? they also could have had jonathan rhys meyers as the villain but didn't. it's not dreadful but so disappointing.

May 7 - 01:58 AM


Starmonkey Spruit

7/10. Way better than Insurrection. Except for a slowish mid-section the movie never drags. Patrick Stewart basically carries this movie on his soldiers like he did in First Contact. I like the interplay between Shinzon and Picard. I rather like the way the death of Data was handled here, not perfect but good.

I would have loved a 5th film featuring the TNG crew, sadly that's never going to happen now that Kirk and crew are back tomorrow.

May 7 - 02:05 AM

Accursed A.

AccursedArachnid !

"Sucks" is such a vague term.

"Sucks" as in Nemesis sucks when compared to Wrath of Kahn? Definitely.

"Sucks" as in Nemesis sucks when compared to Final Frontier? Not so much.

May 7 - 02:12 AM


Josh Hines

5/10 from me. The characters felt like they were going through the motions (save for Stewart and Spiner who put on good performances). I wanted a much larger space battle (which it looks as though we get in the new one *geeks out a bit*). The plot was tough to follow and never seemed to have a clear focus on what it was going for. You just got a vague idea of what it was all about. Again, okay film but I'd rather watch pretty much any of the other ones before this one.

Just 13 more hours till I see Star Trek. *Majorly geeks out!* :-D :-D :-D

May 7 - 03:19 AM


Derek Meadors

I like Nemesis just fine, not great but not bad. Frakes should have directed, he did a great job with the previous two.

My rankings

10. Final Frontier
9. Motion Picture
8. Insurrection
7. Search for Spock
6. Generations
5. Nemesis
4. Voyage Home
3. Undiscovered Country
2. Wrath of Khan
1. First Contact

I guess I like the TNG movies better than most, but I still say the series finale of ST:TNG was better than all of these, if you watched the show anyway.

May 7 - 03:27 AM


John Phillips

ck100, LOL Kristie Alley. Classic.

May 7 - 04:14 AM


Jason Blenner

Actually I have seen all the movies dozens of times and love them all!! I look at this way that just like life things cant always be perfect!

May 7 - 04:52 AM


David Ober

The real shame of this film is that it is even numbered and it still sucks. Trek fans could handle watching a few crappy films so long as half of them are good. Although, I still think Final Frontier is worse.

May 7 - 06:02 AM

the magic dentist

John Rambo

I liked this one a lot, and fully agree that this film got a raw deal only because it followed-up Insurrection. Insurrection coasted by on the good will built up by First Contact, so it dodged the bullet that this one took. Sure, it's not the best Trek film, but it's far from the worst.

I can't identify with anyone who says that there isn't character development in this one at all... I thought there was heaps. To tell the truth, there seemed to be a lot more character development in Nemesis than there ever was in the TV Show... even if they did try too hard to make Data/Picard into another Spock/Kirk for a sort of Wrath of Khan reprise.

Here's my list, from worst to best:

10. Insurrection
9. Generations
8. The Motion Picture

^^These three are borderline terrible. What they do with or to the characters in these is either humiliating, insulting, or wrong. All three have ideas, but they are dry and fail to 'engage', nyuk nyuk. Generations is probably the worst, but the fact that it has Kirk at all makes it better... even if his death is an enormous slap in the face.

7. The Final Frontier
6. Nemesis
5. First Contact

^^These three range from middling to good. They rip off other films, smack of ego, or just do things with the characters that feel wrong... such as 'Rambo Picard', 'Clumsy Oaf Scottie' or 'Crooning Data'. Seriously, seeing the haughty, dignified Picard go nuts on that Borg in FC was like seeing the Queen of England in a compromising position-- not cool.

4. The Search For Spock
3. The Undiscovered Country
2. The Voyage Home
1. The Wrath Of Khan

^^As far as I'm concerned, these are all solid films. The 2-3-4 arc is great from start to finish, and I didn't find TSFS boring AT ALL back in 1984 when I was six. 2 is a great start, 3 runs with it, 4 knocks it out of the park, then 6 takes the events of 3 and puts them to good use. I would have been happy if these four were the only Trek movies in existence!

May 7 - 06:32 AM


David Ober

Since people are doing lists:

10. Final Frontier
9. Insurrection
8. Nemesis
7. The Motion Picture
6. Search for Spock
5. Generations
4. The Voyage Home
3. First Contact
2. Undiscovered Country
1. Wrath of Khan

May 7 - 07:01 AM


Scott Trevor

Let's not forget how callous Picard is when he rams the Romulan ship. HE DOESN'T EVEN GIVE THE ORDER TO EVACUATE THE FORWARD DECKS!!! WTF?! Kirk took his role as ship captain seriously. He hated losing every red shirt that died. How many people did Picard send to their deaths in this movie without even a second thought? And for what?

"Talk about a franchise in need of a reboot."


May 7 - 07:19 AM


First Last

Really did not like this one either.

My main problem was the whole Data thing. They get to this planet and find remains of an android that look just like Data, and no one even bothers to mention LORE???? Not even a passing mention of the evil brother with emotions??? Especially since the last we saw of Lore was his remains being jettisoned from the Enterprise into deep space. Ugh. This has bugged the crap out of me since the movie's release. Am I alone in this?

May 7 - 07:29 AM


Daniel Klein

You're not alone, brother.

Ripping off 'Khan'? Ripping off 'Undiscovered'?


Without sounding too unPC, all they did was trade an 'Evil' Data for a 'Retarded' Data. And to *SO* much diminishing effect. And indeed, there was NO mention of Lore. Then again, why mention Lore when that would only remind the few Trek fans (like me) who saw this movie that they were taking a massive dump on a very well-fleshed-out story line in favor of some cutsie, lameass way to kill Data and keep him around.

...funniest line in the movie is Picard's first:

(camera comes up on Picard, looking stern-faced)

Yes. I am in fact nine years old, but I thought that was really funny.

May 7 - 08:50 AM

Matthew W.

Matthew White

You're not alone in the Lore thing luckywcu. The first thing I thought when I saw the android parts was..."Lore!". Apparently the same thought never crossed the minds of the writers though as Lore wasn't mentioned. The whole thing pissed me off, and the entire time I watched the movie I kept hoping that suddenly he'd spring to life after pretending to be some prototype.

May 7 - 09:46 AM


That Guy

Since people are doing lists and grading them:

10 - Star Trek: Nemesis - F
A good case of the what-were-they-thinking's.
9 - Star Trek: The Motion Picture - C
Trying too hard to be like 2001.
8 - Star Trek V: The Final Frontier - C
Some great moments marred by Shatner's self-indulgence.
7 - Star Trek: Insurrection - B-
Nothing terrible, nothing great.
6 - Star Trek III: The Search for Spock - B
A great film that unfortunately relies too much on existing information.
5 - Star Trek Generations - B
Highly underrated movie that's an excellent branching of the two iconic series.
4 - Star Trek: First Contact - A-
Two great stories centered on Star Trek's best villains.
3 - Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home - A
Wonderful Sci-Fi story that isn't more phasers and more torpedoes.
2 - Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan - A
Breathed new life into the franchise and went where no man has gone before.
1 - Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country - A
Great commentary, great action, great effects, and intelligent. UC is the perfect Star Trek film.
Honorable Mention - Galaxy Quest - A
Excellent satire that perfectly captures everything Star Trek, from the series to the fans, in one well-made movie.

May 7 - 07:50 AM


Jeremiah Rancourt

Generally agree with ARTaylor. This is the worst film of the series, hands down. I wish the NextGen fans would stop justifying it with the "I could see where it was going" or "It could have been . . .." The fact is, "Nemesis" just didn't create a believable or enveloping story. I felt on the outside the whole time, never emotionally connecting with anything on-screen, including the death of a major character. The series should have treated this as a swan song after the mediocre "Insurrection" but were too afraid of taking chances. Killing Data and keeping him dead would have been braver and more compelling (perhaps finding a body double in a later entry). Instead, no risk, no reward.

May 7 - 08:48 AM

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