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Did it really take William Shatner in the director's chair to finally give us a decent Star Trek movie?

April 5, 2009 Full Review Source: LarsenOnFilm | Comments (9)


Jaspreet L.

Jaspreet Lidder

You are seriously gone mad ! Josh Larsen, you are a terrible reviwer. You actually rated the worst of the the trek movies HIGHER then the rest of the films ! You sir, are a piece of work ! ''Final Frontier is %u201Cgood%u201D only in relation to the previous Star Trek pictures'' This is madness ! You actually rated this film higher then Wrath of Khan or The Undiscovered Country or The Voyage home or any other as a matter of fact. You truly are a horrible reviewer. Although I do like the final frontier because its essentially trying to be bold in its statement, but fails EPICLY. This movie at best is mediocre. The movie was hugely plagued by bad story-telling elements. The humour felt a bit pushed in. It was trying to repeat what The Voyage home did with the comedy aspect of Star Trek. It failed. It tried very hard to give a ''well balanced'' movie, but it just couldn't. The story was a bit too far-fetched for a Star Trek Film. ''God'' ? Please... Even Gene Roddenberry hated this film . He never really considered it part of Star Trek cannon. Back to Josh Larsen.... Horrible reviews on all Star Trek Films to be honest. Especially the review for Wrath of khan made me want to throw up. Just a complete farce ! I don't understand this ! The movie is clearly a solid movie in all aspects and yet THE FINAL FRONTIER GETS A HIGHER SCORE THEN WRATH OF KHAN. As McCoy says in the voyage home... ''Angels and ministers of grace, defend us''. Movie-goers.... please don't let this man change your mind on the Trek movies.

Apr 16 - 10:30 PM


First Last

Josh Larsen is clearly an "Up is Down/Black is White/Bad is Good" type of movie critic.

He gave the absolute best Star Trek movie (that would be Wrath of Khan) only two stars.

He hated two of my other favorites, Voyage Home and Undiscovered Country (only 1-1/2 stars each).

But somehow this piece of dreck is considered "decent"?

Am looking forward to his take on the Godfather, Star Wars, and Alien franchises (I'm guessing the third movies of each are his favorites, since they're no one else's).

May 7 - 08:12 AM


Jayson Deare

Josh Larsen is officially ****ing crazy. This movie is bad I knew it was bad when I was young and it's still bad. Guys riding horses on the movie poster says it all. How can Sybok convert people by feeling their pain all of a sudden they are his devoted followers. The film is crap. The worst of the franchise and the one that almost killed it. Heck your review for this one is almost double the size of the ones you don't like. I smell BS here. How can you be a critic when you can't write a full length review of something you don't like and only of something you like. Go back to flipping burgers ad Mc Donal's you'll be more useful there.

May 16 - 06:33 AM

Kirk B.

Kirk Bhajan

and I thought your reviews couldn't get anymore worse....

Jul 9 - 07:32 AM


freezingicekirby Shafer

I usually don't say this, since I don't like the phrase... but I think this reviewer really is an "Attention Whore". Why else would he give all the good Star Trek films bad reviews, and give the one everyone hated a positive one?


Aug 4 - 02:00 PM

The Reaper

Iron Will

What is wrong with you, Josh Larsen?

Mar 12 - 12:51 PM

Paul Haecker

Paul Haecker

Nice trolling, lol.

Apr 5 - 01:10 PM

Robert McDougal

Robert McDougal


Aug 11 - 01:28 PM

Robert McDougal

Robert McDougal

still no

Aug 21 - 03:43 AM

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