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There is a sense of discovery in scene after scene of The Phantom Menace.

January 1, 2000 Full Review Source: Chicago Sun-Times | Comments (26)
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Gavin Partridge

Historically very important review. This review sums up the greatness of Roger Ebert. and that he saw through the flaws and the greatness beneath.

May 7 - 03:41 AM


Gordon Pennoyer

Ebert giving a movie a good review because it looked shiny is "historically very important"? It's a terrible review.

And hell, it doesn't even mention that the movie contains the worst character in the history of cinema.

Sep 11 - 05:59 PM

Danilov Anton

Danilov Anton

Do you know sarcasm?

Jan 30 - 10:53 AM

Dave M.

Dave Mart

He was a very objective critic once.

Dec 28 - 05:46 AM

Chris Dynamo

Chris Dynamo

A five minute fight at the end doesn't excuse a 2 hour film. Ebert's a damn moron.

Nov 5 - 11:24 AM


Lee Aday

Ebert's review of the film is terrible. The movie sucked and so did the next two films. George Lucas lost the Force in the summer of 1983.

May 25 - 03:07 PM

Hein Limmen

Hein Limmen

I think he gained the Force. The force to shit on every movie that he possibly could in the future. Indiana Jones included. Maybe he just has a grudge against Harisson Ford. "I'm going to ruin every franchise that you were part of!, you'll see!

Feb 15 - 11:07 AM

Dave M.

Dave Mart

what an idiot you are.

Sep 24 - 03:01 PM


niall kennedy

Dec 2 - 03:46 PM


Thomas Gomez

The movie may not have been the best but it certainly didn't suck. It's definitly better than the new Transformers movie.

Nov 19 - 05:47 PM

robert h.

robert hines

Roger got this one wrong. It moves those who remember the first trilogy, in the magic of their youth, to tears. And embarrasses us knowing the new generation is thinking 'This is the garbage you loved because it was so ground-breaking and marvelous ?' The new trilogy is mostly forgettable garbage.

Mar 30 - 02:27 PM


O .

nahh spot on Ebert appreciate it for what it is damn good entertainment, stop analysing for one second and appreciate what George Lucas had to cram into this film and the plot to introduce his saga properly and fit in with the original trilogy. saf3

Sep 3 - 04:33 PM

The Vile

mazyar goodarz

I discovered scene after scene that my childhood was a lie.

Jul 26 - 07:51 AM

Dave M.

Dave Mart

People like you, fella, make critics say stupid things about this franchise. Ebert is smart, and he analizes and sees underneath a stupid cowboy-like space shooter and understands an intelligent Machiavellian plot.

Nov 4 - 05:18 PM

Pontius P.

Pontius P

Everyone KNEW the plot. Everyone understood what had to be done to develop the original 3 films into a sweeping, epic tragedy. It was the execution in telling the rest of the story where Lucas failed completely. The casting was every prequel. You know why Jake Lloyd hasn't been in anything since this movie? Cuz he SUCKED. And how about Liam as was he even in the story for? To make the young Obi Wan look like a whiny bitch? And even where a role was cast correctly (McGregor, Portman), the hackneyed script rendered the performances meaningless.
No, I'm afraid the prequels betrayed the franchise. They proved that George Lucas alone is incapable of making a quality film. When he wasn't surrounded by mindless yes-men and working with an unlimited budget he did his best work. It was pressure that helped spin his early vision into gold, and a lack of it that ultimately tarnished it.

Feb 10 - 05:05 PM


Michael Moore

Good review, Roger. Haters gonna hate, as they say. We live in a bitter, cynical society - that's why Hugo bombed, and why people look at TPM with disdain. Nobody has a sense of wonder and discovery needed to enjoy these films anymore.

I'm totally with you on all three of your Star Wars prequel reviews. Ep I and III are great, and Ep II has some moments of greatness but it falls short of the others.

Jan 15 - 09:45 AM

Claude V.

Claude Valle

I thought the prequels got better with each one. You're the first I came across to say II was downhill from I! You probably didn't like the love story elements.

Jan 30 - 10:17 PM

Shiva the God of Death

Noah F

I personally feel all but episode II are great.

Jan 31 - 01:41 PM


daniel forth

agreed 2 was uneventful

Feb 8 - 03:50 PM

Chris Dynamo

Chris Dynamo

5 minutes of Ep 1 were great, about 30 minutes of ep 2 were great and so much of episode 3 was too.

Nov 5 - 11:27 AM

Minister Ronen

Minister Ronen

Feb 3 - 09:36 PM

Morgan Cherney

Morgan Cherney

Countered, ass

Mar 4 - 11:48 PM

Minister Ronen

Minister Ronen

Wow...glad you felt the need for that.

Jul 18 - 12:12 AM



Wow, not all the comments are saying to resign from being a critic. I guess they figure ebert's too old.

Feb 7 - 10:41 AM


daniel forth

Roger gets it! :)

Feb 8 - 03:48 PM

Austin Bond

Austin Bond

Roger - please revise your review! This is a terrible film!!

Feb 11 - 02:39 PM

Tom Brown

Tom Brown

It is a testament to the objectivity of Ebert's reviews. He saw though the fanboy bias to provide a truly untarnished, realistic review, seeing it for what it was; a good movie. It flies in the face of all the cynical hypocrites, living closed lives with closed minds, deeply entrenched in the mass ego that is the status-quo.

Feb 27 - 06:30 PM

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