Matthew Vaughn To Helm Thor

Director to wield Mjolnir?

Ain't It Cool News recently caught up with director Matthew Vaughn for a chat about projects past (Layer Cake), present (Stardust), and future -- including a possible film adaptation of...Marvel Comics' Thor?

Vaughn's name has been floated in connection with the Thor film for several weeks now -- since it was reported that Mark Protosevich had written a script -- but this interview marks the first time the director has spoken publicly about the project. And judging from the following quote, Vaughn's been taking classes at the Shia LaBeouf School of Cagey Non-Denial:

I've been discussing it with Marvel. I really like the Marvel guys, and it would be good to make. We're trying to find something to work on together. If THOR is going to happen, I don't know. I'm seeing them again next week. And, the other problem is the whole strike thing. It's, like, we'd like to make a movie before the strike, so whether THOR could be the one, I don't know.

The strike Vaughn is referring to is the seemingly inevitable breakdown in negotiations between the studios and the Writers Guild of America, Directors Guild of America, and Screen Actors Guild, all approaching the end of their current contracts. If a project looks like it'll be in development past the strike zone -- and Thor almost certainly fits that description -- it's likely to stay on the shelf until new agreements are hammered out.

And speaking of hammers, for those unfamiliar with the mallet-wielding ancient Norse god, the comic-book version of Thor has enjoyed a long and storied history in the Marvel Universe, from his 1962 debut to a recent J. Michael Straczynski-led reboot. It's unknown which segment of the character's history will be the focus of Protosevich's script.

Source: Ain't It Cool News



Jimmy Moorer

Would they just do the damn project already.

Aug 8 - 09:23 AM


Clint Quisenberry

Is it me, or is this guy *WAY* too small to pull of Thor, I don't care how much CG you throw at 'em?

Aug 8 - 11:01 AM


Paul Andersen

Who is too small? Am I mistaken, because I'm pretty sure I didn't see an actor listed as being considered for the role of Blake Donaldson or Thor.

Aug 8 - 12:20 PM


idle one kenobi

Yeah get on with it! Just make it GREAT!!!! And NO miscasting!!!! I dont wanna see the likes of Shia lebouf as THOR!!!

Get an unknown dane, that LOOKS like Thor!

Aug 8 - 02:09 PM


bob askins

how about fabio as thor? =P

Aug 8 - 02:35 PM


Joe Momma

How about Triple H as Thor? Yeah he obviously cant act, but neither can most action stars. But he does look EXACTLY like him.

Aug 8 - 03:29 PM

Skates forJersey Dude

Joe S.

yea Triple H kinda looks like Thor anyways

Aug 8 - 07:12 PM

Skates forJersey Dude

Joe S.

yea Triple H kinda looks like Thor anyways

Aug 8 - 07:12 PM

Skates forJersey Dude

Joe S.

yea Triple H kinda looks like Thor anyways

Aug 8 - 07:13 PM


Steven Edwards

3rd time's the charm

Aug 8 - 07:18 PM


Matt Wiggins

they should get steve buscemi to play him.

Aug 8 - 09:49 PM

CoUcH ToMaToE DoUgIe

Shawn Amoroso

how about brad pitt? he was sorta good on troy and it would couple nicely with

my dream of having angelina jolie as wonder woman. of course both won't happen but hey

there the closest thing we have to gods, for celebrities i mean, and how cool would it

be to have two married superheroes based on mythical gods(Norse and Amazonian)! but hey

whatever Triple H, Brad Pitt, Gary Buscemi and so on.... whatever, folks all i care

about is the new comic book by mr. J. Michael Straczynski. The man saved Amazing Spider-

Man from extinction or irrevelancy from the ultimate spiderman phenomomen. Thor fans,

rejoice because someone worthy enough of handling Mjolnir beside thor himself has come

to asgard!!

Aug 8 - 10:59 PM


Timber Monkey

I didn't really follow the comic, but I'm glad to see that somebody will finally be exploring the huge potential of Norse mythology, even if it's seen through the Marvel prism.

Comics, myths, folk tales, whatever--they're good stories, and why not make movies out of them?

Aug 9 - 04:41 PM

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