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October 3, 2013
Pros: The show offers a deep and rich universe of the series with emotional and humorous characters.
A bunch of wild stories and ideas with a sci-fi twist.
Cons: None
Q: Will seasons 1-10 will ever be on Blu-ray ?
season 1- 90% fresh
season 2- 89% fresh
season 3- 89% fresh
season 4- 85% fresh
season 5- 86% fresh
season 6- 88% fresh
season 7- 92% fresh
season 8- 100% fresh ( my favorite )
season 9- 82% fresh
season 10- 83% fresh
August 10, 2013
This show definitely had some excellent episodes and a decent storyline to build on and live off of, but, like many shows that run for so long, it eventually got predictable and showed up with some pretty boring stuff. The characters are all quite decent with the exception of Jack O'Neill. I mean, don't get me wrong, he plays an important role and has his great moments, but his character is ridiculous most of the time. His sarcasm and lame jokes get incredibly old and at some times so predictable that it makes your nose bleed. But I mean no disrespect to Richard Dean Anderson himself, because his character in this show doesn't necessarily do him justice.

The humor is mostly cheesy nonsense and is often used at the most inappropriate times, but there are some intentionally hilarious scenes throughout the show. It's often Teal'c who delivers the laughs, which is quite strange, since he's the most serious character.

My final complaint is the combat. The camera seems to imply that they're trying to trick you into thinking that that heat of battle is coming down hard on all of them, but take away the fast changing scenes, and you'll have 30 trained enemy soldiers shooting directly at two members of SG1 and missing by a mile with every single shot.

But I must say, my review is negative but the show show is great. It just has a lot of annoying things attached to it.
½ August 25, 2012
Hallowed are the Ori
March 27, 2012
It's a great tv series that goes beyond our imagination, and gives solutions to unsolved problems. You will certainly think otherwise of the world we live in after you've seen it :)
March 19, 2012
This series expands on the cool, yet simple plot of the original Stargate movie, with great storylines and everything else you want in a sci-fi series like this (spaceships, aliens, pyramids, cool technology, stargates, etc...), and it even comes with Richard Dean Anderson and his trademark brand of humor. It may or may not sound any different than other sci-fi shows, but give it a watch, and you'll see that Stargate SG-1 is on another plane of existence.
January 14, 2012
Definitely my favorurite series of all times. A must see for everyone loving SCI-FI. It's a shame that SCI-FI channel cancelled it, even though it had huge followers and ratings were always high.
January 4, 2012
Best SCI FI tv show ever!
July 18, 2008
STARGATE SG-1 (1997)
May 29, 2011
Stargate Sg-1 is one of the best original sci-fi tv shows ever made. While many sci-fi television series seem to always draw from the same material, Stargate gives a fresh perspective from its seemingly more realistic plot and setting. Would totally recommend this awesome tv show!!
½ December 5, 2010
Season 1: 70%

Season 2: 74%

Season 3: 79%

Season 4: 80%

Season 5: 85%

Season 6: 79%
Was weird without Shanks.
November 15, 2010
i've seen it when i was a kid. it may be based on the movie the series is just a classic.
September 17, 2010
I Liked the series, aside from the once a season clip show. By far, not one of the best Sci Fye shows but because of the shows ability to not take it's self seriously and openly make fun of it's self in several later episodes and the ability to take on and adopt new villains and threats the whole series was a decent watch.
June 17, 2004
[FONT=Arial Narrow][SIZE=4]
A fresh break from endless spaceships.


A strange gate found buried in Egypt in 1928 turns out to be a gate to intergalactic travel via wormholes. A small team, named SG-1, explores other planets, and tries to save them and earth from enslavement by an evil race of body-snatchers called the "Gould."

A wonderful, inventive SF TV show that will keep you hooked. Costumes and ideas are well done. Over all the show is quite inventive, full of good humor, action and drama.

A new way to explore "strange new worlds"!

½ May 7, 2004
bet sci fi pilot i have seen
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