Johnny Rico Returns in "Starship Troopers 3"

Yep, you read that right: Casper Van Dien, the star of the original "Starship Troopers," will be returning to head up "Starship Troopers 3," which will be directed by series writer Edward Neumeier.

From "'Looks like -- fingers crossed -- Sony is moving forward," Neumeier, who will write & direct the film, tells Moviehole. "Plans are afoot to shoot next year. Casper Van Dien will be back as Colonel John Rico. There'll be a new bug or two. Also draft riots. Religion makes a comeback. And the Federation has a new weapon.""

Production is scheduled to begin next March. Neuemeier's other screenplays include "Robocop" and "Anacondas."

And yes, there was a "Starship Troopers 2."



Alexander Dodd

Hell yeah! About time, I can?t wait for this 2nd Starship Troopers movie (I try to forget that other DVD release)

Nov 30 - 05:17 AM


Robin Goins

Is this going to be a DVD release too?

Nov 30 - 05:30 AM


Josh Quarles

I would think so.

Nov 30 - 06:20 AM


Can't Say

No Jake Busey? :(

Nov 30 - 06:46 AM


Robert Kimberlin

I loved the first film. I am actually looking forward to this.

Nov 30 - 07:22 AM


David Goldman

the fact that there calling it part 3 is a mistake, unless its a strait to DVD like the last one. If it's going to theatres, it should be called part 2

Nov 30 - 07:40 AM


mynameis mynameis

I loved the first movie but the sequel was absolutely terrible. The return of those two guys could make for a much better movie though I'm not gonna hold my breath.

Nov 30 - 07:47 AM


bobo boboki

Hollywood is so out of touch with the general masses. They throw millions at washed up franchises and remakes, while films like starship troopers, which i feel was grossly underrated, is ocnsigned to the bin. The 2nd starship troopers was given a measely budget and the result was an episode of the outer limits rather than the big action hollywood makeover it deserved.

I hope vervohoven is back in some capacity as his style is unique and cant be mimicked. It suited starship troopers down to the ground.

Nov 30 - 08:15 AM


Jon Mori

i'm glad it was ocnsigned??? to the bin, i paid 5.99 for an awesome movie!

Dec 6 - 08:14 AM


Alexander Dodd

The only thing decent about ST2 was Kelly Carlson.

Nov 30 - 08:29 AM


Harry Myland

They made a 2nd one?

I do like the first, it's a good popcorn movie. Hopefully they'll be able to recapture some of that magic.

Nov 30 - 08:45 AM


First Last

[b]i liked the 2nd[/b]
Thought the second was a damned decent straightforward horror/action movie.

Nov 30 - 08:46 AM


gabe Willner

[b]the second movie[/b]
For those of you complaining about the second movie....

Your complaints hardly do this movie justice. It was by far the worst movie ever made, on any level. I think it was filmed in my garage. All the actors were actually cardboard cutouts. It made "Mission to Mars" look like Casa Blanca.

Nov 30 - 08:54 AM


Dobromir Penchev

Well, Date movie was worse :)
Anyway, looking forward to it ...
I believe it's doomed without Verhoeven, but I'll see it, cuz' I'm great fan of the first ...

Dec 1 - 12:58 AM


First Last

This will obviously be STV too. The only reason Casper Van Dien will be back is because he's in every other STV movie so why not reprise his role for this one?

Nov 30 - 09:01 AM


glenn welsh

and the world lets out a collective "Who cares?"

Nov 30 - 09:09 AM


Nogard64 64

the first was good because of Vanhoeven how ever you spell it.

And yes casper was good, bring back that one hot chick in there with the awesome set of bazookaz! haha

Nov 30 - 09:18 AM


Tyson Herritt

[b]All original cast returning?[/b]
Thats what I'm wondering. Because I want to be aware when I'm watching the film to scream NPH. Because if NPH isn't in the film then it would make me look silly screaming NPH when NPH isn't in the film.

Nov 30 - 09:37 AM


Rajit Sarkar

The cartoon was good, maybe they should try to stick to that.

Nov 30 - 09:39 AM


Steven Johnson

This film should have been made 6 or 7 years ago. Yet we have countless horror remakes, prequels, sequels and all the other crap jammed down our throats so a bunch of 15 and 16 year old dumbass teenagers will give them money. I wonder how long it will take for another Serenity film to come out with a good ad campaign this time......

Nov 30 - 09:50 AM


Tyson Herritt

It just puzzles me how a great show like Firefly would be cancelled. A great movie like serenity be unseen. And we have crap like touristas still being made and put into theaters.

Nov 30 - 11:35 AM


Nogard64 64

its just how stupid and unoriginal hollywood is, look the nativity story that looks horrible! And yet because passion did so well, all the hollywood producers/exces wants to pander to that audicence now and turn every story in the bible a movie with no regards for quality.

Nov 30 - 12:55 PM


Mike McCrory

[b]I so agree[/b]
Serenity was THE movie from THE show of all times. Firefly was canceled way before it's time. Guess it wasn't comercial enough.
Troopers (the original) was one of my favorites. Hope they do a good job.

Jan 20 - 12:16 PM


Alexander Dodd

Have we found out if ST3 was going to be a straight to DVD or an actual movie, which is going to be taken seriously this time? If it is going to be an actual movie then it definitely should be under the Starship Troopers 2 title and let Starship Troopers 2: Hero of the Federation be some forgotten side project they did in gbwillner's garage.

Nov 30 - 10:22 AM


Cap Nord

Starship Troopers; Great movie, great book. Leave it alone.

Nov 30 - 10:37 AM


First Last

I am horrified that there are this many people who are excited about this, Heinlein's Starship Troopers was in fact a fantastic novel some of you have got that right, but the movie was a mere perversion of such a great book, then they made a crappy straight to video sequel, and the this...

leave Robert Heinlein's book alone, it doesn't deserve what Hollywood has done to it.

Nov 30 - 08:08 PM

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