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½ May 21, 2013
This film is made out to be an action film but to me it felt more like a thriller really. The whole idea is kinda similar to the film 'Panic Room' accept the panic room in this is the whole house.

The plot is simple yet not entirely well thought out either. A young couple buy a large house (which seems completely out of their league frankly) and are just about to move in. After some snooping they find a huge quantity of heroine stashed away (oh STASH house I get it hehehehehe), almost immediately the criminals that own the drugs turn up and start to terrorise them.

The thing is I still am not entirely sure what they are really trying to achieve. It turns out they don't want the drugs but are in fact after something else. Obviously I can't say but even when we do discover what they are after there is no real reason for it. There is naturally big dealings behind all this with big mob boss fat cats pulling the strings but the plot to me felt very shallow, almost as if its just an excuse to have some cool thriller action sequences inside a cool house/mansion.

Dolph turns in a good performance I must admit, he certainly has grown from his straight to DVD crapola he used to churn out. This film is a much better vehicle clearly with good production values and some care behind its creation. All the scenes look quite slick and moody with great lighting, the action gets pretty intense and bloody and the other lesser known cast do a good job (even though the female lead is really annoying when she cries).

Its not grade A stuff of course, there are issues here and there, the ending is particularly daft...tonnes of police at the scene yet no one is noticing what's going on by the ambulance? and where is the crew? Better than the fluff you might be expecting that's for sure but end of the day the whole plot makes no sense really. Why on earth didn't the criminals just do what they wanted to do before the house was sold?! it just seems like they give themselves a lot of hard work.
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½ April 27, 2012
It`s Hostage meets Panic Room and it totally kicks some ass. A hard-edged and adrenaline-pumping thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat with action, excitement, thrills and suspense. Dolph Lungdren is terrific, he gives his best villain performance since the original Universal Soldier. Lungdren is perfectly menacing and compelling. Sean Faris and Briana Evigan are exceptional. A sharply crafted film from Director, Eduardo Rodriguez. A gripping and well-paced thriller that's packs lots of tricks and surprises around every corner.
½ March 15, 2015
We bought the DVD after seeing Dolph Lundgren on the cover. Big mistake. It started to get tiresome after about ten minutes. We didn't make it more than half way. Give it a miss.
October 26, 2014
solid film probably dolph's best
½ June 1, 2014
Despite carrying not so smart characters, Stash house is an adrenaline punch thriller that will keep viewers at the edge of their seats.
January 25, 2014
At times messy and a blend of too many recent movies, still, Stash House is worthy of a watch if only for Dolph's great menacing performance... Forgettable fun.
December 1, 2013
Not a bad way to spend a couple of hours. Kind of a mash-up of other movies. Most notably, Panic Room and Home Alone. It held my interest and had a few surprises.
½ August 17, 2013
worst movie ever made, the protagonist is the stupidest person ever. The director should be taken out to his back yard and put out of his misery.
February 19, 2013
Honestly, the only reason I found Stash House was IMDb-ing my favorite action stars (6 Bullets brought the kid in me out again) and saw it on Dolph Lundgren's resume. Pair that with a 'drug deal/stalker' style flick and you had one that promised me a good time. I shut it off cussing. How do you mess up an idea like this? Well, it starts off with the writing. The flick was filled with so many plot holes and see-through scenarios. Characters were introduced in here to be obvious stereotypes later on (bad guy, dead chick etc.). Speaking of characters, the flick was filled with idiots. There was nobody to root for here. Both the good and bad guys did the dumbest moves in name of keeping the plot moving (which it also failed at) and there was not one person I rooted for. The good guys ran around the house and yard, playing hide-and-seek while the bad guys mainly stood outside and shone flashlights while uttering threats that they never followed through with. People would be easily defeated and then suddenly good-to-go (shoddy editing) and plot devices used in scenes were beyond ridiculous (A 6 foot muscle-clad killer is taken down easily with a spray-cleaner to the face). Everybody is also so cool and confident considering the situation they're in. People should be a lot more chaotic than this! Panic! Run! Do SOMETHING! The fact that nothing happened after the iniital set-up for over an hour tested my nerves. Anything cool? Well, I will admit Eduardo Rodriguez is a talented director. The approaches he took were awesome in parts (loved the security cam shots). Too bad the movie's plot was boring... Dolph Lundgren also kicked ass, considering his role sucked... Briana Evigan also did great in the role, considering what she was given to work with. Sean Faris is decent with what he has, but his character comes across as a big puss. Jon Huertas gives a pretty intense showing. I was pretty surprised for him in this role. Add to this a sex scene with no stripping (is this PG?) and that pesky theory that cops are retarded in flicks and there you have it. If the movie played around a bit with its typical synopsis, I may have dug on it more. But this was a movie filled with plot holes, suspensions of disbelief and (most importantly) BOREDOM galore. How does that happen in a flick like this? Yeesh... Waste of talent attached to this one. They, and we as an audience, deserve way better. I say skip it...
October 28, 2012
Maybe with different actors and a different director this could've worked but as it stands it's horrible and not in a nice way. There is nothing about this movie that is memorable.
½ September 2, 2012
Drama, passion and love had me on the edge of my seat for this movie, however all that drama and adrenaline moments were caused for a senseless motive.The last 15 minutes of this movie shot down all my despite all the action and tense moments in this movie, I find myself somewhat disappointed as the movie worked its way to the end. Where the reason for all the action made no sense at all, there were parts where the movie could have been taught of a little harder. especially the last 15 minutes..
August 25, 2012
Dolph Lundgren is at the top of his game! Not through fighting, shooting or exploding anything Dolph really shows his acting chops in "Stash House"!
August 25, 2012
Dolph Lundgren is at the top of his game! Not through fighting, shooting or exploding anything Dolph really shows his acting chops in "Stash House"!
½ June 22, 2012
GASH house, retire Dolph asap
½ May 31, 2012
hahahahahah this movie was so stupid hahahaha
May 13, 2012
Saw that this movie had no reviews and I decided to give it a try. Big Mistake! Some husband and wife buy some house that is furnished and ends up being full of heroin.... okay. Throughout this movie the husband and wife cries for about half the movie and basically becomes a boring snore-fest. Dolph Lundgren is in the film, I thought maybe it would be some badass action movie...nope he's just a weird creepy heroin dealer. Don't waste you time
½ May 13, 2012
1 of the worst movies made by after dark originals i had high hopes cos after dark usually has good movies but unfortunatly they messed this up which is a shame cos this had so much promise considering the storyline was there
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