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March 22, 2009
Suicidal Harry Haller withdraws into a symbolic dream world where he comes to terms with his dual nature as man and beast, his destructively cynical assessment of Goethe, the fact that he desperately needs to get laid and smoke some dope, and other problems facing 1920s German intellectuals. A reverent and faithful adaptation of Herman Hesse's classic novel with some cool moments, but the performances are too restrained and languid, some of the accents of the international cast are impenetrable, and many of the "money shot" psychedelic effects in the Magic Theater finale seem campy and dated today.
½ March 13, 2011
A somewhat entertaining and certainly very bizarre film. Younger Max von Sydow reminds me a lot of Anthony Hopkins.
June 28, 2015
I'm not well read enough to even discuss the philosophical merits of this film, all of it is lost on me. That doesn't mean that this film isn't a crazy good time. It starts slow, and for around the first hour it's a standard story about a middle aged man that get involved with a mysterious woman. It's a nice story but it doesn't really seem to go anywhere, then we are introduced to the "Magic Theater" from this point on the film becomes a special effects tour-de-force. This part of the movie is shot on what looks to be video tape and gives this part a very different vibe than the rest of it, almost like an early MTV music video complete with rampant blue screen abuse. It's a great film if you're in the mood for such a thing.
November 17, 2013
I'd use words but they are and are not , and I can not explain that. There is Hesse. By turns turgid or enchanting, manic and nightmarish. Wonderful beauty, as seen through jaded camera. Yes, the costumery, the masque, the colour washes and mostly the illustrations opened doors for a beginner in Hesse like myself.
January 2, 2013
Es muy difícil llevar al cine una novela tan compleja, es mejor leer el libro.
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