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May 22, 2015
This is a fairly underrated film. You'd think it'd be the perfect film due to the fact that some of Hollywood's most talented shine here (or attempted to). De Niro can make virtually anything worth watching, and this film is no exception to the rule. It's a decent thriller with some nice twists, gets a little slow and strange at times, possibly even boring as some, if you're like me, expected more action, never really got it. But, the film is still in my opinion watchable merely for the dialogue between De Niro, and Norton.
October 14, 2010
As always, Norton keeps your attention with every second that he is on screen. It is interesting watching the characters parallel each other, especially when one has a profession which forces him to judge others no matter how flawed he already is.
½ October 12, 2014
If only one character in Stone reacted as someone in his position would to the preposterous situation at hand, the movie would be 15 minutes long
September 20, 2014
Stone features a strong cast, who help make the film watchable. But the film isn't as interesting as it should be.
March 29, 2014
It was ok, good story!
June 19, 2014
I felt I'd seen something important, but I had to research RT to understand what. I think the acting was sensational, though I agree that Jovovich was too broad in her flirtatioushness. Painful. Confusing. Interesting.
June 5, 2014
Slow as molasses. I love DeNIro and Norton. They've been in many great films and acted together in one. The only reason this film was made was them.
I liked Conroy as the neurotic mom in Six Feet Under. Stone is a slow, disjointed mess. It starts slow and ends horribly. The music drones on, lulling you to sleep. For once Netflix reviewers are right on. I was never really sure what was going on in this film. Everyone is a lost soul, part normal and part villain. Waste of a rental.
½ June 2, 2014
Monday, June 2, 2014

(2010) Stone

At the first few minutes, has a very young wife telling her young husband that she wants to leave him. He then goes berserk and runs upstairs straight to their first born child before threatening to drop it down below, telling her that if she leaves him, he's going to drop the baby down below since he won't have anything else to live for. Scared out of her wits, she reluctantly agrees, and makes a promise that she'll never leave him. Then the movie jumps several years later, and it appears that this very same couple have now aged 40 years older. The person that had once threatened to kill his first born daughter by dropping it out of the window has now grown up to be Jack Mabry played by movie veteran Robert DeNiro, and his wife is Madylyn Mabry (Frances Conroy). Jack's been working his whole life as some sort of parole officer who has the authority to grant a hearing for convicted convicts. He also happens to be close to retirement. One of those inmates he had to speak to is Gerald Creeson (Edward Norton), but nicknames himself to be called "Stone" hence the title. There's a reason why he calls himself that, and it was during this time the movie 'stalls' viewers by subjecting us to listen to this ridiculous analogy by suggesting that he is no different than Jack. Gerald even sends his young skanky girlfriend, Lucetta Creeson (Milla Jovovich) to do whatever it takes to convince Jack to grant him a hearing by not following proper protocol and just cut corners. At this point, I'm thinking how did Lucetta even get Jack's home phone number and find out where he lives in the first place? The movie never answers. We're also subjected to witness Jack's boring life, who we later find out that he only goes to church by principal, and upon listening to Bible passages quoted on the radio and on TV, he hears them but totally ignores them. His wife even made attempts to start a discussion with him about the passages and ignores her too exactly like he's been doing with her while living with him, which is why she wanted to leave him in the first place.

The director by the name of John Curran tries to convey a point to the audience, but it somehow gets lost somewhere down the line since none of the characters or it's situations are unrelatable - he does this by adding uncommon situations and expect viewers to overlook it, but you can't because it's there and is also defined as a drama movie.

2 out of 4 stars
April 16, 2014
The acting wasn't terrible. The movie was very dissapointing. It started out great in the beginning, but it went flat immediatly when the actual story started to go off. There is no suspense at all. I started watching the movie to the point when Lucetta was trying to seduce Jack. I tuned out and tuned back into the movie at the end and I could still follow the plot. I didn't have to watch the movie to know what happened. There are other movies which display such a story way better than 'Stone'.
December 24, 2013
Nice perfomeses of the 3 leads , but soon forgotten i gues
November 17, 2013
Slow psychological thriller but good performances.
½ September 23, 2013
Sort of funny but got a bit boring
½ September 12, 2013
I saw this movie a while ago when it first came out and never thought of it again. When I recently added it to my collection on a whim, and watched it again, it was so much better. The plot is crazy in different ways but it has that subtle point that instantly throws itself in your face. I am just a huge fan of Edward Norton and he does good as fake transformation overtakes him and he fools everyone. Robert Deniro does what he does best with any character in any film and that is beating the living shit out of it until it belongs to him. Milla Jovovich was sexy as always and vindictive in ways. I can't really explain it all, but the film just clicks, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
½ August 15, 2013
The story is about Jack Mabry played by Robert De Niro who works as a parole officer and is heading for retirement after years of service. His final assignment involves inmate Gerald "Stone" Creeson played by Edward Norton who is sent a ten-fifteen year sentence in prison. Convicted of setting a fire to make the murder of his grandparents look like an accidental death, Stone will do anything to get out from behind bars and his wife Lucetta played by Milla Jovovich is willing to do whatever it takes to help secure her husband's freedom -- including seducing Jack. Meanwhile, Jack's wife madylyn played by Frances Conroy has suffered with the emotional weight of her husband's demanding job for far too long. I understand that this movie is hard to rate even for me but what everyone is missing out is the religious complexity that cannot be handed as a mystery thriller. It leans more towards the psychological thriller side because of its deeper themes. Stone gets a 7/10.
August 2, 2013
the ending wasn't that good
July 18, 2013
One Edward Norton Film, 1999's Fight Club Is One Of My Favorite Films.
½ July 16, 2013
I didn't get it. Not sure if it was good or bad. This movie was definitely not made for me. Didn't draw me in. All the main characters seemed to be "bad guys" Only checked it out cause of the familiar actors in it. Rent at your own risk.
June 29, 2013
A parole officer on the edge of retirement, a convict who is about to be released and a confused girlfriend are the building blocks for this drama. Jack (DeNiro) is the parole officer who is writing a report on soon to be released Stone. As you can imagine Jack's report will go a long way to determining Stone's fate. Jack is a - I'm coming to the end of my life and questioning what it all means - kind of guy. Of course this leads him to make a stupid decision and the movie goes from there. Norton - who plays Stone - kind of gets on my nerves here largely because of his accent. It's hard not to compare this performance with American History X and to be honest there is no comparison. I'm not sure where the actor from American History X went but he didn't really show up for Stone. Also Milla Jovovich playing the weird girlfriend who would do anything for her incarcerated boyfriend, but doesn't really seem to love her incarcerated boyfriend is strangely cast. Just didn't buy into her intensity - can't say anything other than "that was weird." Initially I thought the story let the actors down, know I've changed my mind and think the actors may have let the story down. DeNiro was okay, the rest I could have done without.
½ June 23, 2013
i didn't not like it, but i didn't really like it either. took me until about the very end to find it intriguing. there were a few ponderous thoughts thrown at you; which was nice, and you'd think with such a great cast like Robert DeNiro, Edward Norton and Mila Jovovich you'd get a fairly decent film... i don't know. i guess i the plot just didn't grab me.
½ May 30, 2013
Absolutely Depressing, with the ending you would think the storyline was a pitch for a new religion.
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