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Store Wars follows the controversy that erupts in Ashland, VA, when Wal-Mart decides to open a new store in the town. To many of the town's citizens, a new store means jobs, cheaper one-stop shopping, and a broadened tax base. To others, it means part-time jobs with no health insurance, the bankruptcy of long-time local businesses, and the dissolution of a small community. Citizens line up on both sides of the issue: A group called the Pink Flamingos begins a grassroots effort to stop the mega-store, while the town council leans toward accepting Wal-Mart's second, more generous, offer. In the midst of the controversy, an election unseats many of the current town council members. The members will nonetheless cast the deciding vote during a lame duck session, leaving longtime neighbors and friends embittered. Store Wars offers a measured account of a conflict that has replayed in hundreds of small towns throughout the United States.more
Rating: PG
Genre: Documentary, Special Interest
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Ok yes I am aware that this is more of a TV affair but still it is treated like a full feature length movie. So for that reason and a few others I will writing a review for this.

Ok in my last review regarding Walmart it was pretty lopsided by which I mean completely negative.This film is not pro Walmart either but has reasons to like Walmart and shows the difficulties that they have opening a store.

Ashland, Virginia a Walmart is preparing to open. It all seems ok through the eyes of capitalism, but in effect what happens is the people of the town are divided on the issue about half are in favor of and about half oppose it. I would be somewhere in the middle.

The movie shows the ways half of the town repels and what they do is create a comity, they get signatures. Now that's all fine and dandy with me but what proceeds towards the end in just silly acting like savages.

Soooooo yea I have deleted a story because I don't want to run on a tangent for like ever. The movie tries to stay neutral for a while. Showing both ends of the argument but by the end it is nothing more than a blend of insults directed towards the big business.

Ok Walmart does what it can to get in to the town first they say is they will redo all the road which will cost them about 150,000 dollars and Ashland is saying sounds good then when the construction is going to start Ashland says we want 300,000 dollars now! The town acts childish throughout the entire movie. By the end even if you are anti walmart you will be on their side because of the badly manor-ed town.

When the both sides of the arguments are side and the rep. for Walmart has probably the best comment that I will ever say to the opposition. "you are not required to shop at walmart" when that was said everything is put in to perspective. If only half the town shops there then I think the walmart will not have enough revenue to thrive.

Then the judges make their choice. TO HAVE WALMART! Then the half against the it was put in to an uproar. Crying and shouting at the rep. who simply did his job. Then leave a mess of the town hall and for the final act run up to the bulletin and leave a hand written sign that simple says sold...

Wow I wander what happens when they don't win the local baseball game. Also I forgot to mention they take the mayor out of office. This is like as unorganized as occupy wall street.

Final verdict: Stay away from these backwards hicks. If you wan to see anarchy full blown then see The Wild and Wonderful life of the whites from West Virgina .35% out of 100%

Sean Cushing

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