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I'm not making this up. I happened to walk out of the three behind three guys. One of them said to the others: 'Did you PAY to see that?'

March 3, 2009 Full Review | Comments (4)
Quad City Times (Davenport, IA)


Miyuki S.

Miyuki Shirayama

Why is it that every columnist who wrote a review of the movie Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li, needs to include a line saying "Now I don't play video games..."? If that's so then why are you reviewing a video game movie? That line right there is an admission that you're unqualified, because you lack the proper background and Did Not Do The Research.

Mar 16 - 01:27 PM

john d.

john doe

its a movie. not a video game. it got 4% in the tomatometer. what can u conclude from that Miyuki? i breathe street fighter and still did not understand this movie.

Mar 25 - 11:29 AM

Amit K.

Amit Kumar

Are you retarded? yeah, maybe she doesn't play videogames, but this is a MOVIE review. I grew up on street fighter.. I wrung my first triple uppercut out of a half broken arcade joystick even while I could barely reach it.. and guess what. THIS MOVIE SUCKS. You dont have to be qualified to see that. You must be a teenybopper smallville fan, cuz those are the the only people who seem to like this steaming dogpile. The consensus doesn't lie. Now run along.

Nov 6 - 07:59 PM

maher z.

maher z

yeah its true that many critics dont play games, so they miss out on some more reasons to hate this movie stuff like:
why is it made about chun li and not about the main protagonist RYU???
why isn't chun li chinese? why are her legs so skinny compared to the game?
why don't any of the characters look like the game?
what is the target audience? is it the average movie goer? or is this movie targeted for hardcore fans of street fighter?

i feel they tried to make a movie that would apeal to everyone of all ages and ended up making this borefest

Dec 26 - 01:34 AM

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