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½ August 11, 2013
I truly envy anyone who can see this movie on film. The composition and lighting are remarkable and the extremely wide aspect ratio is very well utilized. Sadly ... heartbreakingly ... the movie is being distributed via moderate quality digital means and what could be a stunning film is, instead, a very good but visually frustrating video.

The flaws include:
- the digital serrated edge look to anything with an edge
- a vagueness to slower motion when your eyes could dwell on it
- outlines bordering images against contrasting backgrounds; white outlines to dark objects against light backgrounds, black outlines to light objects against dark backgrounds. This particular flaw is thrust into view immediately as the movie begins with several minutes of silhouetted images.

I found myself often averting my gaze a bit so as to see the screen with less discerning peripheral vision - but, really, looking away is not the reaction one ought to have to a movie like this.

This may look better on Blu-Ray at home except that the aspect ration will demand a large screen to do it any justice. If, perchance, you get the opportunity to see a film print of SOUTHWEST, though - do it!
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