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½ July 14, 2011
One the oddest vampire flicks I've seen for sometime with a blend of western, redneck, comedy and horror which doesn't really come off 100%. I was hoping for an 'American Werewolf' type film and this is certainly bizarre enough to pull that off but the effects are pretty tame and nothing really truly exciting actually happens.

There is a good cast in here its gotta be said, E. Walsh, Ireland, Caulfield, Carradine and horror comedy legend Bruce Campbell but the direction is weak and the film fails to grab your attention as a spooky vampire thriller, the fact that all the vamps are almost all old people and regular working Joe's just doesn't work here. I have seen some vamp Westerns before and they have always added to the mythology with their own cool ways but this misses the target simply cause it doesn't feel like a vamp film, its too camp and cheesy plus it looks kinda cheap too, shame as the films poster was always really nice.
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June 28, 2007
One of the better vampire movies that tries to do something new. It's a cheesy, fun, comic-book like 80's movie with a sense of humor and a rousing score.
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½ July 22, 2008
Tongue in cheek, campy fun.
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½ March 16, 2008
Bruce plays Van Helsing to Carradine's Dracula in one of the first Vampire westerns. Fun, but forgettable, and for die hard traditionalists, it may piss them off a tad.
July 16, 2010
An over the top campy comic book style vampire western starring Bruce Campbell and David Carradine. Very odd indeed. I say check it out.
October 29, 2009
Frankly anyhow who doesn't enjoy SUNDOWN: THE VAMPIRE IN RETREAT is either a cinematic snob or has no funnybone whatsoever. I've been waiting for this flick to be released ever since I bought my first DVD player! The plot (as you undoubtedly now by now) centers around a machine that manufactures the synthetic blood that feeds the vampiric citizenry of Purgatory, a town founded by Count Mardulak (David Carradine) to serve as a retreat for all those bloodsuckers who wish to mend their ways. Unfortunately there are those within the town who aren't quite so eager to abandon the old ways, and a civil war slowly breaks out. A young family is caught in the middle of this as is a descendent of Professor Van Helsing, played by our man Bruce Campbell. This is a nearly bloodless vampire flick with lots of gentle, quirky humor that's suitable for the whole family. I can recommend this one whole heartedly!
September 5, 2009
Bruce Campbell and David Carradine star in this modern-day vampire flick. A small New Mexico town is home to vampires as they wish to become more mainstream and stop killing humans. Some in the town disagree and a vampire war ensues. Comedic w/ great scenery.
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June 5, 2009
This one kind of surprised me as I didn't think it was going to be that good. Not too bad of acting and it had some really funny moments. There were times when it would get a little stupid, but I can live with what I saw and say that I enjoyed it.
August 1, 2008
I have been trying to find this on video/DVD for several years. If anyone knows where I can find it, message me.
½ March 21, 2008
such a cheesy vampire movie, but also one of my favorites. give me a break, i first saw it when i was 12.
June 22, 2014
Not as funny as the premise might suggest.
½ March 20, 2013
Fun vampire film. Interesting and unique concept with a great cast. The story is a little slow but gets fairly entertaining towards the end.The effects are so-so, and some scenes drag on too much. Still, it's a fun watch and pretty enjoyable.
½ December 25, 2011
Great story with vampires trying to change their ways and live alongside humans. Good comedy and good story.
½ October 5, 2011
Was hoping for a lot more Bruce Campbell, as he was the only reason that I watched it. It was an okay movie with some entertaining moments.
½ March 11, 2011
It was definitely a good movie, no doubt about that, but I was disappointed with all the stuff it was set up to do but never accomplished. Movie cover featured, and big names on set David Carradine as Count Dracula and Bruce Campbell as Van Helsing, never actually did anything whereas small-timer Jim Metzler took all the screen time.
½ November 18, 2005
Bruce Campbell is in this movie! Isn't that enough? Actually, for its low budget, this movie has some originality that makes it a better vampire film than NEAR DARK. Its a comedy...sort of. The end is on par with Dracula 2000 in its originality, sort of...but hell this is not an A flick, and you know that right away. If you LOVE Vampire movies, you HAVE to see this, and try to get through the first 20 minutes, it gets better. I recommend this movie on Bruce Cambell alone, but there's a few good scenes, not many, but a different take on the whole genre.
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