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Sadly, the helmer seems too smitten working with Steven Spielberg to recognize that his idol-turned-champion created the very paradigm that limits his passion project, forcing this modest nostalgia trip to function as a blockbuster.

June 6, 2011 Full Review Source: Variety | Comments (19)
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Chris G.

Chris G

Good job spoiling what the creature looks like in the first sentence of your review. I'm sure everyone will be pleased with that.

Just a warning for all readers. If you don't want to know what the creature looks like don't read this review.

Jun 6 - 05:20 PM

carlos m.

carlos martinez

peter debruge= MR spoiler not a critic film FUCK YOU

Jun 6 - 05:44 PM

Chris G.

Chris G

I sent him an email saying,"Nice job putting a spoiler in the first sentence of your review without any warning. It's not like the the monster in this movie was kept a secret all this time for a reason...Oh wait it was."

He just responded with this, "Youâ??re welcome."

What a troll.

Jun 6 - 05:50 PM


Charlie Voelker

WOW, he sounds like a prick

Jun 6 - 09:43 PM


Tallulah Robinson

Wow, what a moron. Thanks people for letting me know, I prolly would've clicked on the link otherwise =/

Jun 7 - 08:14 AM

carlos m.

carlos martinez

from your image is that you're a retard, because you come to spoiler the creature, you're a moron, not a film critic

Jun 6 - 05:39 PM


Jan Tran

"Judging from your image I can see that you're a retard. You intentionally spoiled the look of the creature, making you a moron, not a film critic."

Is this what you meant to say?

Jun 6 - 06:20 PM

Chris G.

Chris G

I've been emailing this critic back and forth and he claims that describing the appearance of the creature was not a spoiler....

i don't understand how anyone can think that when the entire marketing campaign was pretty much based on the reveal of what the creature was when you went and saw the movie.

How do people like this keep their jobs?

Jun 6 - 06:29 PM

drew h.

drew howard

i read the first sentence and immediately exited the review.

what an idiot critic. not blaming his rotten review, but when you spoil what a creature looks like for a film that i've been anticipating for over 2 years now...that just pisses me off.

Jun 6 - 06:36 PM

Chris G.

Chris G

He keeps claiming in his emails that he is not a studio marketing exec...Like somehow that excuses him and allows him to spoil one of the biggest parts of a movie.

Jun 6 - 06:50 PM

drew h.

drew howard

I want his email

Jun 6 - 07:47 PM

Chris G.

Chris G

Jun 6 - 08:37 PM


Jeff Ashbrook

Okay I'll give that you that it's not as good as There Be Dragons.

Jun 6 - 11:32 PM

Chris N.

Chris Nolfo

Trollhunter also comes out this week, Peter i think you should review that movie

Jun 6 - 11:37 PM

Barry V

John Hughes

YOU SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Learn how to review a movie without tipping the surprises. Of course you can dislike a film, you are entitled to your opinion, but be PROFESSIONAL, dickhead.

Jun 7 - 04:00 PM

danya d.

danya dale

If this guy is the jerk he's portrayed as here, wouldn't sending complaints to his editor garnish more attention? Do you know that email?

Jun 7 - 09:44 PM

Matthew T.

Matthew Thomas

That was probably his way of saying **** you since he knew a bunch of people would jump on his review for being negative.

I gotta hand it to the guy, that's kind of clever.

Jun 8 - 07:16 AM


Big Brother

That paradigm you mention is a classic, one that's been sorely missing from film for a long while now. I welcome it back wholeheartedly.

Jun 8 - 09:25 AM

Guido Merkens

Daniel Sweeney

Everybody on this thread needs to take a valium or get laid once in awhile. The major spoiler for me is that the design of the alien was so ill-defined and so lame. Definitely a huge letdown.

Jul 4 - 11:24 PM

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