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Super Cyclone Reviews

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September 7, 2014
Very bad. Very, very bad. I've seen home movies done better than this!
January 25, 2014
Poor acting terrible special effects
September 21, 2013
Since I can't give it Zero stars, I had to give it 1/2 a star! This is probably the worst disaster movie I have ever seen. Ever actor should be ashamed to be in this film. The dialogue and special effects feel like a bunch of high school students got together to create this horrible film!
September 7, 2013
Despite all the nonsensical scientific jargon and the completely unrelated attempts at trying to tie in the events to climate change, Super Cyclone still manages to be a decent enjoyable low budget nature run amok flick. That's not to say it doesn't have plenty of mistakes. The dialogue is often stunted and filled with blunders such as... "we're stuck" "quick stop the car we need to get out" Yes, stop the stuck vehicle which is already not moving. But this film does have flaming hail so all can be forgiven right?
Ok, this is still a bad movie but compared to many of the films from The Asylum in the same genre stratosphere, this one actually seems to be more forgiving. It didn't grate on my nerves nearly as much as some of the others. If you enjoy your low budget films from The Asylum check this one out, it's worthy of your attention. Those looking for bigger and better should stick to the films of Roland Emmerich.
September 7, 2013
This may be the worst weather-based film ever made. I'm not even going to dignify this movie with a full review, because it definitely doesn't deserve one. Bottom line, the only reason anyone should ever watch Super Cyclone is if you're doing it for the drinking game of taking a shot every time someone says the phrase "Super Cyclone". You may be thinking, there's no way that they can say such a ridiculous phrase that many times; but I assure you, try iit and you'll end up thinking you're in a cyclone half way through.
June 4, 2013
best movie ever. It gave me chills. I like the unicorns, it was a nice touch. Also i heard something about an Asian, so ya
2 thumbs up! The one thing you could fix is your lack of midgets, mama likes her midgets! This movie was however, very high on the tomatometer. Just add more balloons, good job!
June 4, 2013
This movie was pretty gay. I wanted to shoot myself in the face. Cause it was that horrible. This movie, I can't put into words how much I hate it. It jumped from being sunny to rainy? What the hell. Then there was a tornado for like, half a second and then it was sunny again! I HATE THIS MOVIE. And it also made me have more of an anger problem than I already have. Where's the blood and guts? The shootings? It needs more violence!
June 4, 2013
This movie made Justin Bieber look cool. and it made me wanna punch my dog in the face.. JUST KIDDING..
June 4, 2013
5 words. "Do you believe in magic"
June 3, 2013
This film changed everything for me. The actors really sold this film for me. It was honestly the greatest disaster apocalyptic movie in the genre. The chemistry between Italian and Asian (Dr. Sparks, may I add) was absolutely believable. The special effects were superb and beyond perfect. The most emotional tipping point in this film were the two sexual tension men who sacrificed their lives for nothing. By the way, isn't a Super Cyclone just a really big tornado and not a tsunami? I'll have to ask Dr. Sparks, who happens to know how to fly a plane, helicopter, navigate a ship, and a highly experience meteorologist. The only thing that kept me from giving this film five stars was the absence of Shane van Dyke in this character driven, beautiful narrative based on the cataclysmic events that made me cry. Literally. This movie gave me hope. I liked the tornadoes.
June 3, 2013
this movie made me laugh and i made my mom watch it when i got home and she said it was stupid
June 3, 2013
this movie made me believe in the impossible. one minute they are going into the middle of the desert and its sunny, they change the angle and its raining hail the size of a computer mouse. then they change to another angle and its raining fire, while they go down the road. and this all happens in a matter of minutes. and its like this during the whole movie. plus the lady is a doctor, weather person who knows exactly what shes talking about, and she can fly a plain, all at the age of 30. man i wish i could grow up and have as many jobs as her.
matt s.
June 3, 2013
i love how these people go through tornadoes in a car and come out unharmed. i loved the special effects. the lava not burning the people was a nice touch. i think the only plot/conflict was the relationship of the Italian man and the Asian chick. i hope the guy lovers survive so that their gay attractions will live.
June 3, 2013
I really like super cyclone because it has science in it and it is funny. This movie is amazing . It's about a cyclone from a disaster path throughout the entire eastern seaboard. It's a really good movie to watch. I like it .
June 3, 2013
Awesome movie. The Graphics were amazing an so were the actors best movie ever
May 12, 2013
To just say that this movie is shitty is an affront to shitty movies everywhere ... It was like no one involved in the making of this flick gave a shit.
April 26, 2013
Just saw it on TV. Bad even for a B Grade SciFi movie. Storm coming into CA but weather scope was of southern FL. Bad acting. Unjointed scenes - clear sky and violent storm in same scene. Not worth the watch.
April 21, 2013
ZERO stars. I vote this the most unwatchable film of the decade, I turned it off half way through, blue sunny Sky's in the middle of a big storm, special effects were made in a bath tub, acting, well, no comment, I will watch almost anything, this, beats the worst film by far, better watching paint drying, please save the pain, go play a game of cards or something. ( I never felt the need to write about a film before)
April 21, 2013
I can't believe I wasted a whole hour and thirty minutes of my life on this fuckery. I can't even begin to list all the problems with this movie. The horrible over acting, the lack of acting, the graphics, the plot, if they said "SUPER CYCLONE" one more was just sad. I would not under any circumstances tell anyone to watch this movie. Not even pot will kill your high. Seriously. Do Not Watch.
April 15, 2013
Poor acting, poor special effects, poor story line. An embarrassment to all involved.
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