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½ March 20, 2013
After the third and rather dismal 'Superman' film we got this spin off from the franchise about Superman's cousin. To be totally honest any film revolving around spin off characters you know to be weary of, Superboy, Supergirl, Superdog etc...could easily be duff outcomes if created. However this film is actually a surprisingly good offering which I don't think did any harm a tall.

The main reason for this is the good casting, in my books. Slater as 'Supergirl' is a great choice as she not only looks the part but does a decent job portraying the character too. The Salkind's made the right choice in going with an unknown just as they did with Reeve and for me it really shines through. The casting of Dunaway as the evil 'Selena' is again another great choice because Dunaway does the bitch thing really well and she also has a brilliant presence as the evil sorcerer, a perfect fit.

Marc McClure back again as 'Olsen' gives the film some needed credit and believability within the Superman franchise and Maureen Teefy is also solid as 'Lois Lane's' younger sister. Everyone else is your standard background fluff and could of been played by many, harsh but true. Such a shame the Reeve cameo never happened as that would have been sweet.

The rest of the film is naturally pretty obvious plot wise but it does exactly what you would expect for the franchise. What I like about this is the fact all the effects are still just about on par with the Superman films, Slater flying, hovering and performing super feats looks fine, it doesn't look hokey (for the time). Doesn't have the overall shine of course but it still does the job well if you ask me, apart from the 'Argo City' sets at the start maybe.

We also get some nice background work/info on 'Argo City', 'the Phantom Zone' (finally) and the Omegahedron serves well for the story, it all ties in within the whole franchise nicely. What I mean by that is, it looks as if it could fit within the 'Superman' films without an issue.

Looking back now it is of course hammy but its still a fun adventure, I enjoyed it more when I was a kid admittedly. Supergirl looks cute but cool in her outfit and does a much better job of disguising herself with her alter ego of 'Lisa' than Superman did, at least she actually looked different. Kinda yearns for the Superman score but I guess that wouldn't be right I suppose.

Only thing, 'Argo City' is in space right? and on 'Krypton' right? so how does it still exist for this film?. Also at the end Supergirl flies into the sea to get back there, soooo is 'Argo City' under the sea? is there a portal she went through down there? is 'Argo City' in another dimension? am I being thick here of what?? kinda lost me on that one.
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September 6, 2010
Finally Supergirl gets a movie! If you love the comics and the Superman movies, you should check this movie out. Not that it's a classic or anything, actually I love it because it's so bad that it's good. Plus, I love Slater as Supergirl, she's cool.
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½ January 27, 2007
Although the story isn't very good and the bad guy was lame I thought this was a decent flick.
The flying scenes were decent and the casting of Helen Slater was a good one. The problem was that the script was silly and the villain was a joke. Most of the action scenes were a little weak as well.
One of the cool things in the flick was the first look inside the Phantom Zone.
The music was also very good and gave a nice feel to the overall movie.
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½ July 14, 2007
I liked her!
There were some slow depressing scenes on Krypton and in the Phantom Zone, but the superfeats on Earth were spectacular. It's all very nice. Helen Slater makes a great Supergirl. Faye Dunaway and Brenda Vaccaro are great super chick baddies. The castle in the sky was genius. There's enough variety of action scenes to keep this movie very interesting and enjoyable for me. A hell of a lot better than Superman IV.
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June 14, 2007
A very good spin off from the Superman films. Very similar and is a typical 80's action film with some great actors appearing in it. Worth seeing if you have missed it so far.
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½ December 26, 2006
I hope Faye, Peter and Mia got paid a HELL of a lot of money to embarrass themselves in this ludicrous drivel...
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December 4, 2006
Faye Dunaway makes a wonderfully campy villainess and Helen Slater is okay as a superheroine.
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August 30, 2006
Not the best of superhero movies at all. It's not got the greatest cast in it either. So bad,it's funny to watch!
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½ June 22, 2006
I can't quite remember this one so I will have to watch it again.
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½ May 18, 2006
Well she had a cape.
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November 25, 2013
Set after the events of Superman III, but without Superman (whom is inexplicably off planet at an inter-galactic peace summit. despite there never having been a mention of non-Kryptonian aliens). Starring Helen Slater as Superman's magically existing cousin (from an entire colony of surviving Kryptonians, despite canon that after Superman II, Jor-El was the last living one). Honestly, I could go on listing continuity errors but I'm afraid at some point in the next few weeks, my keyboard is going to run out of batteries. So I'll just have to skip ahead to reviewing the film off of its own merits.
Eventually, sorcery (Superman's other weakness) was eventually going to have to be brought into the series, so I can forgive that lameness, most certainly. That's not what makes this a bad film. It's a combination of probably the weakest romantic plot (not subplot, which it really should have been), a chronically unenthused (to put in nicely) Peter O'Toole (Lawrence of Arabia, Troy, The Tudors), an overabundance of non-practical effects (which technology of the time was just not ready for), nearly unbearable banter, and the flimsiest plot built off of characters being inconceivably stupid that make the film so bad.
But then, that's really the entire film.
At least Supergirl's alter-ego had more thought put into it than "adds/removes glasses" and Selena was an... Acceptable, I suppose, villain. But ultimately Supergirl sits with aforementioned Superman III and Quest for Peace as entirely missable.

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May 13, 2013
The Superman legacy continues in the spin-off film Supergirl. The story follows Superman's cousin Kara, who comes to Earth in search of the Omegahedron; an unlimited power source that a sorceress is using to pursue world domination. It's a horrible plot that makes no sense, and the storytelling is weak. Newcomer Helen Slater stars as Supergirl, and gives a fair performance. However, co-stars Faye Dunaway, Peter O'Toole, and Brenda Vaccaro chew up the scenery. A blight on the Superman franchise, Supergirl has some campy fun to it, but it's poorly made and has no vision.
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½ September 3, 2012
Superman's cousin Kara (Slater) travels to earth to retrieve a mystical orb which has fallen into the hands of a witch (Dunaway).

Yes, it really is as daft as that summary suggests, and just as bad, unbearably bad. There's a certain level of bad cinema which came to prominence in the eighties. Movies were seen as a way to make a quick buck by producers like Dino De Laurentis, Golan & Globus, and the Salkinds, owners of the Superman franchise. They're a similar breed to the sort of billionaires who buy football clubs today, in fact De Laurentis is currently the owner of Napoli's football team.
The script is written by David Odell who went on to write the big screen adaptation of "Masters of the Universe" and it really is garbage. Slater does her best and Dunaway enjoys camping it up but they can't save this film from cinema hell. The effects are shockingly poor, Slater flying in front of some of the worst bluescreen backdrops ever filmed. The comic approach of "Superman 3" is carried on here and the attempts to generate laughs are punishingly unfunny.
How can Superman have a living cousin? Wasn't Krypton destroyed in "Superman: The Movie"? Well conveniently a piece of the planet was cast into space following it's destruction. O'Toole has kept it thriving thanks to an orb which provides the energy to keep it sustainable. Kara loses the orb and follows it, leading her to earth. Cook and Dunaway are members of a witches coven and when Dunaway finds the orb she sets about using it to fulfill her wicked desires. Even writing this is giving me a headache.
So does Supergirl enlist the aid of the Man of Steel? Nope, he's away rescuing another planet, inconveniently for Supergirl but conveniently for Christopher Reeve who refused to appear in this turkey. He was saving himself for Superman 4. Whoops.
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August 9, 2007
Oh, the folly of spin-offs. Get ready for a rant, dear reader, because not only is this a poor excuse for a movie- even a crappy mid-eighties fantasy flick, which Supergirl resembles much more than a superhero movie- but it is, at times, completely incomprehensible and utterly devoid of even the most rudimentary sense of logic. The ironic thing about this whole mess is that the title character is actually quite charming and very well portrayed, but it's as if, having come up with a unique spin on Kara Zor-El that made her more than just a female Superman, the filmmakers had no idea what to actually DO with her... so they crammed her into a weird cross between a tame teen movie and a sword-and-sorcery (minus the swords) flick. The plot, such as it is, starts in Argo City, a tiny chunk of Krypton that inexplicably survived the f*@%ing PLANET exploding and now resides in "inner space" for some reason; it seems the city crackpot inventor Zaltar decided to have his jollies one day by stealing one of the city's primary power sources, the Omegahedron, and using it to make shiny pieces of modern art (and yes, it gets weirder). He then hands it off to a wide-eyed teenage girl, our heroine Kara, who promptly blows a hole in the city wall (nearly killing herself and everyone else in Argo City) and lets the Omegahedron slip through the gap and into outer space, where it inevitably lands on Earth. Without it, Argo City only has days to live. Kara, in lieu of saying "I'm sorry," jumps ship, hopping into a floating metal bubble and blasting off to Earth, where she arrives, underwater and in full costume no less, as Supergirl! Now, instead of heading off immediately to track down the Omegahedron and save her home from a slow and painful death, Supergirl decides to adopt a human identity (using her unaccounted-for ability to shapeshift her clothes and turn into a brunette at will), infiltrating an all-girls boarding school as Linda Lee, Clark Kent's cousin (which, while Kara really is supposed to be Superman's cousin, it's never explained how she's supposed to know about him at all- let alone being aware of his secret identity); meanwhile, the Omegahedron is found by a megalomaniacal witch, and since it is now also a source of unfathomable black magic for some reason, she plots to use it to take over the world (after she forces some thick-skulled gardener to fall in love with her- a character and situation so contrived it's hardly worth mentioning, though it takes up a great deal of the movie). SEE! Supergirl fighting a giant monster that isn't there! SEE! Zaltar getting drunk in the Phantom Zone before convincing Kara to climb a mountain that's next to a technicolor tornado through the magic of reverse psychology! SEE! Jimmy Olsen stand around and try to figure out why he's in this movie! Supergirl is just a hodge-podge of bizarreness, ranging from the unintentionally funny to (more often) the mind-numbingly stupid. For all the failures going on in this movie, only a few things actually work, and foremost among them is Helen Slater as Supergirl. Capturing a sense of childlike innocence and wonderment at the world around her, Slater brings sincerity to a film sorely needing it- even when things get downright nuts, Slater delivers every line like she really believes it. Her youthful energy really sells what's ultimately the best scene in the movie: Kara discovering her powers on Earth, gracefully floating through the air like a dancer before setting off across the country (by means of the greatly improved flying effects, the second thing in this movie that works well). Unfortunately, the villainess of the story is just the opposite of Slater: an overdone, hammy performance of a poorly-conceived character. Faye Dunaway plays Selena, an amature witch who lives in in an abandoned amusement park with her wisecracking best friend (a set-up that reeks of sitcom, not cinema) and who nurses ambitions of ruling the world. Dunaway, indisputably a good actress, apparently took a page from the '60s Batman's playbook, vamping it up for the camera and killing any respect that the Oscar may have garnered for her (kinda like Halle Berry in Catwoman). Not helping matters is Peter O'Toole as Zaltar, Kara's obligatory mentor and the only sweater-wearing Kryptonian I have ever seen (I don't know why, but in Argo City all the Kryptonians dress like futuristic hippies). O'Toole's greatest asset in this part is his aristocratic British accent, which lends some authority to the psuedo-psuedo scientific drivel he's forced to spout whenever he's on-screen; the funniest moment in the movie, for me, is when we meet the cynical, broken Zaltar of the Phantom Zone, whom I couldn't help but see as O'Toole's personal reaction to the very movie he was in. The script (assuming there actually was one) is inconsistent and directionless, stringing together random set pieces with god-awful romantic comedy bits that play like a twisted episode of Three's Company. The filmmakers never deign to establish any logical rules for the magic or science fiction stuff, making Supergirl's inevitable triumph over them seem as flatly contrived as the magic itself; the characters' marked stupidity grows increasingly glaring as the villains actually WATCH Linda Lee transform into Supergirl and somehow still fail to deduce her identity in scene after scene; and the final act of the film is about as devoid of reason as a pair of three-legged pants. The special effects are pretty good for the time, save the occasional slip-up (let's play Spot the Wires! Or how 'bout Travelling Mattes?), but the fact that their use services a story that makes no bloody sense (Supergirl beats the Invisible Demon with a lightning-shooting lamp post?) takes away a lot of the luster, especially since most of the experimental stuff would only be excusable if you were really into the movie (lens distortion is not a storytelling device, dammit!). Saying that Supergirl is the worst movie ever made would be a slight to a lot of crappy movies out there more deserving of the title, but you wouldn't be far off to put it in the top twenty. It's a brainless, formless, and, worst of all, boring attempt to cash in on two distinctly seperate genres, the superhero and the epic fantasy, the result of which does justice to neither. The first total superhero flop- but sadly, not the last.
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½ November 3, 2007
Worse than Superman 3 and 4 put together.
Critique Threatt
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½ January 31, 2012
Oh man this film just sucks...I don't even know what was going on since nothing made any sense. Some of the scenes were just unbelivable atrocious followed by cheese effects and bad acting. Helen Slater is very sexy as the red caped hero but even her sex appeal couldn't save this movie picture disaster.
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June 7, 2011
Cooked up, with no passion. Films like this just make me sad, when you can make a good film and you have money, but instead of telling a story where truth underlines the fantastical elements, and you make this awful film that isn't even entertaining. I only feel disappointed especially since it is a superhero film.

It's boring and for an action film, that is really bad, none of the scenes were intense. The story isn't focused, and Supergirl as a character is never realized. The villain is horrible, she is just some amateur witch, even that part of the story doesn't make sense. The love interest is just some douchebag gardener, seriously, everything in this film is awful and doesn't make any sense, I hope this film doesn't deter the movie studio from making an actual Supergirl film.
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½ December 18, 2007
I thought Mommie Dearest would have drained Faye Dunaway from every camp gene in her. So, the first 30 minutes are great because every single moment is hilarious but then the movie goes for about 35 hours more and it kinda drains you. It's outstanding how Helen Slater can talk so much and never move a single eyebrow.
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September 29, 2009
The big cast and budget weren't enough to save this train wreck. What a disaster.
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½ December 8, 2007
Quite interesting, especially into the life of Superman's cousin. It lacked a more sturdier plot.
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