Superman ieotdeon sanai (If I were Superman) Reviews

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March 24, 2009
A very good movie I think, that word were in my mind for at least about an hour after watching this movie because this movie were so original and funny, and I like it... But what happen latter is a disaster I think... Not only the story become more confusing, right after the girl knew the Superman identity, but it flow with very very slowly and I almost sleep because of that!!! The ending wasn't a bad ending, it can be considered as the best ending happened for this movie, but the scenes before the ending were really really bad and boring, too disappointing... Overall, for almost an hour it's a good movie, you'll like it, but after that you can become bored like me, or you still like it until it comes to the ending...
½ August 6, 2011
JJH cute banget disini :D
sayang sutradara kurang bisa mengolah emosi penonton, yg ada malah nahan kantuk
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